My Ex, Client
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My Ex, Client

My Ex, Client
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Anum Fauzie
I love the story....😍😍😘😘😘😘
Fuxi: Hi, there😊. If you like teen story with mystery. Then I just write one😉.

If u have time, Please read my novel "Escape From The Real World"

(or just click my profil to find it right away💚)

Thanks before😊💚
Harshu: yesssssss
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Habiba Tabassum
It was not like every other manga where the main female lead wakes up in someone else's bed (I like those too but thought this one was different). Also liked how there were not too many conspiracy. it was simple, cute romantic. but I just hoped something would happen between his brother and the other girl (totally forgot her name) But nonetheless loved it a lot
Saeko: Fraudulent marriage, I became the Duke's maid, Survive as the hero's wife, The duchess with empty soul, Evil lady will change, I don't want to be Empress, I'm stanning the prince, Adelaide, etc.
Their MLs like lost puppy without their FLs
Ayano: would you mind sharing some more
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Lamia Noha
I love this manga..fresh,simple,smart...I was always wanted to read something like this after I read what’s wrong with secretary kim..but couldn’t find anything better..thn I found this manga..I wanna read more from this writer
Yuki: I also thought of the writer while reading!!!
lilymilly moore: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘💕
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you see I had suspicion that he might be a woman because the jackets always had boob outlines but I just thought it was the way their character was drawn. then I looked at chae's eyelashes and noticed they were like FL eyelashes and not like jegooks. And yet I'm still totally SHOOK that chae's a woman. Ngl tho, I did still think she was a man, and I thought that he was handsome as well😂🤭
💖BTS💖^•^: Lmao hahaha 😂😂
Somaiya Afreen: my godddd i realised it just now.......
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Caliyah Macpal
Because of this wonderful manga my eyebags are soooo big. I can say like a panda 😭. I started reading this yesterday at 9 pm and oh my gosh I just finished it today at 4:53. Hahahahaha I can't help it. This manga is so good that I say ro myself that just last chapter until I finish reading it all 😍😍😍😍

So loving this. Hoping for Yun Ming's story 😊
Rin Luna
I really love how Jihyo fought for the goals in her life and got both what she wanted. I also admire Jegook for he never gave up on Jihyo and that he’s very understanding. All other supporting characters are nicely done as well. I hope there’s a side story or a season 2 for Yung and Yejin!
Grunge bisss
Jihyo is really annoying I swear. She's 30 but acts like some whiny 15 year old kid. She can't really think clearly. She didn't get into relationship in the past which was clearly becoz of him but she don't wanna stop loving him either. Girl you suck
sharmyzz kookie: Actually she doesn’t. Everyone in the story says that she doesn’t act like a kid. But us reader who see her by herself cry a lot so we know how much she’s going through and we think she’s crying too much
Anonymous: @Michiko the amount of stupidity that just hit me is amazing, after 90 chapters you still haven’t understood then you’re the dumb one who shouldn’t be reading this, HER MOTHER KILLED HERSELF BECAUSE OF LOVE! And someone how it’s like you just skipped the whole chapter. Do you even know how traumatic that can be? If you can’t understand heavy things like this, don’t read. There might be someone out there in this world who is scared of love because of something like this as you just spat all over it. Honestly, shame on you
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i love the story... its simple,,, less conflict,,, focused on main and 2nd character(s)... for me this one seems to be for real... the title matches the story... and i love the art(s) 🥰 thank you dear author for this wonderful story...
Reema Chi
I'm so sorry but he Is really, seriously so unattractive and plain. So I'm gonna stop right here.
pepperoreo: Hey its already the 3rd time i read this, the art and storyline is so good tho
Louisa : Without hating*
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its really hard to be career woman
and being a mom
and againe its depend situiation
i advice 2 kids is enough becouse its hard to deal with many kids when ur fucoused on carier
Riglin Ryker
I loved the story, it can really be compared to some stories in life in reality and can even change an immature relationship to a mature and better one. Thankyou Author😊💝
Sharon Tandiono
yah buka usaha sendiri aja kalo gitu. ribet amat nih cewe.kalo punya usaha sendiri otomatis lebih fleksibel tetep bisa handle keluarga. kalo emang dia takut ketergantungan sama suami.
DIY CRAFT Lizzy: yapbener banget ... jaman sekarang ma gampang .. pa lagi nanti dia jd istrinya orang terkenal,, cara bodohnya nge vlog doang bsa dptkesibukan palus duit
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I just want to enjoy the manga
i feel very pissed because of that boy girl go to another state and work hard then become famous yourself boom then get higher than him make him regret
watashi wa Sangwoo-desu
my mom is a house wife and a business woman at the same time like wtf how can she handle shit like that then she still has time to have bonding with us
MOARMY▪️ONCZY ( ARMY, MOA, ONCE & MIDZY ): We all have super moms!!
Stargirl: Your mom is good at balancing
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bride of hades
i smell something's fishy about him. He's not gonna let her fall for him that much and leave her broken right? 🤔🤔
LaughingPizza: I was thinking the same 😪
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she said correct. he's into her coz he's obsessed due to her nature. ❤

but I think gekook is right too. if she was really thinking about marriage.
Sally Ya
This is what every girl wishes for!! To have a boyfriend who just don’t love her but also fight for her in troubles.
Sally Ya: You’re cool 👏😉
Mia Cat (MTN): I can punch but I don’t like anybody
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Sally Ya
Author seems to have fun by making us cry and sad !! You naughty naughty author. You teasing us you naughty naughty.
Iamtoolazy: @sally hahaha 😂
Sally Ya: Thank you
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why manga boys are so hot??? why do they don't exist in real?
kami: just chill!!!
Nandini: that comment was particularly for me... and I didn't find it funny for the moment... If i use filthy frank reference for comments, how would you feel than...
finally I'm can't keep up with this... you can have fun while pointing at me... go ahead!! I won't complain anymore!!
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Yahaira Kuiperi
Why is she getting so worked up cuz of her ex? She left him.... 👀 Why does she care now? Geez..... Do great work and such him up. Easy
Damon Salvatore is mine./ Limelight/ Army/ Billie Eilish.♥️: Just saying doesn’t make it easier.
Damon Salvatore is mine./ Limelight/ Army/ Billie Eilish.♥️: True.
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