My Ex, Client
Romance / K-Art

My Ex, Client

My Ex, Client
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Miahwie Cruza
this is so nice.... it touched me deeply!?
i can read this over and over again and without a doubt i will still loved this story.
watashi wa Sangwoo-desu
I promise to all of you that soon u will understand and there will be new ship because of a new character relative to the fl
stephanie👾🤯🦠: I hope so😌 but I’ll still be rooting for the current FL.
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watashi wa Sangwoo-desu
am I the only one who thinks fl shirt is opposite side
Anonymous: That kinda shirt is trendy nowadays. Dun ask me who started it.
Lan Yui: *mc.
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some women just prefers to be dependent on men like the old ages. But I'm on the fl's side. you shouldn't let love get in between how you want to live your life. You won't be happy either way, then it'll just cause painful regrets overtime. But, there will surely be a way for everything to be compromised about..
stephanie👾🤯🦠: yessss! Finally ! Everybody up in the COM is the chapter before we speak on something they didn’t even know about🤦🏾‍♀️ like at least try and understand where she’s coming from
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really nice story &nicely real one😊😊😊😊
I hope to see the next part too😁😁😁😁
can I be this much selfish at once?? 🙃🙃🙃
AÏsha AlHumdul
Is he doing that to take revenge after ????
Wing: Feel the same, he is going to break her heart for a revenge guess😣
Hema Boopathy: same feeling
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With due respect, I'm the one who got played and dumped by that very younger sister.

Zara Khan
Ohh god
I ship them soo much
They really love each other a lot 😍😍❤️❤️
Hlieny Mayamaya: Mia Cat that friend of her is a girl
Mia Cat (MTN): I’m sorry to ruin ur ship but I honestly ship her with her friend that likes her
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Sally Ya
Everyone = jegook gwon
Me = jungkook won ( from BTS )
Damon Salvatore is mine./ Limelight/ Army/ Billie Eilish.♥️: So thanks for convincing me to listen songs by BTS I love ‘em.
xaamii: ahhhhhh
u should listen to bts
they r dope
my heart belongs to them!
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Rin Luna
Yejin and Jihyo’s brother look so great together. I hope the ship will sail!
shaima Balgaith
Who is reading this comic again in 2020?
Basma Al.saidi: Meeeeee
mirline merisier: Me but 1st time reading
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Mitsuha X Taki
Did she just said PufferFish?! if I'm correct that fish is poisonous
Its_Blink: new information 😂😂😂
# Peace: U can eat them but the chefs have to train for a long time, I'm pretty sure
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Mitsuha X Taki
No matter how I look at it He definitely have boobs
lucky girl: Yeah i look at he have boobs too🤔
Damon Salvatore is mine./ Limelight/ Army/ Billie Eilish.♥️: Because she does. She a lesbian.
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watashi wa Sangwoo-desu
don't judge her guys all people go through something that made them the person they are now
stephanie👾🤯🦠: Fatima *
Lan Yui: Who you talking too? Fatima or yui?
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Gaile Erhmariez P. Rabusa
I like her. The attitude is the only problem BUT I LIKE HER!! THAT'S IT 😇😂
stephanie👾🤯🦠: ehhhhh...sure me too😂
Lan Yui: Why?
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bride of hades
hehehehe, they both look handsome even though chae is a woman. but ML is more handsome..🤭🤭🤤
Sally Ya
Nooooooo Noooo!!! Please don’t do this to yourself. They both came this far and now they’re apart again.
thanks author/artist for the story...enjoyed reading it as if it can exist in fortunate it would be for certain people who can experience this kind of faithful third parties but rekindled love...
i just hope that author would continue the love story of hejin and jung 💗💗💗
but why does jegook still calls his wife sunbae???
nway thanks for sharing your story 👍💗
attila samara
wow happy ending...
but what about the story of her brother and her client..

Jinxen Drezreal Revenzr
Love is war! Love is war! Love is war?🎶🎤

Oh love me mister! Oh mister-🎶🎶🎶
Jinxen Drezreal Revenzr: Oooooh chika! What a legendary profile u have there xD
Kaguya 🇯🇵 : Lmaooooo
total 4 replies
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