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Imitation Comics Online. A secret love story between top boy band ‘ Shax’ member ‘Ryok’ and newly debuted girl band member ‘Maha’

In the cruel world of showbiz, ‘Maha’ gets momentarily attention from the public as a look-a-like of a top diva ‘Larima’. Maha’s band gets a part in an idol sport show; only to find out the spotlight belongs to other stars. Out of desperation, Maha tried to get more shot of camera but ended up causing injury of top boy band member ‘Hyuk’ of ‘Shax’. How did this happen?!

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Hottest Comments
It's neither Maha and Hyunji's fault. Why? Is it Maha's fault that aftr every lonesome years went by she finally got noticed and attention from working so hard? especially aftr she's only been said to be an "IMITATION"? Is it really her fault to be so clueless bcuz she didn't know how it is to understand others bcus since young she only had her sister all those years? Is it Hyun-Ji's fault for finally snapping whe she's tired of forgetting about her own desires because she cared so much about her friend? Is it really her fault that she suppressed her feelings just for everyone around to have less problem and ok when she definitely not? Everyone saying she's nothing but a pretty face... if she was you are u even sure you wouldn't break down and snap like her? Some of us might even do worse! She may have made a (big) mistake, yet at least now she let it out and even admitted everything, no secrets. But she was used (+ her bitterness got the best of her) by that F**king, cheap manipulative, lying B*ST*RD!!! The only thing that we all could agree is that, that B*ST*RD was the one to cause all the mess. well then again this was my opinion hate Hyun-Ji all u want and some may say this is just a comic but I'll still say she deserved this break least now they could be more honest to each other...hope it'll all go well in the end
Sofia Mendez
I know Hyunji deserves better.. but are we all ignore tha fact that u can see she wants Maha to fall? is that a good friend? I know sometimes envy hits but.. I got the felling Hyunji is rotten inside. She even knows she is playing just nice but her true colors are not so pure.. She makes "nice" choices after wanting the worst and only choose those for her image of a nice person everyone haves of her or what ever. They haven't show that someone was mean to her before and if u want to sympathize with her well..
They all say she is so pretty and nice, she is the most beautiful, she is just a ordinary about talents (singing and other, like she realized in the training program) and to be fair that's not that bad.. and she doesn't even break her back like Maha to get better.. Idk I don't trust her, her only issue is her self and I think she will be mean when the time comes.. I got my fingers crossed for that not to happened and that she see light. (although I kind got disappointed when I realized Maha was so self absorbed.. I love they all got a bad side, is realistic. don't think I can't get Hynuji sadness is just I can't sympathize)
Hyunji is definitely at fault here! She knew how much maha suffered from all the accusations of her copying Lima in the beginning and how much she was hurt from others calling her an "imitation" making her feel worthless! And now the accusations are back because of hyunji and she's still playing the victim! I mean, I understand that she was threatened. But she could have at least apologised to Maha instead of making her feel bad for what, having a secret relationship? Getting more jobs than her? It's not Maha's fault! She's just profiting from all the opportunities given to her without hurting anyone! Hyunji's just jealous and acting immature and that was really low of her telling Maha that she's being sponsored! Like, seriously? You just threw years of friendship out of the window just because you were pressed and jealous because you didn't get jobs as much as Maha? Well she worked hard for them and suffered her way to get there! She really should apologise now. She really messed up.
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