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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
so far one of the best manhwa I've read,, it's so satisfying reading a manhwa like this 💏 i really love that they show a lot of lovey dovey moments, and how thier kids grow,,,( it not just end in wedding or having kids like other manhwa),, it shows thier straggle sacrifices as an idol/actor , and how they overcome it together 💋😘

and if you love kpop you can see that everyone around them knows who's dating but they Keep their mouth shut.. you van see how idols life and how difficult it is. kudos to author for such an amazing manhwa 😘😘😘
Allison Rasay
The best I’ve ever read! No discrepancies in the story! It has a good flow. Little side stories tied back nicely. The art got better throughout the story and with so many characters and so much stuff in the background, I was impressed at how consistent it was (correct colored clothes, hairstyles stayed the same).
I love this manhwa. The story and art matched so well. The story is wholesome and ughhhh I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
well i've been reading this since....idk when😅

But i'm so happy for ryoc and maha❤️
but i can't read the....ya know there kids chapters🥺😔

But i will purchase COINS so i can read it😅🤣
(i'm not advertising the coins-)
well thank you author
for making this manga☺️
💖special heart💖
I'm crying to really makes me heart break.

it's not our fault to look alike like someone...but it's terrible when it comes to criticizing them..

she has really no choice ,because she loves acting ,she want to participate in all....but unfortunately she looks like some actor😥 bcoz of that ...she has every trouble in her way.

even if she don't like imitation ...she is forced to imitate .
Liya Das
byfar one of the best story I have evey read in mangatoon this story give me a rollercoaster of emotion from felling sad as the fl lead was called imitation to felling happy as both the ml and the fl lead turned into a couple and after many struggle they overcome the obstacles an finally got married restored the fact that when you love someone truly you can overcome anything.I am in love with the story thnks to the author for writing such fabulous story and thanks to the translator for translating it in such simple and understandable words
moonchild tj
Ah jongho is perfect for this role
Kang Daniel: 100 percent true...cant wait to see them acting🥺💜
Nurul Ashida: true. can't wait for jongho, yunho, san and seonghwa as actors. 😍
total 11 replies
I am here for ATEEZ.

Can anyone tell me which role is SAN playing??
ATEEZ_ATINY_GIRL_08: atinys ..
Haru Kakeru: nice there's also atinys' here in manga toon
total 7 replies
Yunho is supposed to be playing the 2nd male lead, that’s Yunjin right?? Or another guy who hasn’t come in yet
shiber: Yeah, it was said on the article he'll be playing as Yujin
total 1 replies
Shivani Shrivas
Imagine Jongho, the strongest member, a literal fruit ninja being shown delicate 😆😂😂😂
I'm soooo looking forward to it!!!😆😆😆
ateez's tiny
any atinys here after hearing ATEEZ will start in this drama?
Haru Kakeru: yeeessssss❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cassandra Lim: YESSS
total 7 replies
Any Atiny here who is re-reading it like me only for ateez
be_be_phinky: hereeeeee
Haru Kakeru: yep❤️😍
total 6 replies
sadly (or not sadly) Yujin(Yunho) will be taller than Ryoc(Jun)in the drama😂😅 *refer to that height difference*.
America Gonzalez: the other actor is just one inch taller than yunho
jjjjjngwen: hhhhh yah i think so 🤔😂
total 2 replies
when i saw her turn around i got a sharp pain in my heart. like i lost my breath for a second
Shy McCarty
Yujin is the most Yunho-like Yunho that has ever Yunho'd.
There couldn't be a better fit.
hey author , please make it to free.. or using points to read your story. . it's very hurt
Eyad Khayat: hahhah
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I'm Atiny and recently i hot to know this comics will be drama soon.. I was so happy to know and my bias will be here.. I crying😭😭 and its my favorite comic
So sad. Poor Maha. She didn't want to be immitation, y all. I hate ryoc. Poor girl.
Olivy May
Is it only me thinks that hyuk looks like hyunjin from stray kids?😌
jaydeenm: lmaoo i commented “hyunjin, is that you?” on the first episode cuz they called him prince
Alice in the 캐럿랜드 💎: same ikr
total 3 replies
Marisah Joan
I'm here because of ATEEZ
Hannah Senodo: SAMeeeeeee!!!
Dex's Regality: same! I'm re-reading it since I didn't finish it a year ago. and when I heard about it I had to read it again (✿❛◡❛)
total 2 replies
I can’t go any further cuz I need to pay . . . Can you make it free? please?
Olindell: ahh same condition 😔
total 1 replies
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