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My odd goddess

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Shen Xin is a grade 2 high school student. He has always been a well-behaving student in the eyes of teachers and all his classmates. And he has been admiring his classmate, the school 'goddess' Li Shizhen who is not only good looking but always a top student. But one day, he discovered the goddess who have a big secret...

Manga Toon got authorization from BUKA COMIC to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - nvshenyoudianguai,nsydg
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sajt kecske
OMG.......WHAT IF SHE....IF SHE....FELT FOR HER BROTHEEEEEEEEER......AND THAST WHAT HE MENT BY "I HOPE SHE REALLY SEES ME AS HER BROTHEEER" or mybe i am wrong (plsss prove me wrong or right...)
Nina : we are interested too
sajt kecske: soo manyy comment pls keep going, i am interested in what u think guys ❤️
total 14 replies
LittleMonster S
Hi this is my first comment give me at least one like but I highly recommend this comic and the heiress vs young ruffian also bossy president
Malou Talento
maybe u guys don't understand... but for me.. this girl... is in love... with the President...
Malou Talento: ho-ho wat if that's not the case? heheheheh
Jomz Diza(Dark_Clan😈Member)♢☆♢: hehe i won . she is in love on mc read the new release chapter. tehehehe😉
total 7 replies
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