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My odd goddess

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Shen Xin is a grade 2 high school student. He has always been a well-behaving student in the eyes of teachers and all his classmates. And he has been admiring his classmate, the school 'goddess' Li Shizhen who is not only good looking but always a top student. But one day, he discovered the goddess who have a big secret...

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and so they became the father and mother of the cat, and after some few years the cat found a partner and became a parent which made the mc and the female lead become grandparents. the end... ;) no need to read the story any further, yw!
Guys stop it!!! Why r u guys saying that the girl is a bully. I know she blackmailed the boy but she didn't really mean to harm his grades. Maybe she thought it would be ok if he stay and do her homework cuz she thinks that u can do well in class only if u pay attention rather u don't havd to go home and study. She just only thought she and that boy r same and he doesn't need to study that hard. She just took it lightly.
かわいいっ♪((●>ω<)っ)))´、ゝ`)ぃゃん: A LOOKISM FAN ? 。◕‿◕。°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
cArAzY¡!¡: I didn't say that she's a bully
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anime is life❤anime is love❤food is exactly the same🤤❤
Mei is a fake little girl because she played with a actual caring boy's heart for a playboy but gets mad and doesn't contact him when she gets dumped by that playboy🙄🙄🙄🙄
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