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Lychee is an aspiring comic artist, and he dreams to be an assistant to a comic writer. When he steps into the Rainbow Comic Studio, he realizes his artistic career is deemed to be not so…normal?

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Onece my cousin was on a school but he needed to draw something to make the school accept him... So he draw a portrait... And he has forgotten to draw the ears... And the teacher had asked him: why aren't he have painted ears? "....... My cousin :" It's because he is seeing the beauty of the world whit his eyes and he is in deep thoughts to think of the beauty from the whole world and the universe...... "(or some stuff like this)
The teacher accepted him.....😂
And it's a school where only really realy REALLY good people can go...
Tanika Richardson: YOUR COUSIN IS A GENIUS
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Mitsuki Koyama
Ewww I started it just for fun. but it looks like it’s not gonna be fun....**cuz it’s gay. and I hate gay.**🤮🤮
nightmare 😈: it's ok as long as you said sorry your forgiven
Mitsuki Koyama: Hey, wat do u mean by that???
Can't u see I have already apologies. And they also have forgive me....😤😤
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xx Taehyung xx
don’t get me wrong.. but he looks better when he starved himself.. they would look cute together now 😂 and yes, y’all can hate me for commenting this, idc lmao
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