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Lychee is an aspiring comic artist, and he dreams to be an assistant to a comic writer. When he steps into the Rainbow Comic Studio, he realizes his artistic career is deemed to be not so…normal?

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Boys’ Love
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chloe north
You make a fine story in the end. I haven't been drawing for months since I was too emotional at the time but... now that I know the feeling of why I have to get back into this comic was because I've been thinking too much of my sufferings from the past. Like many others say, "when you want to play music, sing, dance, create, or even drawing... you must do it from the heart". All I've been thinking of was my suffering from the past and that's what made me feel faintly tried of drawing animes. But one thing I never knew... was that in the past, there were those who wanted to help me be better. It was just that I didn't have my attention on them. Now... you're the first author I've ever commented in my entire life. Is it unbelievable! I'm just lying...😅 your not the first one but was the first one to touch my heart deeply. Thank You!!! Actually, you know what! 😆 Your comic should have been # 1 out of all comics!!!!!!!! 😁😄 I'll go continue deawing now. Oh! And thank you for taking us as comrades although we're just strangers. I haven't read the comic all the way yet but I just couldn't wait to write back to you. I still have a lot to say but it's a lot of nonsense so.... continue on your hard work. I'll always be commenting you everyday since I usually don't have anything to do but draw and read your new chapters. Goodluck!!!!!!😆
Leslie Saturday's: wow you should read "Brotherly" and "Love In A Rush" im fan girling and im so speach less also i love drawing but mine always ends up so ugglyyy
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Sayoni Samal
me and my partner during our viva's be like
he-hey there you still alive why don't you answer?!
he- sorry ma'am she passed away 👼...I need to take her to the graveyard😞
*happily escapes*🏃🏃
*breathes in yaoi*
that rich dude draws better than me
xManPaYn: true
i can't even draw an straight line
xManPaYn: true
i can't even draw an straight line
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