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Three years later, Yunyun saw Haoyue, a girl she fancied three years ago who was playing rock music in a college gala. What are the odds for two people to meet again? And this time, they were going to be roommates. Moreover, Yunyun met her junior high school friend Hui in campus. Yunyun always had a secret in her deep heart that she had found Hui attractive, But gossips of over-intimacy between two girls drew them apart. But this time, will Yunyun face her true feelings?

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Girls's Love
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i kinda feel this ep cuz when i found out im asexual i was frightened and thinking im odd and different from my friends so i searched and found an app. a group chat for A s all around the world 😁 now i have so many friends like me and feel like maybe i can belong to this world even with my differences 😀😄
Aoi chan: Hey can you share me the app name plzzz and tell me how I could be a part of the group chat??
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Abia 😍😋
its my first time reading a manga like thisss hmm so what if girls like girls I don't really have a problem with it everyone can chose to love who ever they want . PS I'm not gay just giving my opinion on this it's my first girl love manga .
natsu dragneel: well said you deserve a round of applause😊😊😊😘
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Ok but if that drunk girl ruins mah ship I will cry about that so I hope she does not ruin mah ship

If you want like if you agree with me(you don’t have to)
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