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My Special One

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Three years later, Yunyun saw Haoyue, a girl she fancied three years ago who was playing rock music in a college gala. What are the odds for two people to meet again? And this time, they were going to be roommates. Moreover, Yunyun met her junior high school friend Hui in campus. Yunyun always had a secret in her deep heart that she had found Hui attractive, But gossips of over-intimacy between two girls drew them apart. But this time, will Yunyun face her true feelings?

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Girls's Love
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I grew up learning that homosexual attractions were bad and not normal and so I believed it despite the fact that from a very early age, I still find myself having a crush on my seniors who happens to be girls but thought getting into a relationship with them was wrong. But as I grew older, I ended up falling in love with girls instead hahaha. I have had boyfriends but I wasn't really feelin it. The heart was so quiet until a girl comes around. With girls, the heart be releasing strong ass bass in town boi. 😂❤🏳️‍🌈
Guys I have something personal to say in grade 6 I had a letter on my desk I wondered who owned this but it said my name on it so I got curious why would anyone put a letter on my desk I checked it turns out that it was a confession then I came to where the person who wanted to confess to meet me in turns out it was my friends friend who barely knew of she said she liked me because of my charm and sweetness,good doings and liked me cause of me being supportive, helpful but I knew kinda little of this person I knew she was eager and had depression also was bullied I thought for a second what if I reject her she would cut herself or worse and if I dumped her or friend zoned her my friend would be unhappy and will lose trust in me I always think before of others before myself cause I think I should always be independent and helpful towards others and be supportive I only put myself before others when it comes to food but then I accepted it
Myan Macasa: wow girl your so lucky with that hope I was you 😔
Moneko: a nice person is outstanding. but.. a 'too' nice person is disaster. And.. don't be a "yes man", you will regret it someday
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Bridgeth Serra Salvacion
Don't bottle up your feelings like me but Atleast I Am Now A Normal Person who's totally average at everything also on their daily life (Note: I Used to be a Hunk and A Hearthrob at my school but I was naive and I didn't know for 2 days what Hearthrob meant then I figured out that's also why I get shippedany times just like harem also I Was always good hearted and those types of crush that people would want I just thought that I was average and had nothing special at all maybe perhaps it was just my mind and my eyes playing tricks on me) it was hard in school cause a lot of people always ask me like everyday in school like recess am with my Friend Leo then on Lunch am with my friend(Onii that's her nickname) then on homeroom time am with one of my friends like everyday every time I always change people that am with and my personality and attitude so I kinda have a alter ego that I can't control
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