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Leave me alone! Hot nerd!

Sugar planet Studio
next time I can't solve a mathematic equation in the math exam, I will just imagine myself in a universe in which the stars are numbers and I am floating around and than the answer will somehow pop out of nowhere. hmmm 🤔 seems to me like a good way to pass time when you can't solve anything at all.
Pheona: 😂👌🏻
Toka Saphira : or just answer with 42.
If your teacher has read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, they will understand.
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Its Sam
is someone here for the points...?
LivingLikeApples: das meh
Elegance : Same lmao
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Sedrah Nayyal
I'm just reading this for points.. who else?!

....but I think it's kinda interesting!?🤔🙃
Dimple Doll: @HidDeN TeaRs

You can get points by completing the tasks given everyday, each day there's a new task, so right now you can't get any points for reading this comic
HidDeN TeaRs: point?? didn't get anything.. can anybody plzz tell me what point?
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Army 💞 Bangtan
I'm reading it again for 10 points 😌 anyone else?
Shekinah Shahid: same😅
Deebya Maharjan: same😀😀
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im mad now i want to kill her where is the boys pls save her
AMY More like ARMY x3: My opinion she definitely need no man in this situation, she can beat their ass any day
USE MA CODE(nospace) 6 U R X A 3: Wheres anpanman😂
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Xoxo blackpurple🌌
She got slapped twice and thrown out of the same place twice 😂😂😂😂
Hector Perez: slapped by two different Yin families member
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Math makes me want to go back to bed, hug my llama doll and pull the covers over my head.
lemurloki: I will disappear (-_-), Sorry I don't use snapchat and I've cut WAY down on social media platforms so I can finish my novel about a very fearsome but polite group of pirates (they send thank you notes to their victims) and their search for a home (stability for the kids, its mostly a very young bunch) but I am here and I use Reddit and Twitter. Twitter mostly for activism, Reddit socially because there are lots of caring people and not much b.s. If you want to connect on Reddit, that would be cool and I'd be glad to be pals with anyone here. I love our Mangatoons community very much. They tend to be great people.
I will disappear (-_-) : Hahaha😂

Can we be friends??? Does anyone have Snapchat here?
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tf ... did he just say he will fck her in the ass 😂😂😂😂
Animegirl577: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Starvenus: He might have a fetish in that area.😂😂😂
That’s the second time he said something like that.
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nu aditha
for the points😂, who else with me?
Just WoW 😲 : What a brilliant idea .. OOH POINTS 💁🏻‍♀️
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Chan Myae Khin
slap her kick her beat her please
Anonymous: He will humiliate her infront of everyone
Anonymous: Hee will
Just wait and see
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Sheila Osei
Am I the only one who has realized that the cat she has in her hair has the same expression as her . like when she is blushing the cat also blushes
sup dude bro563: i also relized that lol
Rejuvenation35: that kitty has emotions like the owner
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the three point manga lover
USE MA CODE(nospace) 6 U R X A 3: Yeeeeee yeee
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He saw her panties 😊😂😂 watch out for a boner 🤭🤭🤭
zero: u mean make out?! 😲
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dear dear author of this story, I would like to assure you that if I ever had money I would have paid twice the amount but sadly I am nothing but a poor teenager who has just enough pocket money to buy a Happy meal at MacDonald's
Juvia Fullbuster: Fr😩😭😂😂
❤️αяму(втѕ)❤️: Don’t worry I feel ya😂
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what really?! this girl just squeeze her bosnsksdfhfjfkf
MeoW: 😂 lol
pi: she has other choices, but she prefers to squeeze that girl boobs. beh, can you just imagine it?😂😂 she is too funny I can't handle it kkkk
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i think she is bisexual 😊
Danyel Garcia: it means u can love both genders🤦
ARMYBOI!!!: I know what bisexual mean -_- , Bisexual can mean Lesbian or Gay or Girl's love
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I think everyone has a fever in this comics lol
Bangtan_ Boi: Your profile picture...snatches my wig...right off
Lumi: That’s so true haha
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Adaeze Nwasinoke
I ship blondie with the girl
Florina Panait: me too
Griffin Grey: Me 2 🥰
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why can these girls never swim
@city_of_anime_: It's probably difficult to swim the second u wake up
Sangita Sangita: Ever heard of a thing called aquafobia? 🤔 I can't swim either because of it.
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тнє ¢υяѕє∂ ¢нιℓ∂😍
These rich girls are so snobbish and annoying. I hope Karma teaches them a good lesson!!! 😤
тнє ¢υяѕє∂ ¢нιℓ∂😍: Yeah. I hope so.
Anonymous: Believe karma will
Just wait u’ll see how that blondie take revenge for our MC
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