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The Unbalanced World

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Being absorbed into a tornado, otaku girl Yuan Xin wakes up only to find herself teleported into a visual reality world with her identity as a servant maid. Moreover, a guy called Yi Shuinuan who’s also teleported into this world becomes a woman, the lady of Family Li. Since Yuan Xin and Yi Shuinuan heard that the national treasure may help them travel back to their own world, they then plot to steal it by marrying Yi Shuinuan, aka the lady of Family Li to the emperor. But it turns out that the emperor is a…pervert!?

MangaToon got authorization from SaManHua to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - xuanjici, xjc
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Elthon Dumapit Francisco
I... I don't know how to feel about this! 2nd Prince falling for Xin er is such a nice thing to happen considering our earlier impressions on him (I was extremely worried since he tried to research modern terms related to the real world, so we can't exactly trust him that much but the way he's acting just shows how he genuinely fell for her and it both makes me happy and hurt)

Yi x Xin er is cute now but he just recently found out he was deceived (and it took him a while to realize to boot, plus his earlier attitude towards her makes it hard to ship them once they go back)

Xin er x Blackey has potential but she'll be fighting in palace schemes, much less be involve in a war against two kingdoms (and not to mention Blackey is still a game chara, but I'm definitely leaning to this pair since Xin er is much appreciated in this world!)
Nooooooooooooo😭I don't want 2nd prince to sacrifice please please author,but...i think yi shuinuan and Xin Er will be together cuz think about it the emperor that like Li miarou(Yi shuinuan) is have a problem with his body and 2nd prince too so.... could it be that the emperor and 2nd prince will....die?but please No no no,author i like 2nd prince and Xin Er to be together....😭but im sure when they return to their real world 2nd prince will be stay in the other world so please when they back to the real world i wish 2nd prince will be a dog that can turn to a person so that Xin er and 2nd prince will be together...
This Manga is a really good one!! Interesting plot, characters and has everything that one looks for in a manga.... But lately I feel like the story has been dragging a lot..... I don't know what to think about that... So it will be really appreciated if you guys can do something about that.... IDK maybe a CRAZY UPDATE might help?.... Or increase the no. of time its released in a week? I LOVE this manga and will continue to support it... Please keep up this good work!!

P.S. I support Xin er and Blacky..😆😆
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