The Unbalanced World
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The Unbalanced World

The Unbalanced World
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The Unbalanced World Comics Online. Being absorbed into a tornado, otaku girl Yuan Xin wakes up only to find herself teleported into a visual reality world with her identity as a servant maid. Moreover, a guy called Yi Shuinuan who’s also teleported into this world becomes a woman, the lady of Family Li. Since Yuan Xin and Yi Shuinuan heard that the national treasure may help them travel back to their own world, they then plot to steal it by marrying Yi Shuinuan, aka the lady of Family Li to the emperor. But it turns out that the emperor is a…pervert!?

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Strong Female Lead
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realyn ofalia
i'm not into a Girl's Love ,pero kinikilig ako pagdating kay Xin'er at Limarou 😍😚 siguro dahil ,at the beginning ng Story,alam ko na Lalaki talaga sya ,napunta lang sila sa ibang Mundo kaya naging Babae si Yi Shinuan . i want them to be together in the Modern World ,at pag dumating na sa Point na yun ,gusto ko rin ng may bagong Mamahalin si 2nd Prince 😊
Alfia Aron Bahia: H͙a͙h͙a͙h͙a͙h͙ m͙a͙y͙ p͙o͙i͙n͙t͙ k͙a͙u͙
OtakuMaster: yeah! your right and the second Prince will search for a look a like of xi er in their world!! and for whitey too! after Yi shuinan leaves Li miarou's body he can have her after!!
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Hmun Siami
Finally, some Xin Er and Second Prince's moments😍 Before they return back to their real world,I want to see their limited moments together......I wish Second Prince could transmigrate to the real world too
Niyati golait
you know that every one is shipping,blackey and xin er & whitey and yi, but i want yi and xin er together, because i never see yi as a girl,and i love both of them togethe,plus in starting it already said that xin er os female lead and yi is male lead.
greentea1737: Well, that actually I'm worried abt it...I just Blacky and Xin Er...I wonder what'll happen
Himaja_Aripirala: yeah.. and that's why I feel it so confusing...
total 2 replies
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