The Unbalanced World
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The Unbalanced World

The Unbalanced World
Nova Aviray
It's good news that they will no longer aim the throne, whatever.. I'm worried about Xin Er.. Come and save her Blacky!!!
Li Miarou.. I expect you to not let her go this time, she deserves to be punished. You have a good heart but there's limits, she had betrayed more than once and now she tried to stab you in the back.
it's my birthday today ☺
Palak: thanks
Shaphire;-): thank you😄
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Every want there love ones to love them back he/she would do anything for there love one willing to do anything even if it hurts even you know that her/his heart will not for you....
I'm so Jealous to Xin Er,she have 2nd prince and now the prince of west😓but still I'm worried about 2nd prince...
Shabina Kauser
haaaaaa I m going to die, m in true love with this manga , it gets my heart at once ahhhhh so much handsome mens and all are in love wth same girl oh my goddddd
The Vlogger team me and my friends
hahahaha me to but do you ever do this,when you are reading manga when it's already midnight and you hear your mom is coming at your room you immediately jump on your bed and pretend to sleep and when she is gone you will continue reading🤣
coco_pop_here: I'm doing that right now lol!
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pfft no u wait..her man is gonna come for u bro
zxa: yes blacky
UwU: blacky?????
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Jacob Thomas
li mourou please don't do stupidity.if you catch her don't let her go did better kill her now.
Hederuna kindom
flat chast than me lol 😆😆😆😆does he think that he is really a girliy my god 😨😨but I think he fall for her❤❤❤when I think about it I tell myself noooo 👎👎👎they are both girls👅😂😂😂
Rozenni Asang
Xin er...2nd prince is coming to save u.. He was sacrifice his life for u.. It was eternity love
when he wants to kiss her is that his lips why is it so big lol
man now I'm really confused whether I should call it a bl or not this is totally messing me up, cause he is a boy in a girls body but even if he is a boy the body is still one of a girl so maybe even if he is a boy since the body is of a girl the heart will and body will want a boy but the mind and soul a girl so right now I'm really confused
xxx: same here
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Katrina Gajdzik
okay how does one take a screen shot here? the press and hold doesn't work, but every so often I get one that I dont want.
Nikki Singh
why black hair girl attacked pink hair girl all of sudden?.... i hope they dont fight
JD luvs anime💕🖤: so I've been mistaking..ooohhhhh now I remember it's that pink hair dude(gurl) fell in love with the black hair gurl the other...!! 🤩🤣🤣😄
Nova Aviray: That girl attacking Li Miarou (pink hair Girl) is the one who put the blame on killing the prince when it was her trap. She's the one that was pretending to be close to her/him and betrayed him. Now you remember?
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Angeli Tolentino-Quijano
Wait, where is the guy wearin a earing? The pink or red hair is the girl w/ pink hair... And the black hair girl is the who's the guy w/ d earing??? Wheeeeere is heeee?
one among you all❤️
We want BLACKY back! BLACKY!!!!!

Hey girl!! BLACKY loves you so much. Don't leave him. 😭😭
one among you all❤️: 😭Yesss
UwU: YES!!
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you deserve it man👊.....


she is only belong to our blacky 🖤❤️❤️❤️👻😎😎
you know what? I don't even know this comic is straight, BL, or even Yuri anymore *sigh~
silent.clmist ☾
bro i want second prince and Xin-Er moments. ngl, they’re so cute together!
Special reader
awe I want her with 2nd prince.. he has been the only one that is nice to her an is interested in her as well
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