The Unbalanced World
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The Unbalanced World

The Unbalanced World
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realyn ofalia
i'm not into a Girl's Love ,pero kinikilig ako pagdating kay Xin'er at Limarou 😍😚 siguro dahil ,at the beginning ng Story,alam ko na Lalaki talaga sya ,napunta lang sila sa ibang Mundo kaya naging Babae si Yi Shinuan . i want them to be together in the Modern World ,at pag dumating na sa Point na yun ,gusto ko rin ng may bagong Mamahalin si 2nd Prince 😊
Blossom_love💓💜: sana hindi nalang sila bumalik
Amora Ivy: please update i have been dying for the next chapter please update🤧🤧😭😭😭
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Hmun Siami
Finally, some Xin Er and Second Prince's moments😍 Before they return back to their real world,I want to see their limited moments together......I wish Second Prince could transmigrate to the real world too
honey bear: Sdxzx
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Niyati golait
you know that every one is shipping,blackey and xin er & whitey and yi, but i want yi and xin er together, because i never see yi as a girl,and i love both of them togethe,plus in starting it already said that xin er os female lead and yi is male lead.
Alina Oppa: I ship xin er and yi
Niyati golait: hahah, maybe😂😂
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yi shuinan is dead serious , I can see it!
she or rather he doesn't want whitey and never had sex to him , he only want xi er most! and always get jealous easily!!
I think blacky and xi er date would be a good memories and a goodbye too!!
Rozenni Asang: I just want to see blacky n xin er can become a great couple
Jonaline Tolentino: I'll be sad if I were blacky
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I felt bad for him (forgets his name), but I can’t stop fangirling over second prince. “You can’t marry without my permission”? BIG SWOON.
Ps. Anyone noticed the cover on the first page? So cute I want to kiss Blacky
Whoever ships Xin Er with Shuinuan (or Shuihuan idfk) has terrible taste in men and thats on period. Team Blacky all the way babey!!!!
Aries (Angel sect chief elder🌈): Yasssss blacky blacky
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2nd prince did an unexpected move which is surprising . For the record that Miarou decided to step up the pace between him and xi er.
noodle soup: Yessss
Kei: Confusing right?
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Princess Yue
how to do hwr be your women....u both are women now....and i guess it will turn to be a crime if your husband know tht...
Frost Queen
I just can't help but keep seeing the part where blackey eats the crumbs from her mouth that's so sweet can't get enough of it.... blushing
dat lazy Soraru
Oh my heart! Don't even ship anyone in this story! It'll be a pity for them and me too...I'll be disappoint
♥Otaku Girl♥
Oh~ I remember someone commenting that the people who ship xin'er with li mirao has bad taste.

This is Sweet Revenge !
OMG I love the prince and xin air 😍 also dude maybe you should ask that when you get your own feelings in order and become a man again lol just a suggestion 😂
Zyrhel Abergos
what the hill na apiktuhan narin ba nang corona virus 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡bat ang tagal mag update nakaka loka na talaga ti😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Katherine Lanawan: luhh ? mag antay ka ! hindi ikaw Yung author !!
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Poor 2nd prince...loving someone that you know who's in different world...
Rozenni Asang: I just love this couple very much in this story❤️❤️❤️
Rozenni Asang: I hope that they will be together
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Kristine Feldaña Saldaña
I'm exited to read the other episode week I really like this story it's my favorite
notice how xu er also didn't reach for the second Prince hand? , she know eventually she needs to go back in their own world! , and she fell for Li miarou! , they'll both going back , but yi shuinan's cousin the one who crazy for the first prince will stay
Jamie Beltran
The second prince should have kissed her but yi the girl or boy ruined their moment but they are a perfect much and the red hair guy is jealous

They are so cute together and when he hold her into his arms they really look a perfect match plss more update they really look cute together
Miss you Hoony💙
Chong is on his own now. It will break his heart to know his brother died because of him.
Miss you Hoony💙: Yeah there alot of armys,and I think you are the 2nd Atiny I found here. Nice to meet you aswell. I am Atiny and Inner Circle. Non kpop group is CNCO.
dat lazy Soraru: Ooooh~ Well I'm glad to hear🤣....I just can't believe it that I found Atiny here cs I only found ARMYs everywhere in this app🤣🤣....Well actually, I'm both Atiny and Army....Nice to meet you Atiny😁!
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Hmun Siami
Out of all the males,I only like the Second Prince's character. He's perfect for our ML😍
Bun~Bun: omg, more 2020 readers. I've been reading this for a while, but I haven't been on mangatoon for a while
Lim Na-Woo (림 나우)💜: okay .
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Why ongoing? Usually they updated every twice a week. Anyone knows what it means?
ayaaa: I see..
Thank you @j e n, @Xx HappyGachaCookie xX
Xx HappyGachaCookie xX: it means that the update may not release as per it's schedule like before we got two chapters per week but now it's unscheduled.
It may because of the reason which @j e n mentioned.
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