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The Unbalanced World

Elthon Dumapit Francisco
I... I don't know how to feel about this! 2nd Prince falling for Xin er is such a nice thing to happen considering our earlier impressions on him (I was extremely worried since he tried to research modern terms related to the real world, so we can't exactly trust him that much but the way he's acting just shows how he genuinely fell for her and it both makes me happy and hurt)

Yi x Xin er is cute now but he just recently found out he was deceived (and it took him a while to realize to boot, plus his earlier attitude towards her makes it hard to ship them once they go back)

Xin er x Blackey has potential but she'll be fighting in palace schemes, much less be involve in a war against two kingdoms (and not to mention Blackey is still a game chara, but I'm definitely leaning to this pair since Xin er is much appreciated in this world!)
Nooooooooooooo😭I don't want 2nd prince to sacrifice please please author,but...i think yi shuinuan and Xin Er will be together cuz think about it the emperor that like Li miarou(Yi shuinuan) is have a problem with his body and 2nd prince too so.... could it be that the emperor and 2nd prince will....die?but please No no no,author i like 2nd prince and Xin Er to be together....😭but im sure when they return to their real world 2nd prince will be stay in the other world so please when they back to the real world i wish 2nd prince will be a dog that can turn to a person so that Xin er and 2nd prince will be together...
For anyone who wonder about the guy at the last panel, he is Young Master Qi Chong from West River Kingdom (Chap. 37) also the younger brother of The Master of Beauty Qin Yuenu (the dark blue haired guy) who ordered to put spyworm inside Xin Er.
Otaku6275: Aiyo. Pity he’s a bad guy. Ah well.
QQ88: not evil as his brother, he will force Xin Er to marry him.
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Anime lover
oh no second prince is not there to protect Xin Er!! and where's the fun emperor your empress is in a big trouble!!
Nangong Violet: don't worry he came back..
Mohinder Mahi: you seemed to be so worried😅😅😅😅
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Alina Nadya
Well i'm not worry about miarou bcs he have a lot of dirty tricks in his minds,he smart.If this little girl think she can put her tricks on him maybe bcs she never know basically miarou is a man and man have thousands way to escape from every dirty traps (it prooved when they trapped cheated when someone else,man always find way to make stupid reasons)
Vidya sagar: Ur right.Iam sure yuenu can't kill yi shuinuan.Yuenu is just an Idiot bitch girl
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spoiler alert
in the next few EP
Li MaoRou is gonna get out of prison. the purple hair girl help her out. at that time Xin er spited blood because the second prince kiss her. one day the purple hair girl who call her sister want to kill her. she kill someone and frame her. the she go the prison again because of that.

I read it online
just type xuan ji CI
it is in rock Manga

Atri Purwasasmita: why she spitted blood bc of kiss?
Erza😍: thank you so much for the spoiler and where u read it as well😍😍😍
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Jacob Thomas
li mourou is a idiot.she is beautiful but she has no brain.
cooltiya: because of her inner soul is boy😂😁😀
Emma Anderson: welp, he's a guy in a woman's body anyway. can't argue with that
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I'm also crying 😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧 it's really heart touching moment when Xin er crying for blacky soooo much and remembering the moment they spend along 😢😢😢
🍭Little Otaku Girl🍭: yeah i love you Blacky
Janja: maybe he is blacky good friend or some kind of cousin...
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But the guy who's a girl now. When they're out of that world... Will he still love her? Because in this world the girl is really beautiful but outside she has glasses.
Hopefully it is because it's really nice him.
Golden Darkness
this is the so heartbeat moment....💔 I hope so blacky and xin er will married and happy live together forever 💕 🥰🤗
starts with serious end with funny moment..😂😂😂 very good...😁😁😆😆😆
But I feel like first prince is really affectionate to Li miaorou.. and cares about her🤔🤔🤔 how would be their ship..😏😏😁
Vidya sagar
I hate this bloody f**k Yuenu.What a name she have.Yuenu yuenu yuenu.Sister yuenu come to see u.What a nonsense is this.I hate yuenu 2000%it
wild little kitty 😼😼: yea that bitch
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if second prince will die I'm gonna stop reading this manga
so far he and Xin er are the only reason why I'm reading it
Miss Chouhan: lord qi chong
or something like that

well he is the brother of the person who is responsible for making xin er ill which made the second prince ill
name: "that person" excuse me but who are you referring to?
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fico me perguntando será o primeiro Príncipe tbm senti o amor verdadeiro por ele (a ) ? sinto q talvez ele vai quebra a cara com o primeiro Príncipe. ..
I guess she(he) really didn’t expect that there would throw her(him) into that dark pit. Lol. That should be a meme.
This Manga is a really good one!! Interesting plot, characters and has everything that one looks for in a manga.... But lately I feel like the story has been dragging a lot..... I don't know what to think about that... So it will be really appreciated if you guys can do something about that.... IDK maybe a CRAZY UPDATE might help?.... Or increase the no. of time its released in a week? I LOVE this manga and will continue to support it... Please keep up this good work!!

P.S. I support Xin er and Blacky..😆😆
OMG....he just thought of xin er when he said true love....he is finally falling for her😍😍 ship is finally sailing
plzzz...don't die don't die plzzz i am crying here plz don't die. It's ok if u both can't be together but at least don't die i beg u.
Mohinder Mahi
hey f**king yenu*-@#*'*₹-#@* just stop playing games other wise I am gonna beat the shit out of you
Reujin Paul Phoenix
omg.... im shipping second prince with xin er hard... but i also ship xin er with yi shiunuan what should i do?! oh god why!? i cant choose between the two but shuinuan has a higher chance of being with xin er but im shipping second prince and xin er so hard that im wanting xin er to stay!💢💦
Reujin Paul Phoenix: were same
Li Miaorou: oh my god... me too
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