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Resurrecting Queen

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Toka Saphira
um... Emperor, it's called a treaty and allies.
Don't you know to "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"?
Continuous war only builds resentment and revenge, not lasting peace. Those you have temporarily subdued will only plot and rise up when you are weak.
This is the purpose of the political marriages, harems & concubines, it's not to have heirs or sëx. Allies through marriage is much more longer lasting (think political hostage, which can be a good or bad thing for the woman, none the less, it's true). You are not weak when you attempt to not go to war, are wise and diplomatic, like King Solomon.
Build a strong defense and protect your people and borders, then make allies.
Toka Saphira : sorry, I didn't realize I repeated myself.
Toka Saphira : I understand what you are saying, and in some cases you are right. Evil people don't care about family or allies, unless it benefits them. They are usually the exception to logic.

But, without already knowing the outcome, there can be several reasons why a kingdom might be invaded. Many of the European countries kept precariously peaceful relations through marriages, though not always. Hopefully diplomacy (and this is one type of diplomacy) should always be attempted first, but it's never good to put all your eggs in one basket. I agree that a strong force not only can deter an invasion, but is extra incentive to become allies (to help bully others).

There is an old proverb for this: "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." A smart wife can help (or hurt) her husband understand the mind of the invaders, if she grew up with them. (or she could be a spy). Either way the husband has a hostage*, the invaders do not.

*though the value of the hostage is somewhat debatable.
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Yeah. Why isn't she fighting and scratching for a place beside you, Emperor? Why isn't she just weak with lust for your royal body? Your precious royal body that you share with more concubines, consorts and other women of the palace than you can count...and the risks she runs every single time one of them feels threatened or gets jealous...and the potential for catching any stds you pick up in your endless catting around...and your relentless double standard, misogyny and insensitivity...and your constant game playing to stroke your must be crazy not to want all that.
Kim Taehyung: woah....miss/mister
i see that you are quite pissed!😂
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Toka Saphira
HOW daFUQ is she gonna have an affair with a guy who got his dïck chopped off?!?!?
(or something similar, there are different forms of castration.)

Eunuch: a man who has been castrated, especially (in the past) one employed to guard the women's living areas at an oriental court.

Yes, we know he's not actually a Eunuch, but the Consort doesn't.

Also, Yes, I know there are other types of "affairs" that don't involve penetration, but historically those were often considered irrelevant unless it made babies or kept the husband from making babies with his wife.

Having no testes (being castrated) makes men more effeminate (girly) and drastically lowers his libido (sėx drive), not to mention the threat of death.

Toka Saphira : Yes, we know that, but the Consort doesn't.
Toka Saphira : You are right, We know that men can be penetrated, that's wasn't the issue. The issue is whether or not a wife was faithful to her husband and that her child was his heir and not a servants.

Again, there are other types of sex that don't involve penetration, but as long as the virgins keep their hymen and nobody gets pregnant, it was relatively ignored, unless caught in the act.

Sadly, Gay relationships were either used for blackmail or also ignored. (they can orgasm)
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chiba chiba
oh man , I'm sick of this dumb girl, I dont know how can the prince finger her silly its complete dumbness and foolishness, come on girl how many times he saved you and loved you yet you can't trust him , and it's you who told him that you will be stronger but here everytime its him to cover for you and you keep judging him, REALLY A DUMB GIRL , EVEN AFTER DYING FOR SO MANY TIMES SHE SHOULD GET THE IDEA THAT ITS SHE HERSELF WHO CANT PROTECT HER, NOT EVERYTHING SHOULD BE DONE BY THE PRINCE 😡😡😡😡😡
comics 😉😉 I'm coming
now chu ming is getting smart than before 🤩🤩🤩🤩and emperor is getting more jealous 🤭🤭🤭🤭I also like the guy from ghost I wish there will be a harem for Chu ming which includes emperor, that ghost valley guy and that new Prince😋😋😋why can't our girl make her harem if the emperor can !???there must be eqyaliy😘😘😘 who's with me?
It’s kind of funny, that emperor think that they are so high and mighty and on top of every one else. In truth, emperor is also like a breeding machine. To have a harem full of women to bear his child, hoping from bed to bed, just like animals in heat. At least even animals some of them will only have one partner for a lifetime 😂 and they only engage in such act when in heat, not all the time
Asri Hafid
C'mon! How could you possibly mistake that man for your maid! His figure alone (being tall and having broad shoulders and all that) gave him away! They haven't even have the same hair color!!!
If I don't know how her any better, that she's naive by nature (or rather, silly stupid), I'll say she's flirting on purpose. But, that's not it.
To be honest, I think the way this man entering this story is a bit forced. They could have choose a better scene, the one that make sense.
Macey Oludare: how could someone's hair color correlate to a DRESS. come on now, the FML is just stupid. a dress is on your torso while hair is on your head. two different places
Lvnatíc: The man’s hair colour is a little bit similar to her maid’s dress. She’s in a crowd as well so I guess there’s a reason.
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The story concept seems quite unique and as characters go, I'm fairly interested with the emperor and the empress, who I hope won't turns out to be a villain or if she is, hopefully she'll be a compelling one. The maid and the concubine who miscarriages too seem to be more than what they seem so looking forward to get to know more of them.

I've only read this as far as this chapter, so it might be a little too early to say this but within such cast and concept, MC's characterisation seems so... weak... Rather hard to get invested in her when I'd rather find out about other characters. Maybe she'll be developed still further down?
Asri Hafid
Getting good.., Emperor! If he keeps this up, he might actually able to catch up with that cunning Empress and mother of his.
It's just, I don't think it's quite wise to leave Chu Ming in such situation. She's naive (polite way to say she's silly), young, inexperienced, emotional, and easy to sway. You give her enough chance with such a passionate men around her, I don't think her heart could handle.
my 10mins is up but I'm still here...was here for the points, ended up staying for this very intriguing story. 👍
Rachel Lee: Same. I love resurrection stories. Though this and Re:Zero are the only ones I’ve read where the protagonist goes through resurrection over and over again.
Faith Failure: Plot seems similar to Re:Zero which is the one i like with all the resurrection checkpoints. Might as well finish the story.
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I also thought that he knew.....but wasn't he an idiot emperor
Angelina 🌈 (Angel sect leader🌈): No .Just curious😅😂.My grandpa also went there!
Erica😶😶: no..why asking?
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Sunny Priyadarshini
I hate u emperor for asking such stupid question...
U dont trust her completely yet u ask her
How dare u to ask that question
We know that you havent slept with any other expect chu ming
But u cannot hurt her with words
If u love her just make her happy thats it
Brooklyn Kravinoff
dont do it guys this how they trick you, they say read such and such book for 10mins to gain 20 points and here you are reading the book cz u have 20 books u already reading and tryna get to another chapter not knowing u gone get hooked and now u gotta figure out how you'll manage all these books😩😫i knw cz it happened to me yet again🙄
Pink Orange: you can actually get the points without reading the whole chapter. just get a page and keep it on display, as long as your phone doesnt screen off it will continue running the time as if you are reading it... hahaha, that is a good trick

I do this when I am not using my phone, just make sure that your phone display setting has a 30minutes on screening
Putra Maqbul Ihsan Basyar: lol talk about the evil mastermind of the marketing department
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Only people with limited understanding wouldn't be able to understand the situation they are in. if you don't like how the Emperor move his chess pieces according to the situations or Concubine Chu's way of supporting the Emperor for them to survive in the Palace then this story is not for you. 🙄
Courtney Cook
Ya’ll we are six chapters in. Everyone seems to want her to stand up and be strong but she has died literally three times. I personally find sudden personality changes in lead characters cliche and unrealistic. She’s still disorientate and is trying to figure things out.
BLACKPINK- BTS- 7EEN- GOT-7 -EXO- TXT -RED VELVET- MONSTA X -PENTAGON -TMS-: exactly, like I dont get it when they get reincarnated and are suddenly stronger than the empress, like...
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How many times did the emperor protect her in a way that seemed inconvenient, but then was quite logical? How many times has he said that he loves her and that she is the only one in his heart? Even then she doesn't have the ability to trust him! Oh, really?! At least you need to be close to his intelligence in order to suspect anything.
Fight for a one man’s favor. What a baloney! Nonetheless, it’s her choice, so she can only live that way. Even if she became the empress, the harem will still be there. Women still will be hovering like flies over a pile of shit. Oh well 😔
😒😒 yeah I love you chu ming for being cruel that's what I want don't spare them and don't show kind
Samantha Woodsum
Honestly, I can barely remember current people (obviously excluding a few close friends and family) around me much less someone who I saw once when I was like 5. If I was concubine Chu I definitely would not remember him. No hate or shade torwards green eyed dude.
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