Resurrecting Queen
Romance / Fantasy / TimeTravel / Strong Female Lead

Resurrecting Queen

Resurrecting Queen
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
cute characters and cute drawing. Thank you for translating it.. ☺️☺️💕💕
I like the cutie cutie expression alot. and the manga artist improved a lot.
yui taetae
is it just me or I find the ghost valley more suitable
Hina A Horani G
They look so cute 😍💜💖 and even the last panel is so epic 😅😂
Ritsu Hussain
Ughh another whore as ML.. But glad to see her figure out a way to get alive in 3rd time
Orehime Hatashi
Tell the truth, they’ll think it’s a lie🤣🤣
Be Lazy and save the world
The last panel is hilarious!!!!
elena kristin
our girl is quite the proactive one😏😏
Toka Saphira
Where is her hand when they kissed?
I can write perfectly but when I'm in a rush my handwriting can be compared to a doctors prescription. hahahaha
Winiefreda G. Candillada: Me too hahaaa
the demon saves the world : haha thank God😂😂
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......So this is her choice.
She accept the cruel truth, knowing that she could not give the emperor happiness, so she entrust the female lead to be the one to give him instead.
I think pitying her would only hurt her more, but I guess I like a little now as a person.
Lmfao_144: She was not a bad person from the start. I mean yeah she was domineering, but at least she showed what she had, didn’t do things behind the back, not like the empress, so there is the difference. I didn’t like that she would bully people, but that happens to everyone who can’t accept the truth and try to hurt the others wishing that pain goes away. That is a sacrifice which she is doing, showing what a pure soul she has.
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Nilou Haghkhah
why they are just kill each other???:/
Riya 🤩🤩
I wonder now who is the king and the concubine
lucas lila
emperor is really territorial when it comes to.Chu Ming
Lmfao_144: A reason why I don’t ship them. Hmph 😤
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Han Yun Xi
their position under blanket 🤭
I saw a lot of comments recently saying the female lead is an idiot, but ironically because she is an “idiot”, the emperor knows she had no qualifications to be an assassin.
I’ll do admit, she sometimes is really slow to react, so she fall into every trap that exists.
Lan Yui: Yeah:)
Ea Vie: And she is learning. Several chapters back, she made her own trap against her half-sister's poisoning of her mother.
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Anushkita Chouhan
so so cute they look 😍😍😍😍
Kawaii Hime (Cute Princess)
She is sick and dying and still plan to get revenge...She should repent and do good deeeds instead
so mad that u could not sleep with the emperor and u tell your mom that!....maybe I should that🙈🙈🙈
val 514
who is this guy again
Dindin Minh: Prince Yan met FL in the lantern festival. He thought FL was trying to answer the riddle he gave to the crowd. He likes her at first sight.
val 514: oh his the one who tried to pursue her but the emperor came
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