When the Angle Falls for Me
Romance / Comedy

When the Angle Falls for Me

When the Angle Falls for Me
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When the Angle Falls for Me Comics Online. After a car crash, Mu Zhizhi seems to acquire some magic power--by sneezing that she can swap souls with her pet, a talking cat who can speculate stock market! Besides, something rather unexpecting happens--a CEO of a world famous company, who's also the perpetrator of Mu Zhizhi's car accident employs her to his company and docks all her salary for being late...Is this tall, handsome and rich guy a demon from hell or an angle from heaven?!

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Okay, I'm dropping this. First, the art is getting worse. There is no consistency even with the drawing. One, the FL is wearing sneakers, on next it was magically changed to heels. And other sorts of things.
Second, I'm dropping this because it is getting boring. The lines are so predictable. There is no "spice" in this manga. Third, the names are very confusing. IDK whats the real name now of the characters. Are the translators at fault here or the original work is also to blame? I don't care much about the grammar and all but I'm having a headache while reading this. I hope you can improve your work in the future.
plongklong: hahhaha im already on the chapter 114. and guest what..

the story suddenly changed.... and idk what happen to the cats...how did she managed to get out to her masters body
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once I came across a new neighbor me and my friends planned we'll sneak in his room and will shout pervert lol and according to plan I sneaked when I opened the door he was...... completely .. you know what I mean 😂😂and instead of me he shouted pervertttttttt luckily he didn't reported to my parents coz I had a mask .... whenever I run into him or he run into me it scares the hell of us😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 (he recognized me by voice 🤣)
Sleeping beauty 😍💕: hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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FL is stupid if I was her I would have already filed a sexual harassment case towards ML. He ripped her dress twice, kissed her forcefully twice without her permission What rights do boss have to do that It's her choice If she likes that professor or singer mind your own business ML
Apple_custard_girl: yesssssss I would have done the same htf that jerk could decide what's my next step !!! such a maniac
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