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When the Angle Falls for Me

She just hit her head and you are worried about her knee? Shouldn't you bring her to a doctor, to see, whether she has a concussion? It's dangerous if she has one and just goes to sleep like that ...
Also, you knew, that there was a party at her school and he is a professor at that school. It's obvious, that they both would be there and since it was you, who introduced them to each other, she would take a special place for him, compared to his other students. And it's just a dance. They didn't make out in a dark corner, they did, what people normally do: dance.
You're not even in a relationship with her but you're still acting like an overbearing boyfriend. Gosh, has no one ever taught you self-control?
Brenda Gonzalez
Dear lord, what is wrong with him? In what world was it necessary for him to tear her clothes apart AT WORK NO LESS. She doesn’t have back up clothes, he made it to where she can’t afford new clothes. And it’s outrageously abusive of power to say that he has the right to rip her clothes.
50m3t!m35 y0u d0Nt n3eD 7 N7m3
i think 3 of them is so dumb.
1. the fl brother, he just got release from jail and he punch ml again without 2nd thought that ml is injured because of him.
2. the ml is just a dumb, he want to show that he has power, he can do anything he likes without thinking that he will hurt his love one.
3. the most dumbest one goes to our fl *clap your hand* 😂 idk how to describe about this one, she had the chance to explain to her brother about ml but she doesnt take those chance and put all the blames on ml eventhought ml saved her and even bail out her brother from jail.
zuha javed: Finally some one said it👏🏻👏🏻.... I support you a 💯%... The one that bothers me the most is how can the FL me soooo stupid not naive..... S. T. U. P. I. D.... She literally can't tell right for wrong.... 😒...
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YouTube Channel AMAIPERRY
oh.. really can take his heart so easy..take the flowers first..🌺🌺🌺🌺asking for dinner..or watching movie in his house..or cook..and then ...little spoiled with elegant said about his father...🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 women must know how to do that...☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️ you know his's hight integrity...oh .C'MON ❤️
Alicia Freire
This is the moment when you cry and say “of course I am! You hit me with your car and acted like the victim and since you are so powerful I had no choice than to go along. Now I have worked for free for a month? Will you pay me next month? It doesn’t matter you forced me! And you made me your nurse and rip my dresses and control me! I am terrified! “ Boooo Boooo
Once again!
that woman is just brain washing this guy.... Oh god... I feel another trouble coming up... She should not interfere with her brother's paintings.
Alright maybe i’m stupid but wth is going on? Her step brother is in love with her? Wtf? Wtf? Wtf? This manga is starting to confuse me every update😑😑
Ming yue
im sure he will best regret is too late to confess my feeling to you ... at least it will be more drama..😂😂
Blinksoo hyun: true true...
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The one that knows
Last scene 😒 it’s your fault, and you are a selfish person once it comes to love and a girl like Zhizhi, everyone has their selfishness and desire in love. That’s why I’m scared of when I get a boyfriend (I know that will never happen), what if he’s over possessive and selfish , what if he’s uninterested and what if he’s a monster... but this is just the beginning of love and you shouldn’t treat her as a thing that can be bought (I know you didn’t say anything about money) and a dress (example) that can be thrown away like the other dresses and clothes you wore before (the other women) so you better show your true feelings and tell her everything that’s on your chest and make her understand what’s happening in your mind! You need to communicate it’s not like she can read your mind or know what you want SO YOU BETTER TALK TO HER BEFORE SHE GETS TAKEN!
The one that knows : Thanks
lianna: girl be positive! youll have someone who will love you unconditionally! and love him unconditionally too!
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just because she tried to persuade you about your father. now you hate her even make that bish sit on you lap? jerkk
Coco Cookiss
I See Many Hate The ML..
But, I Think He's Ok.. 🤔🤔🤔
Cause If You See Other Romance Story,
Most Of It Is Worst Than This Ones.. 😒
her brother is good but sadly ml is still ml ......
haron (aron hazel)
president y don't u go and die .... I wish she gets her happiness with her brother ... now I ship them and bro
itulah mengapa kt tidak boleh percaya apa yg kt lihat yg hanya di lihat separuh dan menghakimi seakan2 dia tahu segalanya
stupid he was never In love with Her if after sth like that he wants to erase her
😍😍😍😍😘😘PH: now he use that bitch
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The Evil Burrito
Girl! Your timing is so damn bad😂 The best way to say something that important is during pillow talk right after hubby cums😗
Blinksoo hyun
Zhi zhi listen to me your brother likes you a lot....I envy you ...your brother is so handsome...🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭😍😍😍😍
Takahashi Mei
Doesn't she know the saying that "don't talk to strangers" and "don't trust trangers"
Takahashi Mei: My gosh!
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why she is so dumb first see the situation and his mood then talk to him.😦😦😩😩 she is sometimes really irritating😑😑😑😑
See, I always say every man in manhua or in real life all are scumbags
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