When the Angle Falls for Me
Romance / Comedy

When the Angle Falls for Me

When the Angle Falls for Me
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
after some chapters the Mls be like :


she is different from others(cats).

You are mine be my servant.

why dont you love me?

i want your heart.

you are not allowed to leave me.

Julz: Pretty much!
🖤Nightmare🖤: HOTEL? TRIVAGO
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You should have been like that from the beginning! Then no one would have dared to do such plotiing against you!!!
is it sad that I just wanted her to pass out maybe be in a come or some thing then he will realize his mistakes realizes he needs he then when she wakes up he will be the nicest best person ever
Dream Lady: Same. OMG same o wanted the same thing
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Alike Ya
it's like an abusive drunkard husband apologizing to his wife in the morning
bad reviews
Janet jaswin
this manga was osm before now its damn boring........why?.......where are tge FL and ML???
Estefany Mendoza: I thought I was the only one thinking this.🥱😴
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Pink Orange
I like this new couple.. cute
reads manga instead of my name
yeah it took her 18 episodes to prepare it and you just tore it
~eli-chan💛🌺💛: 😂😂😂😂😂
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Sara Michel
Maybe this flashback of cat story will be back to normal story soon hopefully
Animegirl005: it's not a flashback, the FL got into an accident and the cat went into this body now. I think the main story is mostly over now and this is like a season 2 with the cat. Although I hope the cat reaches out to her master (FL) and the connect the two stories more
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does she forgot about the contract with Mr Chen...??
Or those contract are just for show??
Lil Lu Ningning
Share your secrets you damn cat~
Lil Lu Ningning: I need a cat like that~
Grace Wu: The cats name is zhaocai in chinese it means bring luck or bring money
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Need My Own King Lee Gon
the cat has cool vibe!!!!
I don't want cat and new ml. I want the real ml and fl
reedwei: i also hope so this cat is interesting neither like weak and boring female
Carel : I think their story is over
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sweetie this is a bar.. what were you are expecting..tea? coffee?
reads manga instead of my name
I think he will say that his biggest regret is thta he is her brother
Jungkookie5ever: I think his biggest regret is losing her since she is the only one who communicates with him
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Alva Love
The cat is soooo funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣!
Sumi Sum
It jumped from the car chase to this??? What?!?!
Need My Own King Lee Gon
The cats fav Lu Xi is here.
silly and couldn't see a right moment to blow something up...
didn't he got stabbed at the back and wounds at his left upper hand too... where's the scars?
aarrghhh... it's manga after all
a clumsy FL, not interesting at all
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