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When the Angle Falls for Me

It actually annoyed me that she would always keep crying & whining instead of actually put up a fight and get him to stop. It’s cause she keeps letting him do whatever he wants that he keeps using force against her and do whatever and always disrespect her. Like seriously throughout the chapters in every single one she keep saying “stop” “let me go” & such but she never actually put up a fight and actually pushed him off her, just kick him in the balls if he doesn’t let go! But instead of putting up a fight all she does is just cry & whine bout letting her go & such and just let him use force on her. I also hate how he doesn’t respect her and think bout how she feels and only be a selfish jerk and caring bout what he f*cking wants and uses force against her. That’s not showing that he likes her it only shows he only wants her body and wants to control her
Esmeralda Mendoza: shouldnt the title say Angel instead of angle?
Anonymous: I mean she probably got sensitive when her mother passed away/left her (idk what happened) so don’t jump to conclusions 🤦‍♀️
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قرانى نبض حياتى
put your hand off her. R u out of your right mind?don't make excuses. she didn't do anything wrong. and you girl don't be so naive like this. hold anything and hit him on his head hardly. it will work so well.he will feel dizzy so ican run Quickly. unless you're willing to it's a quite different situation. here in Egypt women's public weapon is to take off them shoeses and hit the bad guy on his head. so you must think 1000000times before you miss with any Egyption woman 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
❀❥(。・ω・。)❥❀: well im a friend of everyone and your welcome. im so Happy that i could help 😊😊
قرانى نبض حياتى: thank you alot .but I'm really don't know really touched .your words made my heart melt. you're a good person .although we are so far and ididnt now you .but all my respect to you .honestly you are Worthing it .my friend .thank u for cheering me up😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍
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ϵ( 'Θ' )϶
Author please make more episodes sooner I love this series by far my favorite! No pressure your probably busy anyway! ❤️ Keep working hard! ~Thanks 🤗 for creating this comic. I can’t even explain my appreciation for all of your hard work dedication and time you took to work on this! I’m just so excited for the next episode I’m ready to explode 💥 I just cannot cannot express my feelings for this work of art I’m so overcome with admiration that I’m going insane 🔮 ! There isn’t enough words in the world to sum up everything I have to say 🌎! My mouth is so full of words that it would come out as gibberish because I would be talking so fast 👄! Thank you Thank you 🙏 💕
cmyteddy: is the translations ok? did they keep the angle throughout the story? I didn't start reading cuz they can't even spell angel.
Nina Sze: BTW it's the translators.
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Everybody Say No
Ahhh I hate this student teacher relationship( professor) I mean I find it disgusting when girls of my class used to hit on young teachers or the teacher acting like that. I mean no matter how good looking or young he is.. he is your teacher god damn!! How can you have a crush on him.. even if you have a crush but why do you need to boast about it. Thank God I’ve always looked at my teachers as teachers🤣
Bts x Army 😘
I also want the cat like that too........ I think that cat time travelled
Bts x Army 😘: me23456789
Mish__armlink💜: yeah suga......!! 😂......he gets what he want...!!😂
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😇Angel Rain 🌧
why i feel this story gonna be the " Rich man fallen love with Poor Girl .. then his family gonna against their relationship, his mom will try hard to rid the poor girl , tried to kill her , then the Rich man have to married with someone from other rich family by arrangement from her mom " if that gonna be the story ill stop read here .. that kind of the story .. i didn't interested ..
Tuhina Haldar: I didn't interested?? wat does that mean??!
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Amethyst Adams
Girl, here's what one does: Tell your boss there's a lecture, and you'd love it if he would accept your invitation to come with you (dude is wealthy, and has connevtions; he's able to get in, no doubt). This will not only stroke his ego, but give you proof of innocence if somebody accuses you of breaking company policy. You likely won't get face time with the professor, but at least you'll get to the education of the lesson.
Acc 02: I do see where your coming from, but what if the lectures are only accessible for students, also what if it tarnished his reputation “president of something something has to go back to school because he doesn’t understand something, is he really fit to be the president”
Anonymous Reader😎😎: See- thank you 👏🏾
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omg no offence but i feel like the cat is being so annoying like can't it juz control itself like bruh.. and it keeps on getting the mc into trouble.... the cat is pissing me off.. 😒
A. B.: Well cat is cat and doesn’t know how human acts so it’s understandable, it might be annoying but in 20% the others it is smart and funny ,’3
Min yoongi is my Suga Daddy🍪🍫🤞🏽: Yeah the cat is getting on my nerves 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️
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ashley gaming
Ik this might be old, but people that are saying she’s “weak” or she “cries too much”, honestly it’s just a comic you don’t have to hate on a character and plus if you were In this situation what would you do? Just stop. It’s just the Mc. You can’t expect every Mc to be tough, if you don’t like it. Stop reading.
abba kamara
I hate girls like that. She’s too soft for my liking, always crying and saying dumb things. Why can’t she stand up for herself. She’s pretty’s and smart, why she is allowed the ML to bully her. She need to be strong.
mae ann lugo: yeah, I'm feeling that also. She needs to be tough
Slap them bitches hard so they'll learn their mistake if possible use gun sometimes : thanks manga lover
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The one that knows
Did anyone notice the change of art? The girl looks like the girl from the last few chapters only they changed the lighting of the pink

But the boy? Oh boy he has changed so much! His hair is supposed to be black but it’s like kinda green?! Why would you change his gorgeous black hair to dirty green
(not that green hair is dirty it just downs gloom good on him)
KingasGaming: Yep I also noticed
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قرانى نبض حياتى
last chapter I commented that he has been thinking that is her opion in him and she only has the guts to tell him when she get drunk. no one believed me. and one of us replied R u mentally stable?she was drunk. thanks God in this chapter he said it with his own toung "only the truth comes out when you get drunk"😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
قرانى نبض حياتى: My follower Maya Ahmed thank u for your sarcasm .thank you for every insult. but my parents really have thought me manners. so here I'm iwon't ever lower myself 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Momo bitch: U sure are mentally stable 👌🏻👌🏻 (sarcasm)
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Sly Fox 🦊
OK, first of all, dad, break up with that ugly old mean witchy woman, and second of all oLD lady, do you have any shame of EMBARRASSING yourself by treating others badly like what have they ever done to you, marry some one else if you are going to have that bad additude 😡😡😡
Desirea Monique Flores: it's her step mother aunt in their culture doesn't always mean aunt. it get confusing sometimes.
Ali: no it's her stepmother
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To all the people confused, that panel of him ontop of her saying she can’t get rid of him, it’s what she was thinking if she did help him have a bath or shower and what would happen after, that’s why she said no. If that makes sense? Probably not but I tired
Anonymous: I swear these dumb autocorrects makes me look stupid
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~<* Yeni🍣 *>~
This woman is so stupid. I don’t understand how a rich, successful, handsome, and smart guy would fall for her! She got her self into this stupid ass mess. Now who’s gonna save her?
I 💝 Fairy Tail: Y u read if u hate it
nct units : why cant we just get an mc that has more common sense and a better iq..
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Ok that slap was for good reason bc if ANYONE ripped my dress I would acc CRUCIFY THEM... bit too much🤔- NAH!😈😂
SATAN😈😈: tru that
Spicyreader: lol Satan your really are Satan hahahahah
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Anonymous Reader😎😎
I’m sorry for this rage but.. OMFG DONT THEY HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO!!??? LIKE FOR REALLL!! YALL ARE MF ADULTS AND U STILL GOT TIME FOR SHIT LIKE THIS!!? LIKE F***!! IM SICK AND TIRED OF IT! IM DONE😤😤😤 IM PISSED!! To the point where I just wanna.. uuggghhh 😡😡😤😤 I’m sorry I love this story but I just hate how grown these people are but they just can’t be mature!!
Oh my god this may sound weird but I think the cats gonna jump on red head then get caught from black head, then girls gonna get punished from black head by tieing her up and playing sm 😅🤭😤I’m probably completely wrong and will be ashamed of myself
Sakura San
The title should be "when a bastard falls for me" instead of "when an angel falls for me 😂😂becuz the female lead always think of him as a bastard 😪
Chicken Wings: I agree or maybe when the perverts fall for me lol
@baby.reyes_💛💙💜: they still haven't fixed it it still says angle😂
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Meo T
this cat is seriously going to get her into trouble.... girl just go and jump off the building since it's obvious that your boss will find out...
❀❥(。・ω・。)❥❀: yep she IS already in trouple
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