When the Angle Falls for Me
Romance / Comedy

When the Angle Falls for Me

When the Angle Falls for Me
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Jia Saeed
Now that's something called NICE!!!!!
wow the story escalated way too quickly... and scheming women? wow! they're so good the male characters are just plain stupid... tell them to jump and they will jump, tell that mu zhi zhi drowned the mom and they will readily believe it...
chanyeol's concubine
This is not cute at all. But this is manhua logic so yeah, so be it
I just realized in the tittle it’s not Angel but angle!
Mangalore: you have good Eye
Mangalore: me too
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Risa Sayumi
Just leave him already he's just play with you and makes you a slut! If I was her I would slap him and never come back even I love him but I must protect my own dignity
Ziggy Dichosa: yeah right me too
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I want more..
that cat so funny😂
Happy 100th episode, too bad the story has become so complicated and confusing.
Good girl!!! Pull her hair so that she becomes bald. 😏
At first she is wearing black bikini than on next seen it become black dress how it is possible
Lee Good: right,,,,the author probemly thought it was too showding so it turn to dress
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accidentally? or intentionally? I think that blond hair girl asked the brother to do it and your fiance doesn't believe you then its his lost there are guys who still wants to be with you girl leave him and let him regret later...
Shruthi Kannan
without cellphone how was she talkin
yeoja-chingu kouhai : Bluetooth earpiece might be a logical answer 🤔
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Unicorn PRINCESS🦄🦄🦄🦄
"Chen Xu MAN"Hahahahaahhahaha
Hello Kitty 😽
good to let it all out
aaaaannnd he showed his true color! good job professor. he did those things because he is expecting a return which means whatever "love" he is talking about is not without conditions...
Kamya Prasad: yes I agree💯%
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jerk why did you hurt her again? did you really love her? why would you say something hurtful like that to her? and if she is pregnant then she and her child can leave on their own... you will regret hurting her later...
jherslyn pastor {fulin}
go sige sabunutin mo pa hanggang makalbo yang babae na yan walanghiya na yan
Shimmer Siren
You don't how much a girl's feelings hurt when someone acts like this. It is humiliation. She is definitely heartbroken.
how can an employee lives under the same roof as the employer under the guise of helping her? duh? and she's been molested every time and she does not say anything about it or protest ... huh?
Tesla Adams
Dude every time something bad happens u always blame our fl then later u find out she was set up when r u gonna b smart enough 2 catch on🙄🙄
how can a girl be so stupid and not realize that she's always being taken advantaged of? or the translation is too far from the story?
sammy khan: Some mistakes in the translation
sammy khan: Yeah I also think so
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