Romance / Comedy

When the Angle Falls for Me

good only let the FL be in misunderstand only I guess then the story will go smoothly 😏😏
what the hell of doing? this cat😥😵😵
cute hinata
😂😂😂😂😂😂 i can't anymore this cat is so stupid
ι αм gяσσт!
This woman is giving wine to a patient. Is she sick????
semony3: Yes how could she 😡
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A. B.
I didn’t read the whole think because I’m embarrassed >//////<
ι αм gяσσт!
She is going to be in trouble. 😂😂😂😂😂
Kisham Oeight
He's the one who put her in the hospital and he seems insincere in apologizing to her..
Y.y: yup but too much status gab between than you might die..status might not too far between FL is not laterally not stupid and scare(when she has that kind of supernatural power and showoff other,I'm still amazed she still live until now)where typical villian bitches?xDand she deserve die too
PastelPotato : Exactly she had every right to throw that glass cup at him like count that as her compensation but he’s over here like now you have to compensate me
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admin pc
"zhi zhi brother will always support you and love you" means brother actually loves her
๏г๏ςђұ кīҭҭұ
what kind of hospital is this?😂
this hospital like a hotel right
more and more things that the simple hospital dont have
Ms. Bearʕ•ﻌ•ʔ
The cat is out of the bag!!!!≧ω≦
🤣🤣🤣🤣oh man this cat will stir up some trouble for sure
Lucia Saïd
Damn...I like this cat! she is so cute and goes direct to point...😂😂😂
Sara Michel
More chapters please consider making crazy update
Sugar Lemon
god dam u idoit author put more fun and romance between them
Sugar Lemon
this comic sucks
stop wasting my time put more romance idiot
keen bani
why would she feel sad when she got no rights to be sad
🌸luv blossom 🌸🇮🇳
some panels showing' click to redownload'
sorna lakshmi
the male lead is atleast good in some way. he likes her bt he doent know hw to express it to her. bt d female lead is the dumbest ever. she cldnt evn question anythn correctly atleast her cat is moderate at this point. ppl i seriously vote d cate to be d female lead😂who is with me?!
Reina: me 😂😂😂
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finally the cat is coming out
Sugar Lemon
it's getting excited
plsss make more
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