Romance / Comedy

Fall in Love Because of You

Yojan Gc
shit m never gonna get myself a harem 😱
Warriors of the Night
The power of women wins it all... Hahahahahaha
Warriors of the Night: Well you're talking to one now and yeah you should cause once you offended a girl... it will be an unfortunate situation and an unforgettable experience... I'm one of those girls who hit those who offend me
Toka: I need to remember to not anger a girl...
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Koustov Moni Borah
awww be soo cute like a little baby even bullied by a bird
Adion D'ark
the power of woman. dont know i should cry or laugh
Ofcoures hes father won’t be so angry because he can say that the two of them are dating
wild little kitty 😼😼
ha pervent
why do i feel like the blue haired girl is the male lead and the boy is the female lead... he should man up a bit
Unkn1001 jaymee: hahah me to
Heart of the melody🎵🎶: Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks that
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boo ❤️.
lmao, she's really good at saving herself, but I laughed at the last panel 🤣!
Apollo 57
she just dumped a nuke on them.....those guys better run now
Sahil Lama
seriously? no sort of character development huh?
he's so cute when he's young
Hania: i hate his dad
Jordan Glover: 🤣🤣 I like that picture
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StReSseD bY MoUNtaiN Of BoOKs
oh my there are some rgb going on boobs hair clothes
boo ❤️.
oh no they finna get caught if he doesn't stop eating 💀.
Riya K Sagar
2nd...rough to her husband 😂😂😂
Shiro 白猫
Too many narrations.
Cryptic Cast
code guess eyes nani
dilo atsuka
even Hentai has better story than this. author can't draw and can't write a good story.
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