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Your Modern White Knight

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Adapted from a famous online-novel, this manga talks about Xiantian, who just celebrated his nineteen-year-old birthday and somehow woke up, finding himself in the middle of nowhere. He barely escaped from a car crush and above all his confusion, a name called qiao xiaoqiao was lingering in him mind and he went into a quest to find this name's owner...

MangaToon got authorization from JMCOMIC to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - huhuagaoshouzaidushi,hhgszds
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my guy nails on the road and coincidentally a shop with the word “tire fix" scribbled on it appears what tf you think happening.. I'm sorry my guy but Jesus doesn't work that way
Yan San: LOLOLOL sounds like a good business plan to me hahaha
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She tried to pulls fast one lol I can’t blame her though.
Nexus: True lol, I was already kinda spoiled and since the author made it like that than I’m going to enjoy it till end since I started it.

Mc’s like this and Mc’s that choose the worse girl out of all the girls at the end is the reason I never really liked harems.
King Jatt: lol yeah, that kind of MC is especially made for hard harem lovers lol so the author made him that way like hentai's plots lmao
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Are there people that are really this dumb? Following a guy in his car and going into his house just because he looks good? I mean you never know if the person is good or bad but it’s safer not to find out lol
amir gt: In manga,manhua and another comic cant use reality logical to understanding the situation.But it dangerous to life like that in world we live today just for short enjoy time.
A stray fox🐺🐺: hahaha
I agree with you bro bryan
there sure are many gold diggers and also attention seekers...
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