Your Modern White Knight
Romance / Comedy

Your Modern White Knight

Your Modern White Knight
In APP, enjoy better reading experience
In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Well here comes where she gets tricked by that woman and gets prostituted to that bad guy from a few chapters ago. Hopefully someone helps her before she gets violated. I have a feeling that Qiao guy has a lot more power behind the scenes than people know. If something happens to the girl he likes whoever hurt her probably will not get a quick death.
Chin Lu: Maybe. Since they're the focus these last episodes...
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i want to ruin this b*tch sink her in a river!!!
CH2 Alpha: yow chill
Kristianto Taslim: no way, that to kind...
best kind of punishment letting her alive filled with hatred, regret, fear and etc, make her disfigured, sell one of kidney, cut both of her arm and leg.. so she can only stay alive by machine..
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i have read it in my previous manga... this but iwould lovr it and i want it to watch in real movies....
Hmmmm......... nails on the road tight in front of a car shop. Convenient. A little TO convenient.
This chapter was a complete waste...
Kristianto Taslim
such a bad luck she has, two of her manager betray her..
Victor Valencia
I really hope the guy makes it in time and saves her.
Mr. X
Punishment time for them.....
Mr. X
Now we have some action here folks.....
Get your popcorns and be ready.....
Jin Kazama
Can you kill her pls
Lord Touch Me
How low is the water
G0DR0RRIM: pretty sure theres NO water
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Kristianto Taslim
such a reckless driving..
I only dare to do it at game only 😂😂😂
Faye Alberts
ML has been wearing the same clothes since episode 1 but he axtually have a duffle bag of clothes lol
Fazrul Amin
harem:7/35.(appear in manhua)
Fazrul Amin
for reader information.this girl isn't in his harem even though he has 35 wive,this one is not\(°o°)/
Fazrul Amin: mistake again
Fazrul Amin: okay,it is my mistake.she is one of the harem going with name Zhao Qingqing not Zhao Qingyun
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S. C. Sahadat
run boy runnnnnnnn
hi if you guys have time, check out my short chat "trouble with love". It will be nice if you guys could support my story
SuMit Boro
sorry but rip English
😂😂😂😂😂i dont worry about translations......but MC is in trouble 😃😃😂....go someone save him
😂😂😂😃police girl is gonna mad 😂😂
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