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Shadow Hunter

Zhuljeta Krasta Mancellari
how come the guy is covered by fur and the abs are still visible
and when the mc is about to die his only regret was that he still hasn't got a girlfriend yet
Rage Nexen: Yeah hell right! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
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Zhuljeta Krasta Mancellari
when they said : " you deserveto die"- I almost thought it was spanish until I realized there should have been space between deserve and to
Zhuljeta Krasta Mancellari: I don't know even a tiny bit of Spanish it was just a thought
Manu Bryant: your Spanish sucks if you though that
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Zhuljeta Krasta Mancellari
ahhh wish I could live in mangas and have those fighting skills but I would like to be wealthy
Also I am curious , how can his upper body be
so far from his lower body
Lucia Que
ugh this is getting kinda annoying. each time the ML is about to win or do shm a groupe of stalkers get in his way
Zhuljeta Krasta Mancellari
I am watching it with the automatic play and when the screen was going up I thought he was hanging naked *huff*
Is he still alive .M L were in faint for so long means the red hair guy were bleeding for so long
Right 🤔
Zhuljeta Krasta Mancellari
fang qing " the problem solver" he sure solved the problem of fatness with those incredible abs
Zhuljeta Krasta Mancellari
is it just me or did the maid look like it could be his sister
Rage Nexen: It just you.
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Lucia Que
hey bro yeah the whole 'we want to kill you' thing is just a prank. Don't tale srly
Mustafa Farid
Why'd they kill ace again😭😭now im gonna have to get another pillow this one is is gonna be filled with too many tears😢😢😢😢
Nurul Azzi
the more farter, the crying of laughing)
Lucia Que
Did I just see a girl?
MOM TAKE ME TO THE DOCTOR im hallucinating
Zhuljeta Krasta Mancellari
*inhale* ahhh I can smell the girl is a badass
Demar Morgan
drop those thing looks too disturbingl lol.
Zhuljeta Krasta Mancellari
pleaseee tell me he is going to fake a fight!
Zhuljeta Krasta Mancellari
the red-long-haired guy looks like a vampire
Lucia Que
turning 2 bff against each other is so dark
TJ Micque
Omg this is so good i cant stop reading it 😍
Jachary Averron
ayy! roger and granger on the spot!!
Lee $
I just we de get in to it
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