Ultramarine Magmell
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Ultramarine Magmell

Ultramarine Magmell
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Ultramarine Magmell Comics Online. 35 years before the story begins, a new continent appeared in the Pacific Ocean: the Holy Continent. There are countless new species and mineral resources beyond the common sense of mankind, and humans want to conquer this place, but the special magnetic field of Saint Lucia repels the involvement of high-tech products, so the world has once again entered the era of great adventure with bare-feet explored. Countless explorers continue to enter the holy continent in pursuit of wealth and many of them are trapped into crisis. And the protagonist of our story, is doing the work of rescuing explorers in the holy continent, thus, being known as the "collectors."

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Hottest Comments
My brain is going to explode! I have so many question in my mind. Why there's different version of them?

At first, I thought, the time when Zero's hair is black is from the future event, because the author give us a preview of Yin You fighting against Abelsans and it exactly happened in present. But then, when Anditool took over Yin You's body, she saw the different version of her (that I think will happen in future), Is it explaining about different planes or dimension? as well as when Yin You extend his hands toward the sky is the same time as other You (with alive Zero) feel his grief. But, from what I understand, they live in the same world but different places

And more importantly, I want to see Shi Yin's bare face! btw, he really looks like Yin You.
I REALLY hope it’s not his « teacher » because even in the anime we don’t know what happened in the and there’s a lot of mystery about him. ( how they happened to know each other, what’s the source of his great powers ? Why was he on the island all by himself before ?)
You know what ? It almost scared me for real ! Just the time to read and go on the next panel with her ugly big face !
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