Ultramarine Magmell
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Ultramarine Magmell

Ultramarine Magmell
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Ultramarine Magmell Comics Online. 35 years before the story begins, a new continent appeared in the Pacific Ocean: the Holy Continent. There are countless new species and mineral resources beyond the common sense of mankind, and humans want to conquer this place, but the special magnetic field of Saint Lucia repels the involvement of high-tech products, so the world has once again entered the era of great adventure with bare-feet explored. Countless explorers continue to enter the holy continent in pursuit of wealth and many of them are trapped into crisis. And the protagonist of our story, is doing the work of rescuing explorers in the holy continent, thus, being known as the "collectors."

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i am fake
okay it takes time for me to recover from this haziness..... man i know she was a villain but i didn’t expect her to die in such a way. now original anditool is dead, the writer is dead too, that left only our zero. and i'm sure her possession will also lifted from her after that. so what will happended now? I NEED SPOILER please 😭😭😭😭
i am fake: i think they are from the past because that red hair girls father is dead
Radiat: @i am fake in 35 36 there chapters from the future go back and look
total 6 replies
i am fake
hey how zero still standing there? is the real anditool there in her body?
The Real Gopl: I don’t have an answer to your comment but to your name, I think you’re real and you made an original (I think) comment so you think therefore you are ‘I think therefore I am’
total 1 replies
The Real Gopl
Take a moment to appreciate the art and think how much better it is than the anime adaptation
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