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Silk Like Him

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The young master of a well-known silk family duan jinzhi secretly came back to China, only found that there is nothing left about the silk industry but a broken store! The journey of entrepreneurship started from the flames of war; And he and she and he... The relationship among them are like threads and embroidery, intertwined together...

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Boys’ Love
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LOL yaaasss.. so Second Uncle has that huge of an effect on LAN dropping his cigarette like that.. 😂😂 but I hate the fact that LAN acts so clueless about Second Uncle.. 😢 I just hope what Duan said triggered something within him.. sighs.. his been pretending for so long that it's natural for him to act up like that which I so hate it.. WHY DOESN'T HE RUN TO SECOND UNCLE ALREADY DAMMIT!!! Second Uncle loves you.. can't you see he kept your PIC for so long and he never bothered you cause he feels like he only brings you pain.. WHY DON'T YOU SEE THAT??! LAN is like a princess in a tower waiting for his prince charming to save him.. 😭😭😭 Second Uncle saveeee your babyyyyyyy..
Can someone tell me.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH LAN?? like what is he doing?? why does he have to keep lying to him like that?!! he has shown him 1m times how much he cares about him and yet.. he keeps on pulling this stupid undercover BS.. ugghhhh.. 😤😤 trust Second Uncle already dammit!!! at least give him a chance.. just once.. tell him the truth and see if he's not on your side.. 😢
finallyyyyyyyy.. in a rooomm together.. kyaaahhhh.. 😍😍😍😍 I have been waiting for this for soooo lonnngggg.. 😍😍 but.. LAN??? I hope you're not tryna use them cause they have military power.. that question of yours kinda makes me not trust you esp. if you're trying to use Second Uncle's kind heart again.. LIKE DON'T EVEN DARE!!!! YOU HEAR ME LAN!!😒😒
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