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Silk Like Him

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The young master of a well-known silk family duan jinzhi secretly came back to China, only found that there is nothing left about the silk industry but a broken store! The journey of entrepreneurship started from the flames of war; And he and she and he... The relationship among them are like threads and embroidery, intertwined together...

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Boys’ Love
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Ehhh what!? So Boss Hong forced Mr.Lan to have relationship with him? I think it’s not like he make Lan the shop owner for the sake of Hong factory but to keep Mr.Lan with him forever!! Unfortunately, Mr.Lan love uncle and I think maybe he still have the feeling for him since he help Jinzhi for uncle.

But poor Young master Hong again, He like Mr.Lan so much, but it’s like Mr.Lan acted good in front of him for sth (he said he will decide what to do next so I think he had some plan)
Yannie Luciffer
ah~! I forgot what I'm supposed to write!!

well~ the moment the blue haired guy appeared again~ well.. my mind suddenly turned blank and put me in a long trance.. it took me long before I regain my senses &! that's also the time when I realized this episode just ended!! ≧ω≦

what at thing to just suddenly without warning appear! mc I think you've already fallen in love to him!!!
Personally, I don't feel much pity for Lan. Even though he has sad past like that but he also trying to deceive uncle Duan, Boss Hong, and Jin Zhi's father. Uncle Duan was really nice trying to help him but in the end he kept blame uncle Duan for everything him doing. And now, it is like his karma. Also he just keep trying to use people around him. Even though there are some people who really sincere to him.
P.s. sorry for my bad English and my long rant.
taniya m: hmm... well said 👍
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