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Super Boyfriend

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Indoorsy, ugly and super-shy girl hooks up with a tall, hot and model-like man?! What happened? Do all hot guys change their taste or is there a hidden secret behind their relationship? Mo Yu becomes the hot gossip topic in her company overnight because of her super-hot boyfriend. But he is caught asking Mo Yu for money by her colleagues. Is he a toy boy relying on women to live turns out that he and Mo Yu are merely contract lovers and he might be G-A-Y!! Is this true or just an excuse...

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why does a random girl appear now?? ok. so she seduces him and then he goes on have relationship with her? what's with the plot now? 🙄 I'm so disappointed right now. I wanna change Moyu into some badass girl. Ive been fantasizing that it is just sleeping within her. I do hope she bangs her head and that happens. she suddenly changes into a strong character. she is so weak right now 🙄 so irritating that she even informs him that she won't be back tonight?? she isn't even his girlfriend seriously!!! she doesn't even have to explain to him cause does he even care ?? he's actually just a freeloader in her appartment!! I really hate it when the girl is the one trying hard to make the guy fall in love... this is so depressing. I hope she meets someone better for her.. I want her to know martial arts so that she could kick his ass someday. I do hope the author reads this.. don't make it worse for Mo Yu. just atleast for the sake of her character.. 😑
RBT: i want revenge for Mo Yu. one more chapter.. if that d*ck of a male lead goes on like this. bye. dropping this f*cking sh1t.
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Uni ✨
I don't get why many hates You Yu when both characters had their own flaws? Yes, You Yu used to be this jerk guy but he's not now. He's only using this 'jerk guy' method again to make Mo Yu believed it. Think about it, would Mo Yu be who she is now if You Yu didn't came into her life? Would've she been a successful model if You Yu didn't acted like that? Same with You Yu. You Yu would've stayed cold to his father if it weren't for Mo Yu. Remember that both pushed each other from their comfort zones.
Vanessa Canizales Arroyo: i love your picture your baias is Rosé?
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Lana White-king
I think You yu’s father would have wanted him to live and not risk his life to save him rather have You yu be happy, be with Mo Yu. You Yu owes so much to Mo Yu that dying will make it so much worse for her and everybody. How the father will be devastated that his son is now dead and feeling the guilt that he couldn’t save his wife but then killed You Yu. It would break Mo yu’s heart and stopping her from becoming successful in life and even when he’s dead we will be causing even more pain to people being dead
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