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Super Boyfriend

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Indoorsy, ugly and super-shy girl hooks up with a tall, hot and model-like man?! What happened? Do all hot guys change their taste or is there a hidden secret behind their relationship? Mo Yu becomes the hot gossip topic in her company overnight because of her super-hot boyfriend. But he is caught asking Mo Yu for money by her colleagues. Is he a toy boy relying on women to live or...it turns out that he and Mo Yu are merely contract lovers and he might be G-A-Y!! Is this true or just an excuse...

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Without love in the world, life would be Hell. We'd all be at war. Children would be mere dynastic chess peices or laborers. Those in need of care would suffer most. Love is the glue that holds the universe together, that keeps us from tumbling into the abyss, that makes a life a LIFE and not just an existence. Everything depends on it. So can it matter so much whether the one you loves and who loves you is male, female, both, vampire, elf, shapeshifter, yokai, water god or a robot who has developed real emotions? If they make you feel like wherever they are is where you should be, you have something worth fighting for.
Jasmine 's. ^~^
I don't know why but gay guys looks better than straight ones if they don't already have the good genesfrom their parents, cause gay guys always tries to do better skin care than straight guys. Anyways what I'm trying to say is that gay guys look better than straight guys, thought I'm not really trying to be rude tk all the straight guys reading this.
Equally each to there own and also heterosexual and bisexual. Love is love no matter who it's with and as long as it is reciprocated and dose not harm anyone. It can be the most beautiful thing ever hopefully if anyone experience it in this life time, it is truly rare ....
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