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The Koi Returns

Yep, this is what I thought would happen. He was very clear about not having enough power. Thing is, it's also no right to blame the girl. I mean, of course a young girl thinks one of her people's gods can find a way to make everything right. He's a god. We have the advantage of an outside pov.
stanaica Charles
I kind off guess this would happen, I'm also guessing he'll be alive, because if hes the main character he can't be dead if the story's not about to finish. At least that's what always happens. I mean always. But still, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopopooooooooo
Hana Yuuki
who was it that said she's not selfish again. She knew he was at the verge of dying and lack of power but still insists to help her and disappointed he couldnt. i knew this would happen. but meh plot armour wont allow him to die that easily
Takara: I’m on the girls side all the the end of the day My family’s over here dying and And you promised to help them at any cost... I don’t think she’s selfish at all you have to think of it as an eye for an eye because she saved him twice and he tried to kill her multiple times so you just have to look at it both ways
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Love this comic, hope that her village can be saved. Also liked the way he noticed that the girl was holding his hand but didn’t seem being bothered by it. They are so cute together ❤️
Ria Lk: yeah actually he looked like he was shocked 😂😂😂but in a cute way
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Mandy J
I dont think shes learned that shes naive and selfish. Hes cunning, but then again qouldnt you be? Shes also desperate, but she kinda pisses me off with the selfishness and stupidity. I cant wait for character growth and romance jeje
Mandy J: lol that's a bit long, but it's most of, not everything I though.
Mandy J: I thought she was selfish because although she wants the betterment of her village, did she really consider him and what he would have to give up or do to help her? She was good in saving him, but look at the condition he was in. Even when she helped that guy in the previous chapter who she thought was in danger, did she put her travel. companion in her eyes (because in helping others your companions are involved as well which turned out to be a trap). That's all my opinion. I adore her, but I think shes a bit naive.
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no no no this can't be 😫😫😫😫😫 i thought that he is going to love her and get married and have kids and then end story .....
this really can't be 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢
I think they are going to do something to the girl's village or to the things the koi lord cared about.

Or they plain just going to do something to the innocent citizens to incite fury within the duo.

Or maybe they plan to sabotage or exploit the innocent unknowing citizen (like riling up the citizens to do something harmful to both of them) .. In which case, I doubt the duo could retaliate because they know the citizens was just being used....

I really want to know how the evil side are going to exploit the main characters soft spot... and what plan are they going to use...
Mirror Look
i think so maybe girl died in the end or maybe confused....coz both of have dangours powers so may both of die in the end....according to my observations that handsome is die in the end...🤔🤔
Akarine Chan
haha😂😂😂lets get married and have babies right but not u.our male lead.see he is little bit jelly😏.
Akarine Chan: yes😀😀
xModao: Very, very jelly. ;))
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She isn't without feeling. But she's been bearing a crushing load of responsibility and fear for her village. It will be interesting to see what she is like once that load is gone.
Pleb Artist: Buehhahshehehehehhege
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Luvy Zuna
Brother: Shut up already, your freaking my girl out.
Me: Then why dont you go to your apartment.
Me: *Continues to shout* Kiss, kiss....KISS!!
Me: *Hears the front door close* YES!
Luvy Zuna: Yes it's true, it actually happened
my mommy: is this true
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Luiza Donica
Nooo, I don't want this kind of ending. 😓😭😭

I need a creazy update, I need to know he is alive, I was already getting into this comic, pls tell me he is not gonna die 😖😭
Koro Sensei
F*CKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CR*P!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!!!!!!!!!!NO!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO US!!!!!!!!!!!(and to her) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
This, ladies, is why you always have a container of pepper with you. Black, white, cayenne...makes no difference. Just pour some into your hand, hold your hand out toward the pervert, take a deep breath and blow the pepper right in their face.
Not every self sacrifice ends in death. Remember Aslan on the stone table in Narnia? Sometimes it just unlocks a deeper magic.
Rose Dawson
her real identify is still unknown... she might be half koi..I hope she is... thinking the Male MC can only regain hes power with his own kind...
I seriously hate these kind of mc she's just too naive and went for saving the weak I know it's a good thing to save the one in need but what is this ..... and why the hell is she crying? just be tactful and do something girl
danbags: yeah .,, i thought that too...
PurpleRose_5ZEZLG: Don’t judge a book by it cover. It’s probably part of her plan to have the hands release them out of pity for her
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Nusrat Islam Sristee
wtf what??? in the legends they mermaids can sacrifice themselves if they dont want to stay alive and here he became water...😭😭😭
She's have a better understanding of things if she's realize that he has no reason to give a scrap about any humans. Really, why should he?
Little Tiger
No.... I need happy ending. Both of them suffered a lot. They need to have so good payback... Plsssss don't let him dieee
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