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His Yarn Shop

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Mao Rong, who had inherited his family's yarn shop, is a man who's passionately fond of all kinds of furry items. One rainy night, Mao Rong mistakenly hurt the writer Yang Yusheng who wanted to come to the shop to shelter from the rain. Yu Sheng, who hated being touched by others, is surprised to find that it's very natural for him to be in contact with Mao Rong. In the warm yarn shop, the story of the stone-faced writer and the warm shop keeper begins to unfold.

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Boys’ Love
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The end already!? I haven’t prepared my heart.
First I apologize to Yusheng’s mom for thinking that she is the same with Rong’s dad.
Second, Thank you the author and translator for your hardworking , I love this manhua so much and enjoy reading it thanks to your effort. I hope the author will consider the second season.😭😭😭
Lastly, love my cute lovey-dovey couple Yusheng and Rong!!!
Yukie Lemon: are you serious? this comic FINISHED from months in the official app a Chinese one
Label453: I don’t sure if Tapas is the “only” official app for this manhua because it’s also said that the content in this app(MangaToon ) was protected by Chinese Copyright Law and International Copyright law... So I don’t think the law will protect the content that was robbed or stolen?
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squishy cheeks
Honestly really enjoyed the story... i started reading it because it involved yarn and cute things and I recently started crocheting amigurumi so it was a fitting story for me but I ended up really liking the story... the 2 male leads are both cute and sweet in their own way and the story was straightforward and didn’t have lots of misunderstandings which was refreshing for a change.. overall i enjoyed it quite a lot :)
It's safe to say that I'm sad it's over! This is such a beautiful and healthy comic to read, I swear! I hope the team that made this; realizes what a sweet & wholesome story this was!! I will more than likely read it again.
Anandi Pal: critics are constipation 💩💩💩💩
Cherlyn arriaza: same here pal
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