Timbre in His Heart

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Freshman Lin Qingji was just about to enjoy his new life in university when he knocked an old school teacher into ground. As a compensation, Qingji had to joined a horrible rock band as a fill-in bass player. He then encountered the last person he wanted to meet in the world, the guitar player who was a campus bully. But Qingji kept confusing him with another boy in his childhood. What would this sullen, defensive and jet-black-hair guy bring to Qingji’s life?

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Okay so far in the story Im pretty sure Qingji is the friend of Yan Hui because chapter 20 already show that Qingji flashback with him singing with Yan Hui. Also l'm guessing Rui got his eyes burnt from the fire that happened in the orphanage so he lied about it getting burnt from playing with fire. Yan Hui also didn't buy that story from the next panel. That all I'm really sure at right about now, though have a theory. Theory: Rui/Rain (for anyone reading this on some different website) is the one that is trying to hide Qingji existence away to protect him from that person chapter 28. (If you look at the person on chapter 28 and Rui cloths they are different person just like to point that out) think the chapter 28 person also that fake childhood friend the one from like the first few chapter(?) and Rui also hiding it from Yan Hui to not let Qingji existence be known or just to not let Qingii get hurt again?) I'm pretty sure Rui knows that Yan Hui and Qingji are the childhood friends though.
Yagami Riku: yeah we want to know... please...
Rose🌹 : yeah where did you read it amanda? is it novel or comic?
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I'm just gonna jump to conclusion of my own now. so Ji was already out of that orphan place, but because he missed singing with Hui, he came to the place. Rui followed Ji and the accident happened, and almost hit Ji, but Rui help Ji. and so.....Ji promised himself to never sing again, But Hui actually thought that Ji was still in the orphanage. (he didn't know, probably because Hui said something bad to Ji and made Ji stopped coming over to that place) It was Ji who was with Hui in the childhood, and Rui knew about them.
Just to be clear, I'm not saying all these from my imagination, but I'm jumping to conclusion because all of the hints that I got from the past chapters.
Alona Puctiyao: yes that the truth but no,maybe rui was always watching them play but when ji wasnt coming maybe rui thought it would be fun to come instead because its hard to distinguish both of them then the accident happened so yan hui thought ji was injured but actually it was rui.
Mika09_in_UwU_squad: @LionBunny_ARMY it's like a brother complex (reminds me of Hikaru and Kaoru from OHSHC) VS childhood sweetheart (though Hui and Ji only with each other for not long)
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so so so so hold up I think that the twin brother that we just got to meet is overprotective of his little brother and the guy with the black hair I think likes the other one the one without the earring and it's just the new twin brother is overprotective of his little bigger brother and the girl with black hair likes the older brother and everything just doesn't make sense and it's I'm bad at remembering names so this is hard to explain but I think we're going to have a little battle soon
Minty_Panda : I mean the guy with the black hair not the girl
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