Timbre in His Heart
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Timbre in His Heart

Timbre in His Heart
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Timbre in His Heart Comics Online. Freshman Lin Qingji was just about to enjoy his new life in university when he knocked an old school teacher into ground. As a compensation, Qingji had to joined a horrible rock band as a fill-in bass player. He then encountered the last person he wanted to meet in the world, the guitar player who was a campus bully. But Qingji kept confusing him with another boy in his childhood. What would this sullen, defensive and jet-black-hair guy bring to Qingji’s life?

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Hottest Comments
aakrita aswal
Honestly author , this is one of the best comics I've read do far . I was so tired of reading that same cliche stuff and finally something different . first of all the animation was so simple yet so beautiful . (I have literally taken screenshots of almost every pic hehehe) . the story is so good and well written . every thing is cleared and nthg is left missing . their friendship is so beautiful unlike the other ones I've seen . The characters r so well done , u can not make urself hate anyone cuz everyone had their own reason for doing things (except the dean ofc). And the ending was so beautiful . like so so beautiful . no drama and nthng like that . it gave me goosebumps and this chill went down my backbone . I'm so happy after reading this . I have an exam but I couldn't stop myself from reading . I would love to see some more work from u . and also I would love some more recommendations. some comics similar to this one . THANK U SO MUCH AUTHOR 😘😘
kyouka jirou
the MC looks like Killua (sorry if the spelling is wrong)
Laycazin Suhaili
season 2 plz I love this story it's so beautiful😭😭
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