Timbre in His Heart
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Timbre in His Heart

Timbre in His Heart
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Timbre in His Heart Comics Online. Freshman Lin Qingji was just about to enjoy his new life in university when he knocked an old school teacher into ground. As a compensation, Qingji had to joined a horrible rock band as a fill-in bass player. He then encountered the last person he wanted to meet in the world, the guitar player who was a campus bully. But Qingji kept confusing him with another boy in his childhood. What would this sullen, defensive and jet-black-hair guy bring to Qingji’s life?

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Xiao Lin
Well... What a doting father, that’s slap his own son. If should have been crying or worried what might happen to his own son.
Sweety Koch
it's the end? seriously?? author should have shown their relationship afterwards 🙄😓😒
author please make a 2 season i want to see how their rilationship went and if the band is going to keep going😢😭🙏
Neha 🌹👸 Mtn admin: My sincere apologize for disturbing you. If you find my comment not good please say so, I will immediately delete it. 😀😀

Hello, I am Neha. 😉

Another beginner in the writing world. I currently have 5 books on my profile. You will be able to find genres ranging from mystery, romance, horror, comedy, time travel and one BL book on my profile.😇😗😱

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