Drink and Swing
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Drink and Swing

Drink and Swing
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Drink and Swing Comics Online. An Yi, who’s from a normal family background, has a dream, that is to be someone in his city. Lu Feibai, the young master of the richest family in his city, also has a dream. That is get An Yi in his bed. Oh well…enough said. You can guess the rest.

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Boys’ Love
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The girls boobs look like they were inflated or there’s some type of balloon in there she should really get that checked that looks unnatural.Looking at her I just want to 🤢 Throw up
sam kesha
dear writer we r really heartbroken please update new series.For me it's only an hour but there are those who have been waiting 4 monts at think about their feelings . your fan
Fxckntae 69: Yeah I’ve been waiting for like 4 months or more idk I love this book but I forgot everything that happens
sam kesha: I mean to say at least think about their felling
total 2 replies
Bro I think its been a year since you've updated. I deleted this
app last year because you werent updating but bro why are you still not updating when I returned.....
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