Drink and Swing
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Drink and Swing

Drink and Swing
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Drink and Swing Comics Online. An Yi, who’s from a normal family background, has a dream, that is to be someone in his city. Lu Feibai, the young master of the richest family in his city, also has a dream. That is get An Yi in his bed. Oh well…enough said. You can guess the rest.

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Fatiha Cyril Jean
t de mon CV pour le lien suivant ou de mon avis sur les deux fois que tu peux pas à la commande en effet je te dire ce message d'origine objet de u au moins de mon CV pour le site de mon CV pour le temps que je te dire ce message d'origine objet confirmation de mon CV en ligne et de votre disposition et je ne peux pas à la commande en effet je te u de la commande en effet je te dire si tu peux
No one in particular : pourquoi tu parles de ton CV
Youbetto: No offense
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Suraj Sain
lu fei is despicable person it's not called love he just wants to satisfy he's needs but on other side gao is really wants to help an yi and according to story he Didn't do any despicable act with an yi and as for an yi if someone kill your family members if that person how much near you , will you able to forgive him and forget everything of that pain because person who killed your family members now interested in you and public started to see it as love affection for you wow.. if according to me gao guy is best for an yi not a mantle patient like lu fei

if author trying to put with an yi and lu fei together then i just want to say he's only X menace and try to attract audience threw affection and seductiveness and while i reading this manga i feels also like it not represent good thing it represent force on person to do some not appreciate acts
Suraj Sain: truth is that gay life is to hard to live, who's gay they knows because they afraid to accept their real feeling if they feel but they stop to feel it because of people and started to think about what people thinks , that's always in peoples mind who are being gay, bi, lesbians and other genders
Sophia Laishram: I'd say both of them are equally despicable
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You know what I am going to admit this I am a otaku. If you don't know what a otaku is well a otaku is a person that is obsessed with anime and japanese manga.
xXxAnnexXx: Well I guess almost everyone that has this app is an otaku
Mahi Hossain: me too I am a otaku lover too💖💖💖💖
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