My Memories about You
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My Memories about You

Migu Digital Media
My Memories about You
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My Memories about You Comics Online. What if your buddy surprisingly became the most beautiful girl in your school?!! My old best friend, Xu Wen came back in a beautiful girl's body, and I have to pretend to be "his" boyfriend. However, our funny campus life is not as peaceful as it seems, somethings strange and creepy happen now and then......

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I don't know but, it is still classified as some sort of Boy's love aint it? Since his body is just reformed to a girls like. He probably starts develoving females characteristics but as for the gonad, sex reproduction will stay the same since he was not born with a female anatomy reproduction which have ovum, uterus, and vagina. They probably can do the surgery and makes it looks like vagina, but either way, it is not the real one which have its real functiom except for urinating. So he is basically stays as a infertile male with female appearance. Better die i guess. He will soon starts to develop interests towards male, just like female does from the hormones effect, but it still can't change the fact if he can no longer have decendant.
Anand Singh: that is dark
ユリハジメ: Right..
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Overlord Anonymous
fhakking hell. I salute to the trio. not only loyal till the end, but they actually able to tell the true colors of that psycho thot. truly the most noble of souls are found in the most unexpected of places
Marthina: Very rare you say
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Rey Seva
I remembered when i onced asked my ex gf of whats the feeling of having a period.. She said its like taking a pee and if its on jer cramps.. I really felt sorry because its really painful to see her in pain.. Damn.. It still hurts eventhough she already has a cute baby boy.. I still cant get her off my head after almost 9yrs..i only hope to wish her well..
the queen of hell😈: well actually it's just bloody hell so.🤷
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