My Dr. Boyfriend

Migu Digital Media
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Update on Tue
He is a tall, handsome and wealthy 27-year-old predecessor of the company as well as an engineering doctor living in the U.S. for many years...hang on? Are you talking a man in visual world or something? But who will expect such a "perfect" man can be really annoying because he lacks of the "common sense" as a human being!

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well the ml is way too naive even though he is smart he lake communication but I feel like he started to depend on her an don't like to talk with other well I also can't wait to see his reaction but I have a little bit hint that he will say I don't mind and in reality he will jealous from inside don't mind me if my comment u irrigate
Can someone explain to me why the words represent those numbers or something? I don't get it.
Kurique Sharesias: Oh....
Anisa Arobi sneha : the number are the dates of those events
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Elthon Dumapit Francisco
With his different way of thinking, I'm excited for a different reason compared to everyone else. Like, will he let this random stranger dance with her? Both have yet to show SOME interest after all.

Annoying sis in law alert!
Chris Evans 💓: no no I'm not 😂
just a reader wandering around the comics.
I dunno anything about this sorry
Elthon Dumapit Francisco: Oh? Could you be a raw/novel reader perhaps? Can I ask for spoilers? Like how long till the romance or the shipping fuel/flirting starts?
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