My Dr. Boyfriend

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He is a tall, handsome and wealthy 27-year-old predecessor of the company as well as an engineering doctor living in the U.S. for many years...hang on? Are you talking a man in visual world or something? But who will expect such a "perfect" man can be really annoying because he lacks of the "common sense" as a human being!

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It's fine if people want to split the bill but he's the one who invited her to help him familiarise himself with the place. The least he could do is take care of food and transport. AND What assistance job is to carry his bag?! He should start being independent himself if his criteria in woman is that.

Don't get me wrong, I also find myself getting interested in their development later on.
In western cultures, it’s common to pay for your own when dining with other people, even if the other person invited you, unless he/she expressly said that they’ll treat you for dinner. Besides, she’s an assistant, how can she even demand from her boss to treat her like a lady... properly in his eyes, that’s just what she is “an assistant” regardless of whether male or female.
A Syasa: In my company.. The boss paid because it's for staff meal.. And usually we go with all of the staff and the boss treats/paid.. If just 2 person the boss and the staff, might have to paid individually or the boss treat personally.. Which is not so appropriate and not nice to other staff.. So usually the boss will eat with their close friends or family..
Cherry: In some Asian ppl , we do pay separate even eating with boss
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I think it's normal for a man to only pay his own dish. Women should be independent, moreover the women in this story is just an assistant and he is the boss. It's okay if the man want to pay for both, but it s also okay to pay 1.
well said this bcz I am a woman too.
Rhine Mihn: There is nothing wrong with the superior paying especially when it is a forced work function. My point is her logic and rational is flawed by calling it a date
She took the kids: Feminist alert *ps I'm a girl to*
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