My Dr. Boyfriend

Migu Digital Media
Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
This is the first time to see a ml behaving like this, n its not a bad thing, I pretty much like his behavior n attitude towards everything its cool n level minded n well thought out. The only thing he needd to work out is how to pick up on other feelings but I really do like him.
Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
Ammmmm, just like that u make an extravagant get away with a girl n say u don't have feelings for her, u must be lying to yourself dude.
Things r really getting interesting
dont say the words if its not the end,
you will know what the right time comes

you even know you did not love her now but tomorrow when you wake up your heart must be pound when you thinking of her....
badump badump
mysterious silvia
we will wait till there is another male lead then and see if you love her or not
i really like this story. its unique and not other stories that some freaking CEO and then hurting the girl. not unlike here thats so refreshing, the girl has really witty and have common sense and really using her brain. but i really wish that update will be faster. i wanna read more of the chaptersss
BezarKy: *is really witty
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Laze ~♥~Mrcs
i dont know the definition of love but i kno it is not love😏😏😏man you got some words
Debaleena Dutta
wow ... what's that straight forward answer... but I also admit ... like and love are 2 different things
😍😍😍😍😘😘PH: alot dear sisterly brotherly for mom friends and specially a romantic love
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oh ghadddd update please😚😚this manga is totally making me crazyyy
Laze ~♥~Mrcs
so dense😌😌he is already asking for a date
I'm still awake waiting for today's epusode
comic lover
where is today updates... I want crazy updates
it looked like he was giving food to a beggar
he's such an iceberg it gonna melt or not 🙄🙄😹
Kunntull Cunkjeas II
translate indonesia pleeasee.....
he like her.omggg shooo cute!!!
Rio Beatrice
when is the next chapter?
Enaj Duding
he's just dense to the max!!!!
arata yuki
his character is just realistic, but still i am annoyed with him. i hate this kind of male..ewww..just get clear about what u want..
Debaleena Dutta
hmm ...
getting interesting
That's right Doc. It's too early for you to fall in love and this is just episode 28. We'll wait until you fell in love and with your rival 😂
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