Wrong Side of Town
Romance / Mystery

Wrong Side of Town

Cindy Spencer Pape
Wrong Side of Town
61.2K views 538 likes
Wrong Side of Town Novel Online. Zach Shannon is back in town, and tiny Hawthorne, Texas will never be the same. When the local military hero comes home and starts working for his father, the sheriff, one of his first cases is a string of minor fires that everyone seems to blame on a handful of teens from the wrong side of town. Even worse, Zach is rapidly falling for Laney Burroughs, a quiet librarian whose Goth nephew is the suspected ringleader. Their attraction deepens, but both have too many responsibilities and too much baggage to make it easy, especially with Zach’s wealthy family, Laney’s nephew, and the entire town looking on.

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Marie Fawcett
these just for points comments are rude AF
This seems it's written structurally better than some of her other books.

Also don't read it if you are here for points. Just leave the page open and walk away from your phone. Don't be that douche. Just because you prefer picture books (because you find it harder to read a written book where you have to use your imagination which then requires brain power and brain cells that you don't seem to have) does not make it ok for you to disregard this authors hard work with your rudeness.
Brooke Marie: Ok we all just need to calm down *enters crazy tik tok lady: “no Karen go back home and rest!”
nnioop nnioop: *Ramle Rana
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Daisy Azam 🌼👧
Hey!"Just for points" over there,I read manga only for it's romantic plot,not for it's story.But novels have their own life.Every word takes me to fantasy. Every letter introduces me to a new world.I can peak in to the author's mind. Not everyone can understand literature.
Daisy Azam 🌼👧: I also find it too difficult to read some historical,ancient times mangas cause they have a lot of characters and much more description.
Anime_lover_45: tbh not my favorite comic it confuse my mind and i forget the characters thats is why i hat books or mangas thas seitch perspectives
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the one who scroll up and down and read other people's comment to kill time and get the points come here and sit next to me ( i don't want to sit alone)
Lyric Waters: top sis is doing that to no pictures no reading
nusrat binte: 😁😁😁 yes yes im also here
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