Wrong Side of Town
Romance / Mystery

Wrong Side of Town

Cindy Spencer Pape
Wrong Side of Town
Marie Fawcett
these just for points comments are rude AF
This seems it's written structurally better than some of her other books.

Also don't read it if you are here for points. Just leave the page open and walk away from your phone. Don't be that douche. Just because you prefer picture books (because you find it harder to read a written book where you have to use your imagination which then requires brain power and brain cells that you don't seem to have) does not make it ok for you to disregard this authors hard work with your rudeness.
Brooke Marie: Ok we all just need to calm down *enters crazy tik tok lady: “no Karen go back home and rest!”
nnioop nnioop: *Ramle Rana
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I think you should had it end where she had a pair of twins a boy and girl
UP set
PEOPLE. we don’t care if you’re here for the coins. maybe try showing gratitude to the author for sharing her amazing work. maybe then we’ll start showing interest.
Merry Lee

Edward Lancer
sigh~, do u all have to say something that may discourage the author / hurt him.

what bullies,,,,
Maria Claire
This type of novel is really my cup of tea however the perfectionist inside of me can’t shrug off the lapses of the author in her tenses...😶
I'm here for the point.....
Comic Lover
my real name is Ume Habiba
💖note for you💖
I like this story but im scared o noooo!!!!
Ronisha Ronisha: like this story but im scared
Ronisha Ronisha: like this story but im scared
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Crystal Bang
any BTS ARMY here?
Crystal Bang: oh no.. i'm only asking for BTS ARMY not other k-group hehe. it's RM of BTS. and i know some of got7 but mostly just their groupname 😅
Saeng il chugha haeyo 💖(Angel sect Mini Elder🌈): I also like them Jackson And Mike💖💖
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Fayiza Rahimeen
Ad0ree Kxylaa
Author Chrissy
This story is getting interesting.. I don't like to read novels cause they are so addictive.. You did great, Author!! But, it's not you, it's me. Scared to read novels but like to write it.. I am really scared of getting addicted again, so I am gonna leave.. 😁😁
Author Chrissy : ?????
Emmanuel Onuorah: just like that
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Mikelowen Lowen
Nice story.
this is not boring it is kind of reading a book
just keep your imagination open
Rezouana Ahasan Ritu
I accidentally waste my ten points on this stupid novel... For scrolling down too much
Arnold Hassan: come on😂😂😂😂😂
Arnold Hassan: come on😂😂😂😂😂
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Ade Ola
Ade Ola: you welcome
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Edward Lancer
hei, mind your manners. u all wanna brag how dirty your attitudes are?
shameful, folks like you are all murderer!
Edward Lancer: go on, its funny how you got insulted by a comment which indirectly said ' don't bully the author '.
black anime: mind your manners people might report you
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