Boys’ Love

Totally Captivated

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The mafia threatens Ewon into working for a loan shark, where he's forced to run dangerous errands for no pay.
The culprit who doomed Ewon to this life is none other than Jiho, Ewon's jealous ex who still burns at Ewon's infidelity.
Their gang leader Mookyul, with movie-star good looks and the bizarre, drunken habit of biting people on the neck,
takes a keen interest in his attractive new errand boy.

Will Ewon be able to survive the violent underworld (not to mention the constant sexual harassment) he must endure as an underling of Mookyul?
This funny, hip title by Hajin Yoo will thrill and amuse fans with plenty of intense boys love action.

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Boys’ Love
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Thanks you so much dear author for such a captivating story. It was so funny and emotional at the same time. This is a gem which I shall keep and read when I am sad. Would love if u could give us a little glimpse of their after life.....a couple of yrs later when our hero is the big boss and our sweet boy is a big officer. Thanks again for the beautiful illustrations and gripping story line and the most important such handsome characters with strong personalities. Thank you
Blueberrycheesecake: There totally captivated side story...30chapters....ENJOY
Dakota Carroll: Dear Author, please write a sequel! I loved this story so much!
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if i'm Ewon, i would reply back, "have i ever told u to abandon everyone? do i need to repeat myself again? i said i'm fine if both of u are just father and son didn't i? all u have to do is just show it to me and not just push me aside telling me to do my own stuff, then being all secretive whenever the old man comes to visit u. And when i'm back and i see the old man, u won't tell me anything after the old man leaves. u know the old man dislikes me and u just won't take the initiative to at least try to make your explanation clear".
Mils Pen
Curse Alert 🚨 If you don’t post this thing in 5 other manhua then your parents are going to die in 5 years. I’m really really sorry to do this to you. I was forced to do this too. I’m not superstitious or anything but I really really really really love and care about my parents. Plz don’t be angry.
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