Boys’ Love

Totally Captivated

Yim Auro
for me it's good for Ewon who was truth from his side he loved Eun heartly but mookyul tried to still lie him. and also I want to say I don't blame eun fully cause it's only for Ewon Eun get beaten up by teacher and left everything then he got new life and even also shit fruit who don't have shame play with kid's mind.
I have mixed feelings now I can't express it very I am feeling just bad right now for both of them
Irene Thangkapzoi
😭😭😭😭😭😭i am so touched..... Happily ever after........ I wish its would occur in reality..... Or rather🤗 in my life...... But in a proper gender system..... I wish I could find a man who truly loves me like 'Boss'🤗🤗🤗untill then ill just fall in love with the person in my imagination.... 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Gladys Velazquez
loves every crunching moment of this bl manga .. even if made me cry scream my fujoshi heart out hide at my job to be able tp get my fix .. the writer know how to keep every waking moment of of fujoshi bl loving girls out here captivated... no pun intended 🤓🤓
Dana Bungay
ive been reading this again and i just thought

i think with eun and the old man.. eun is the catcher..
and now he has ewon and eun now ewon is the catcher

ewon being a natural pitcher is now a catcher..
Ethan Lay
If I was him
I will leave that place and live a normal person and normal job.
Because the old man don’t like me and yeah I don’t like that boss place too.its so dangerous and serious.Like you can’t image when you gonna die in seconds.
kim el: yeah i'm with you
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ofcourse.... what did you expect....
your dirt know how to survive...but he doesnt....
everything he has was credit to that old phedo perv......
hes nothing but a pretty face without the old man....
and hes socio emotionaly a retard....with anger management issues.
he won't survive if he abandoned his current lifestyle
Bindu Yadav
Woah!this manga was best God it made me cry it made me laugh and told me that boy's love is best
congratulations to the writer and thanks for writing this
I was Totally Captivatd
Cecille Perandos: Wtf!! Tapos na sya. Noooooo 😂😂😂😂
Omgosh! I can't get enough of this
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*dies without yaoi*
I haven’t commented anything under this manga but I feel like I should now. This manga brought chills down my spine. This is one of the best if not the best I’ve read ever. The story brought so much of everything. Happiness & excitement, sadness & heartbreak, seriousness, & Comedy. I felt so completely captivated by this. I really wish there will be an anime on this or maybe even another story on the continuation of their life later. It ended so soon but it was ended in such a beautiful way. I’m still crying about it. Anyways, the author did such an amazing job and I wish I had such a talent to capture so many hearts through only such a story.
Mik mik: if you know the author of this bl give him/her my love buddy😭😭😭😭😭I m wooo touched I can't stop crying that it ended so soon but with a really happy I love author for this work😭😭😭😭😭
Raiyah Ahsan: soo truee!!
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and the cat finally got out of the bag.
well it's better to learn the ugly truth revealed from the source than to live in doubts and suspicion.

hurt by the revelation, you could only think of getting even with the source of your grief... I don't blame you ewon.

oh how I cried when I first read tgis in BW @ mangago..
Aesteno 🌈
I really like it and the open ending is ok but I think that we didn't rlly get the true ending with the old man. I mean wth happened, did he adopt him? Where does boss works now? Aside from that I really like this story and I think I will be coming back many times :))
BTW if someone is sad bc this ended I can recommend The greatest villain, it's really good yaoi.
Gladys Velazquez
im at work reading this hiding in the bathroom clucthing my fujoshi heart n screaming with my eyes 👀larwd why did i open this at this time when i can't act the part.
uh oh . here comes the misunderstanding .. but Ewon doesn't remember what happened after you beat the hell out of him
spooky antics
Man, Ewon is a really good guy... Love seeing him defend Jiho in that situation. Mook, sweety, lighten up a little lmao
the part where Ewob looks so pitty and envious .. soooo cute ! 😍😍

oh . its my first time seing girls in this story 😅
its so hard to prevent myself to scream when they kiss ! 😍😍😍

oh masculine part of his heart is so so so hahaha 😂😂😂
Mookyul 😟😟😟 so he really goes through a lot.

but the part when he bumped his' head really makes me laugh 😂
Gladys Velazquez
call for help i tru with this .. my fujoshi heart is done im done .. i quit boss .. my life has been a lie .. bl is my new life .. gone bye bye 😎😎
you idiot dont destroy yourself just because you've been heartbroken!!!!

youre still young and have a lot years to look forward too

your just gonna throw away everything youve work so hard for all these years??????
Afrojack Tras: ,we don't need your advice , think so u care about success and money father than someone u really love
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"not bad. no way, yours can't really be thatig. let me peek again." 😂😂😂 poor guards .
Irene Thangkapzoi
😂😂😂😂i just wanna say reading Bl is like reading a 1st rank comedy............ I just cant complete an episode without a good laugh
Crystal Foster: I feel the same way, I start reading them last week because they have me laughing so hard to where I have tears coming on each episode
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