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Totally Captivated

Mlts Melvs
Wow this story is amazing! No matter how many times I’ve read this story I still can’t get enough with it. Even though this is not a real story but for some reason I can relate to Ewon jung. It’s like his me but in a man version. Reading this story it’s like reading the me now. I’ve read so many manga story for the past 5 years till now but so far this is my favorite and number one of all . Thank you Author and to all the staff that made this story very interesting and wonderful to read:) please make some more Ty again!
Ya Ti
i think i had read this comic somewhere before but i don't remember it correctly might be on u tube i guess.. i did'nt notice it until i read chp 86.... this comic has 100+ chp now i know... i think i not read this comic until the last chp coz it's uploaded on u tube i guess i juz skipped to another chp...😊😊😊... tht why i felt something familiar when i read this comic a few days a ago.... sorry for the late noticing it...😁😁😄😄
Kia Alka: yeah me too 😎 thanks to translator
Deeksha nimu: it was on mangago with the djs
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Hannah Mcquaide
For a relationship that’s just starting it seems to
That at some point you would see them start treating each other better or at least trying to trust each other I guess I can understand where the whole like this is basically my relationship except mine is with a man and my last relationship was with a woman so I understand where she is he is coming from but it just seems redundant
I read it long time ago xD.
...but... why is it colored?? I don't think it was colored... did the author do the coloring or Mangatoon??? .. maybe because of nostalgia...I can't say I am fan of this coloring version... but the toon format is nice.
PatientShiranui: Read this a long time ago too, it's one of my favorites.
The coloring is really odd it looks like they used the multiply setting for a brush in photoshop over the original lisenced art and didn't get rid of the gray scale toning from the panels.
Kelly-Anne Lefever: i agree read this a while ago and not a fan of it in colour x
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This is really worth it, I spend a lot of tickets until I have 43 left but I didn't regret it!!
Its really good 😭😭
Such a good comic!!
It really make me sad, angry, and finally happy
I love this so much!!
PatientShiranui: You can read this comic free under the same name on any manga site. Just now colored over.
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Yo! What you getting mad for Jiho?! This is technically your fault! He has been doing everything he can to try ad getting back with you but you just had to go and be an asshole. Forget Jiho and go with Mookyhl
Miss Pony: yeah but jiho still wrong.. how many times he do that with that boss.. he kinda selfish
Christina Foster: True but he’s also got no idea what the f*** is going on here
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life mixed death
*touches his balls*
Mookyul: hey not bad, not bad😏😏😏
* comes closer*
Mookyul: let me peek again
the other guys: well....this is really akward for us😓😓😓
Lisa Budhu
this bl comic is so funny and Interesting. when I read girl and boy love story the girl is always misunderstood, mistreated and abused. how come the boys are always treated so good and the girls so bad?
Stephanie: i think it is to get your atenson
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Selenitha Ramirez
what why is this locked?
it's an old manga that's been out for years already why lock it?
Jean Kim: maybe bcz it is coloured?? i read it a long time ago but it was all black and white
🌸Fairy Tail 🕊: yeah you can read everywhere and this manga it's already complete actually
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mermaids summer
who wants to gang up and kill the chairman and that dude cause the made my ewon cry like u dont do to my baby 🔫 🔫 🔫 😭😭😭
I play games: Where did all of my traditional family weapons go all of a sudden? I'll go find it
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why would a sugar daddy suddenly give up on his boy? and still gives him power n control of his mafia and spend tons of monies on him dont make sense. mayb sugar daddy will harm ewon? otherwise how the story continue?
Lisa Budhu
you guys made me laugh, cry, angry and made me jealous of how much the two of you like to rub it in on us singles.

thank you for these feeling and thank you author for giving us such a good comic. keep up the good work
Katie Hoang
Waitttttttt are they all guys?!? I thought the person with the pink hair was a girlll
Sangita Das: same😂😂😂😂
Jocelyn Allen: OMG same! 🤣
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Kaleigh Flowers
This is not sad for him! He should have chosen Ewon but he refused to let go of that twisted relationship so now he has to deal with that shitty decision. This is more sad for Ewon. 😭😢😵😷
aymen rizwan: if you think about it. the only way he is filthy rich is because of that old man and if he cut ties with him completely then he will become penniless and can't even give him or ewon a good life but I do agree with u
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Omg!! Love it!! I just wish it had more episodes!! Would had love to know more about their relationship?? And if Ewon would had confronted his mother?? Author this can be season 2 😄.. Loved your work!!
Kaleigh Flowers
NOOO! Ewon pls just move on. If Mokyul can't let go of the pervy old man then he's not worth your time. Don't go down a dark path because of him!
Buttsex Delivery Co.
"I don't want some stinkin homophobe to buy me a drink!" *flips the bird

Maria: haha relatable
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Tyease Miller
literally been binge reading this whole thing .. I'm a girl and super straight and I freaking love this .. Keep up the great work author , your amazing
Angelica Arguelles: Same 😍😍😍
Njw Zhri: me too. it just irresistible
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Maha Reira Sora
While reading his house by the same author of totally captivated I was thinking that it would've been nice if totally captivated was also colored like his house since it's made by the same author little did I know their really was a colored version damn.
PatientShiranui: It's just being colored over. It's from the manhwa era before coloring was a popular thing to do.
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