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Jessie Morine
Jiho, don't regret your own actions. If this is just for getting back at Ewon for what he did, I think you're hurting yourself more in the process. 😟😟😟

Thisi my first BL. I dont know what to feel about it but so far the story is really interesting. I jave nothing against BL, so I'm okay reading this. I'm getting excited alover like a teenage gurl witha crush! These guys are way tooooo cuuuttee! (fans self) 😍😍😍
Jessie Morine
He can be merciful but you don't dare want to go beyond his kindness.

Now YOU have pissed the Great Ewon. Face the consequences.

Actually I still find him kind. 🤔 He gave them 3 days, I bet others would just give him until tomorrow. 😆😆😆

He's so cool whe he threatened those scum!
Jessie Morine
Oh I really love the part when Mookyul and the others arrived. Ewon was like: "I'm saaaavveeeddd!!" And he turned all crybaby and stuff. hahaha!

The Big Bros are so cool too! Organ selling, hahahaha that really made my day! 😂😂😂

Ewon can be so cool if he really wanted too.
..this has become even more stupid...
(if u guys don't know what I mean, its that Ewon-kun could've just explained what happened to him in the past so that Mookyul-san can understand how Ewon-kun truly feels.. damn they r just one great piece of work (´-ι_-`))
J: But his past has nothing to do with it. Ewon isn’t exactly wrong. It’s just both sides have its own circumstances. Much like how some people can’t understand Mookyul’s point of view, It’s the same for Ewon’s. When you gave yourself away to your SO, would you want to share your partner with someone else? No, right? They both are just very obsessive and possessive in the most pure and sincere way. If that makes sense lol.
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This is one of the BEST mangas I have ever read. Thank you authornim. it brought out so many of my feelings, happiness, sadness,confusion,understanding. I learned a lot from this manga which I needed to know. Sangcheol's advice about parent and child relationship, I really needed to hear that. I really love everything and despite some translation mistakes, it doesn't matter because the message got across. LOVE YA🥰
if i'm Ewon, i would reply back, "have i ever told u to abandon everyone? do i need to repeat myself again? i said i'm fine if both of u are just father and son didn't i? all u have to do is just show it to me and not just push me aside telling me to do my own stuff, then being all secretive whenever the old man comes to visit u. And when i'm back and i see the old man, u won't tell me anything after the old man leaves. u know the old man dislikes me and u just won't take the initiative to at least try to make your explanation clear".
Torodoki: @TabiDoll lmao 😂 truuuu
Tabi Doll: i agree but this mookyul is being a dumbass too.... seriously
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Jessie Morine
Snicker* Ewooonn you better be careful or else Boss might get the wrong impression.

"Did you just make a pass at me" - yess he totally did! 😁😁😁

After all you are curious of how amazing his body is... lol! 😈😈😈
I don’t think Ewon wants to meet his parents tho he got left behind plus FKN OLD MAN PIECE OF SH** KEEPS TAKING HIM AWAY THEREFORE GIVING FOXY THE WRONG IDEA MOTHERTRUCKER
Jessie Morine
Ewon, your curiosity knows no bound! 😅

Of all the time to indulged your curiosity, you chose the moment when thongs are in a pile of shit between you and Jiho. 😯
Jessie Morine: Things* 😅😅😅 typos
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J Kalama
I know ewon is trying to make mookyul feel what he feels but using someone with feelings for you like a rebound is not ok ! you are prancing around someone's heart with no intention of picking up the pieces ! no no no !
Thanks you so much dear author for such a captivating story. It was so funny and emotional at the same time. This is a gem which I shall keep and read when I am sad. Would love if u could give us a little glimpse of their after life.....a couple of yrs later when our hero is the big boss and our sweet boy is a big officer. Thanks again for the beautiful illustrations and gripping story line and the most important such handsome characters with strong personalities. Thank you
Blueberrycheesecake: There totally captivated side story...30chapters....ENJOY
Dakota Carroll: Dear Author, please write a sequel! I loved this story so much!
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OH HELL NAW HES A KIDNAPPER get it hes a kid - napper meaning hes a kid AND HE LOVES TO SLEEP hahaha wait.. WHY ARENT YOU LAUGHING?!
Ikena_Yan99: oh I'm laughing alright, cuz I feel bad for u XD
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omg this is driving me crazy Ewon is so mad he looks so sexy because he is being like a bad boy , but that slap omg the tension is killing me i'm about to pass out
They both are deep on love with eachother but they agreed that this relationship won't be anything serious but watch them get married in the end
Dude, you misunderstood him again! 😬 Been re-reading this story for a few times in months now but yeah, the feels.
Pearl Princess
so, guys a quick question.. :BESIDE ME WHO ELSE THINKS THIS IS GONNA B A BADASS SHIP? that NEVER BREAKS???? like if u agree n like if u don't 😂😂😂😎😎😎🙂
Mils Pen
Curse Alert 🚨 If you don’t post this thing in 5 other manhua then your parents are going to die in 5 years. I’m really really sorry to do this to you. I was forced to do this too. I’m not superstitious or anything but I really really really really love and care about my parents. Plz don’t be angry.
GluelessGacha: And what does manhua mean
GluelessGacha: What if I don’t post it
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Jessie Morine
"Yours can't really be that big, Let me take a peek"

Ahahaha! Boss what got you so curious?!? 😂😂😂
I love Korean gangster can I not love this manga..and it's yaoi to top that .
He shouldn't have quited after all, isnt it nice to feel like you have a big family who supports you?
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