Totally Captivated
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Totally Captivated

Totally Captivated
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Sakumira Agashi
Is it bad that from the moment the old man told him to stand up, I'd already expected a slap?
Maryza Zain: Nah I did to
Manny Latyal: I did too🥱
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°li'l Panda°
Translation to the last line readers "Go ahead and study while I study your body" lmao
Magnolia de Belen: kyack kyack kyack 🤣
MonFreak : How did you know 😱
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Blink 4 life 🖤💖
They should've went to his mother and bragged about how ewon is in a happy relationship 😫❤
°li'l Panda°
How you gonna say shit like that Mook? you gonna dump his ass once you get tired of him? that was real low man
VampireRose: Yeah how could u do something like that to my little angel(Ewon)
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Alyssa Mae Silencio
This so beautiful, tbh since I can't stop reading I just keep on reading I didn't expect its already finished hole their will a season 2 😭😭😭
Maimoona Tahira: what happens in it?
Mei Aihara: It have a season 2 but idk where it goes
I already read season 2 but I didn't see season 2 again
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shaima Balgaith
Who is rereading it again?Because we Ship this couples so much and love this comic
Weirdo101: I’ve reread this comic so many times and I still feel like I’ve read it for the first time each time
BDean2: Right! I’ve read this a dozen times on another app! It’s one of my favorite yaoi that has a great storyline and great depth in content & context! I LOVE IT! 😍💯🧡
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I loved the bodyguards reactions
~{CøökiėLøvër_1024}~: Same🤣 I wished I could be the bodyguard 😆😆😆
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Manga lover
awww...... this one was whole cute...... making me feel all like " God why am I still single"
Maryza Zain: This is a fact
funny life: and me thank God I am single
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Cryptic AMVs
my heart😭 my emotions were played with through the whole story but now I'm so happy😭😭💕💕💕💕💕💕
Cristaly me
I don't know what the hell is going on but I just come from skipping thuns of episodes
Jennifer Smith: 😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️😭😭
Luisa Mérida: SAME AHHAAHHA i couldn’t wait to see them together so
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Gvanca Makaridze
Im literally so pissed at Mookyul rn, he’s not a object, u dont own him ughhhh.
Lan Yui: IKR people just defend mookyul because he’s the ml and apparently everything bad will be dismissed because of that
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°li'l Panda°
Mookyul your being selfish. for once think about someone else other than your self
xaamii: that's right that's right
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°li'l Panda°
Mookyul, you son of of a dog. don't be doing shit like this. You'll only end up pushing him away even more.
Manga lover
The position they slept in..... all hugging each other........ I got jealous........ well I'm straight
i.cried.when.ace.died: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Manga lover: what??
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urine aoi
we can understand that u are angry but because of your anger you are going to crush him.
°li'l Panda°
Those last words were touching! this was master piece author the comedy was real.
100 free Ads brought my ass to the ending 😂😂
Maimoona Tahira: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
i can relate
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shit this is the first time I'm crying because of a stroy in here.
Manga lover
TOTALLY CAPTIVATED......... I love it........ damn author..... You're great...... Hats off to you
Blink 4 life 🖤💖
wait.... but didn't jiho break up with ewon first and then ewon did it with someone else?
Maya Jordan: “We were on a break!” 😂
MonFreak : But they were in the middle of a fight at the time
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Snowy Rose
Yea Mookyul.You really look like a piece of chocolate with that hair.Can I take a bite?
Snowy Rose: I'll kill him if he dare.
Lan Yui: Of the hair? Sure 😂 he’ll probably cut your tongue though
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