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The Black Rose Petal

Shimmer Tides
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The story is about a girl having to find love. She is a school girl whit a dark past and lives on a rich family. The girl who is Lizzie tries to forget her past but something always makes it come back. Her both parents died, her mom died in a car accident and her dad died in a deadly disease. She is now on a family that has her little sister Amaya, big brother Alex, father Kai and mother Mandy.

Maid and butler clothes:
Maid’s have a dark blue dress up to their knees and a white apron and black shoes.
Butler’s have black pants and dark blue shirt whit a black jacket and black shoes(kinda like in black butler)


Lizzie has a black dress whit pink flowers in it and pink shoes. her hair is brown and long she has brown eye’s she is thin just for information.

Ayama has red hair is wearing orange shirt and jeans(denim) and red high heels.
Alex has white hair has a white suit and black shoes.

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Hi just wanted say as friend of The author. I know The UPDATE has Been talking a looooooong time but IT has Been sent to already but not but out here so yea. The Author has Been tryign to ask why IT has Been talking loong but there IS no ANWSWEAR so as a reader and a friend we have to wait. (like IT was sent like a month ago)
❀❥(。・ω・。)❥❀: i hope somebofy gets IT ;-;
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someone please answer me:
the novels here were from published novel by publisher? and this app got the copyright to publish them here?

the novels here came from online random writer who just wanted to publish the novel via this app?

because I'm kinda interesting to become an online writer and publish my stories here in this app...

reply to me
French fries vs Mary the painting: Well, I think MangaToon gets rights to publish novels and comics and have people translate them
❀❥(。・ω・。)❥❀: those novels and mangas are made for here like this novel IS My friends and she emailed them and sends The novels to them by Gmail. there should Be somewhere a Button reading become a writer and then there you can start you own novel i dunno If you understaded what i said but yea......
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i wonder when The next episode IS COMING🙌🤔🤔
Elena21: Thank you
❀❥(。・ω・。)❥❀: If you want to ok
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