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I Work For All

Onfire ACG
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In a reality that may not be too fat from our owns, everyone has a existing values. The value determines what a person can do, or can’t. When the value gets to zero, the government thinning program will automatically take away the person for the better use of the social resources. And our main hero, Sean Lee, finds himself stuck in this world. What’s more, he has no motivation to do anything…

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Boys’ Love
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Heart Alovelyz
that's it girls please lend me your strength I'm gonna commit a crime I think the government will forgive me since I'll kill White
Lotus and the gang: hands Heart Alovelyz a katana
me-"go and forfill your duty...remember to..
i LOVE reading anime °∆°: yessss kill that ho*
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I believe White is so lonely and does love Nilson he just got jealous and took things too far. I also believe Nilson already knows why white was hurt doesn't need to question it and doesn't care to, because his boy got hurt in the process of working for him. I want White to have somebody who will love and charish him.
Sun_Ray: More than i want him to find someone one that loves him, i wish he loved hiself!
taniya m: yeah I somehow agree with you. I pity him 🙀 I hope he won't do any stupid things in future and be a good boy and find his happiness
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I really feel bad for White. Having a crush like that for a long time, finally getting close then...gone. It must hurt. But still, he shouldn’t have hurt someone like that either. I kinda wish someone would come along to save White and change him, somehow. It’s sorta a long shot. But hey! Everyone can change♥️
Park NamByul: Finally some who thinks like me!
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