I Work For All
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I Work For All

Onfire ACG
I Work For All
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I Work For All Comics Online. In a reality that may not be too fat from our owns, everyone has a existing values. The value determines what a person can do, or can’t. When the value gets to zero, the government thinning program will automatically take away the person for the better use of the social resources. And our main hero, Sean Lee, finds himself stuck in this world. What’s more, he has no motivation to do anything…

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Boys’ Love
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Killer Death
YOU ARE SO DEAD!!ILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP AND KEEP YOUR INSIDE AND SKIN YOU WHILE I BURN YOUR BONE TILL THERES NOTHING LEFTED OF YOU!!!*Smiles sweetly*Or you can back off and you'll live a happy life with someone else so try me is you want to and you'll never see sunlight again the only light youll see I when your dead day i killed you and you'll be going to hell where ill see you again and ill Torture you over and over until im tired of you
Verka: nice comment
alexa: that a little to harsh
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𝚞𝚛 𝚌𝚞𝚝𝚎 𝚘𝚠𝚘 💕
Awee.... The end?! Ugh... But I'm so happy on how the story ended. I loved that Sean and Louie is together... I- Plus... I ship White and Ma together. So please, I will read the story of The White Snake and The Cunning Fox story. Don't ask why I said those words. I feel happy. I feel happy that they got the ending they have. It's beautiful. Thank you author for this magnificent story you provided us.

It's fantastic.
there are 5 step before i read this story first I installed the manga toon,second I hesitated to download this story,third as im reading this story I feel like this story is very interesting,fourth as im reading this story i feel like I am not going to sleepp anymore because of louie and sean, and fifth I CRIED,I LAUGHED AND ALSO shiver and shudder to them both but the end of the day I AM VERY GRATEFUL THAT I READ THIS STORY BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH AT FIRST I HESITATED TO READ THIS,AND NOW IM SPEECHLESS(DID'NT RECOVER FROM REASING IT)......AHHHHHAHHHHAHHH,THANK YOU AUTHOR FOR THIS WONDERFUL STORY,I WILL NEVER FORGET SEAN AND LOUIE (STORY)....
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