That Girl is Weird
Romance / Adventure

That Girl is Weird

That Girl is Weird
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Update on Tue
That Girl is Weird Comics Online. Five minutes before her alleged death:
"It's lonely living here. Since you are here, lie down for me, girl."
Do you think this is the end? No, her story with her "Mr. Body-Sharing Ghost" just began.

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Hottest Comments
Someone should slap her face off! That bubblegum haired girl sitting over there really needs to get karma!

Like she saved you twice the most you could do is stop framing her! Like srsly not gonna lie if I was the female lead I would’ve just left her with the gluttony god.

She’s so ungrateful for everything our female lead has done to help and save her. But what does she do in return she frames her and gets people to bully her. Like wtf the most you could do is to let her get through her school life peacefully and let her not get bullied for your bad deeds...
maaaaan why do you have to be such a big hearted person desu I so wanted her to be eaten desu

oh well at least you set her in her place desu
Blue: oh tnx .
hope you guys have a fun time. bye
Lan Yui: Yep.
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Goshhh...Su Xi sacrifice herself for you TWICE and that's what you do? That's really unbelievable...If it weren't for Su Xi you would have been already dead! First she took a hit for you and got injured then fight that big monster just to save your life despite everything you've done!... I can't-
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