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That Girl is Weird

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Once a glamorous daughter of the city’s richest family, falls from grace. What’s more, she even falls off a building…the story doesn’t end just there. Even though her brain splashes everywhere on the street, her new life just starts.

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Reujin Paul Phoenix
I think its purple hair glasses guy because he was the first one who got in the labyrinth and he got out of the labyrinth before su xi and he was hurt but not killed that means that it was su xi's power that hurt him and su xi's power only hurt the monster in the labyrinth and the monster said that he fell in love with su xi but that was the first time that su xi has entered the labyrinth which means the monster must have been one of the male contestants because theres only two girls in the contest i think and the pink girl didnt even know there was a moster and she came out first and the cyan hair guy came out second that means they were not in the labyrinth when su xi faught the monster .theres many hints on who the monster is am i right or am i right😏😏😏or.....
did i just say too many stuff........??😂🤣😅
Eren Jaegar: it green hair guy bro
Asmaa Kagome: yes I think the same
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Raised by wolves
First panel😂😂
Its just like me when my friend asked me a boy whom I like and then I answered her for too months and I'm a little bit close to a boy when we were grade 3 teased him until grade4 and then I looked at him and answered her and then the girl next to
Her'ed all and at recess time they made me bump to him and teased us and talled him and I was a little bit sad inside until now im grade 5 sometimes I avoid him but....

Next year Mabey I will move to manila bcuz of that I will miss my only bff and only friend and him I promised I will remember him and I will meet him again....... If
William Cruz
So let ne get this straight. Pink attacks with her most powerfull move and does no damage. He barely does anything and she gets her butt handed to her on a silver platter. THEN shes given the chance to live, but she ignores it and attacks him again even after her big attack did nothing. Shes kind of dumb. If she were to enter an olympic version of jumping to conclusions, she would get gold as well.
William Cruz: because she hasn't done much else except for jumping to conclusions when she has screen time.
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