The Great Ruler
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The Great Ruler

The Great Ruler
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The Great Ruler Comics Online. The Great Thousand World. It is a place where numerous planes intersect, a place where many clans live and a place where a group of lords assemble. The Heavenly Sovereigns appear one by one from the Lower Planes and they will all display a legend that others would desire as they pursue the road of being a ruler in this boundless world. In the Endless Fire Territory that the Flame Emperor controls, thousands of fire blazes through the heavens. Inside the Martial Realm, the power of the Martial Ancestor frightens the heaven and the earth. At the West Heaven Temple, the might of the Emperor of a Hundred Battles is absolute. In the Northern Desolate Hill, a place filled with thousands of graves, the Immortal Owner rules the world. A boy from the Northern Spiritual Realm comes out, riding on a Nine Netherworld Bird, as he charges into the brilliant and diverse world. Just who can rule over their destiny of their path on becoming a Great Ruler? In the Great Thousand World, many strive to become a Great Ruler.

MangaToon got authorization from Xiaomingtaiji to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of The Great Ruler:
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Ambry Wiley

He managed to go in the 7th layer and broke the seal. Then, he'll saw what the White Dragon Sovereign have been through in the past. The White Dragon Sovereign will tell him his story and his only wish (which is he wishes to go back to his home). The White Dragon Sovereign will give him some spiritual power and he will use the thunder power to cultivate it. It took him five days cultivating it. The 7th layer will be sunny since he absorbed all the thunder there. The White Dragon Sovereign will give him a movement technique which is the Dragon Steps. Next, he will go to the 8th Layer and will meet an old man that is so powerful, a different level from them. And the old man seen through the bond between the Nine Nether Sparrow and Mu Chen. The old man will challege Mu Chen and Nine Nether Sparrow is temporarily stock. Mu Chen will then accept the Challenge. Continue reading the next episode.
Giya Ann Mathew: It wwaaawaqwaawaaaaaawa22 aw Qaa ewe wsswwwa22w22waw2wa2 we 2w2was2wqqwzqaaqaaqaaqqqwaqwaaawa2w2wwa
Atorx Uvakou: Because it’s short
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Atorx Uvakou
Me seeing: He was carrying her before falling on his back and it is shown he’s reaching the ground first while she’s falling toward him, which will land her on top of his stomach.

Next scene: she on her back on the group while he is on her crotch area.

Me: I have never seen such bullish!t before
Anima Messores
I hope he is a good character that realises the ideal way to do what he wants to accomplish is to team up with mc and not be stupid and try to betray him
Anima Messores: I know it won't happens I h
just would like to see it once
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