The Great Ruler
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The Great Ruler

The Great Ruler
Ambry Wiley

He managed to go in the 7th layer and broke the seal. Then, he'll saw what the White Dragon Sovereign have been through in the past. The White Dragon Sovereign will tell him his story and his only wish (which is he wishes to go back to his home). The White Dragon Sovereign will give him some spiritual power and he will use the thunder power to cultivate it. It took him five days cultivating it. The 7th layer will be sunny since he absorbed all the thunder there. The White Dragon Sovereign will give him a movement technique which is the Dragon Steps. Next, he will go to the 8th Layer and will meet an old man that is so powerful, a different level from them. And the old man seen through the bond between the Nine Nether Sparrow and Mu Chen. The old man will challege Mu Chen and Nine Nether Sparrow is temporarily stock. Mu Chen will then accept the Challenge. Continue reading the next episode.
Geli Barrora Avryl:
Geli Barrora Avryl: Want spoiler eh..

Mu chen defeated the heavenly evil deity and banished all extraterritorial race.. Great Thousand World became peaceful.. Mu chen had a daughter named Mu Yunxi.. After 27 years heaven declaration happen, 2 experts appear in the sky:
Xiao Yan and Lin dong.. With Mu chen they became the 3 guardians of Great Thousand World..
The end
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Atorx Uvakou
Me seeing: He was carrying her before falling on his back and it is shown he’s reaching the ground first while she’s falling toward him, which will land her on top of his stomach.

Next scene: she on her back on the group while he is on her crotch area.

Me: I have never seen such bullish!t before
Anima Messores
I hope he is a good character that realises the ideal way to do what he wants to accomplish is to team up with mc and not be stupid and try to betray him
Anima Messores: I know it won't happens I h
just would like to see it once
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oh come why don’t you do like another comic just 2 or 3 day i think i can wait but it 6day isn’t it too long also the story it not about to end why it take us wait so long please fix it. i beg you .
please i beg you upload story at lest 2 or 3 day i think it not too long but if still continue upload 6day it make us wake too long 1 week we can only watch 2 ep and wait for another week. i hope 🤞 you will fix it .
Fl:Of course he'll definitely win.
Side Character:How can you be so confident
Me: Cause he have the sturdiest armor the"plot armor"
Random Things: ..........
Shadowmaster: the author: *changes next episodes after reading this and making MuChen lose*
JOJO ON THE BEAT: *drops this manga*
me: Omg my forecast in comments happened
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john lim
so my analogy is :
luo Li got a great talent and can progress 10x faster than normal human

while mu chen has a great talent too but can only progress as a normal talented human being maybe around 4-5x faster than normal human.

so imo mu chen will never be able to match luo li unless he know how xiao yan learn to develop power. what a tough road these two have.
John Acidre: not really. he has powers that are sealed inside him to disguise him as a normal being for now. this speed of his is already a nerfed version of his true abilities which makes us wonder how fast could he been had his mother never did the seal.
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
good i just hope hes a real good ally now and dont do stupid tricks.. okay then lets go and proceed to the next spot!😍
Pandakick: Hi l'm Fanny! come fly with me💗
Marlon Orillo: i love you fanny😊
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Fadil Nazer
Embodiment of Thor indeed.... If he had a blond hair that would be nice
Fadil Nazer: My bad 😅🤭
Omega Man: in real mythology thor hair were red
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One of the few times an opponent has common sense in a Manhua
Snowy Rose
My mom did not taught me about listening to someone but I never say a word a listen to what my talkative friend while writing or do something.
The Black Wolf
wow, i didnt even realised i finished all episodes in three days. looks like i need to read other mangas
Red Moon: Yes please
Pandakick: i understand the pain man
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Kim Rae Jun
is it the MC from battle through the heavens or soul land cause they have mentioned the nine changes to become a saint
naykant mohanty: the from BTTH was mentioned in the first para in the first panel
same author
but the MCs are different
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i hate this the story is do intense but it only cameout after 6 days come on men show more👊👊
mickz11: nah I'm just saying bro that its too depressing to wait for another scene you misunderstood me bro
Aries: you don't hate the story then you hate the lack of consistency
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Make thor proud! thor is watching you young lads! show him what true thunder is! 😎
Atorx Uvakou
Most evil guy cliche line: “how about this: you leave that little missy with me ,and I’ll let the rest of you go.
Surinder Singh
You’re already dead! Sorry, it’s just your bad luck to come upon Mu Cheng and his lover! You’ll regret being mean to his lover! You just wait and see!😈😈
Leo Acer
Courting death eh? hehe im excited to see Mu Chen driven by his anger for provoking her "CutyPie"
I just got goosebumps. Can you imagine taking a a flute from a rotting corpse and then putting it to your mouth (or face in general)?😶
Keren Marshall
MAN ..... You pushed the wrong button.😳😳😳😳😳

Now you are going to die. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Keren Marshall: ☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️☠️☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️☠️☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻☠️👻
Shadowmaster: self destruction activated 01:30.......01:29......01:28...
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