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The Great Ruler

Omg she's our female lead right?? so pretty and I ship them 😍💙💙
Waffy the Panda
The girls are like Russia and USA. A cold war going on between them for MC (for Energy Market)
Salma Koshin: red head =Russia
blue head=USA
L1f354v3r5: that is the most accurate example I have ever heard on any story
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Waffy the Panda
Stop the fighting girls... there is enough MC for both of you ;)
Alex Gurrola: i sense a harem or am i wrong?
Humchei Peb: That’s deep.
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Guys watch him disappear and they go what where mu Chen?
andre moore: agree
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Ashani Mikunug
Thank you for the crazy update😘😘😘😭😭😭😭😭
Afiq Rahman
i feel sad for that mommy panther
Havoc's Dreams
breaking the 4th wall
Yojan Gc
what a winner in life lol
Alex Gurrola: lol got to love the last panel
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Jesh people write comments also I’m first again and he is so cool he can use the death seal

I ship him with that Lou pi girl so much she’s pretty and their story was so cute

I really don’t know what to say sorry for wasting your time on stupid stuff
Glad to be the first one to comment. :D I hope it can be longer though.
Craziie: Yeh asuna no point reading it here.
Jay Binn: I think they meant longer chapters.
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nur yan
argh too short story😢😢😢😢😢
Navajo Viking: What other sites? How far along are they?
Jay Binn: it's on other apps or sites where they are further along. just have to look for it.
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Emir Robusta Coffee
hahaha, what was that uncle Mu Chen's face? I almost thought he was one of the Bandits..
Jae Keung: This is spartaa
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Д. Тамираа
What the heck is he drawing
Randy Nguyen
Aren’t they in an age where electric fans weren’t made
Waffy the Panda: you must be fun at parties...
Danny Valerie: dont sweat the small stuff lmao
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Love you author and this manga it’s so great and so are you thank you so much 😊
what is spirit enchantment? whos sister of aunt jing? btw i read ln till ch 1000
Christina: Please
Christina: Tell me where to read
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Why does that Ape look like me in the last panel?😂
Stephen Selph
I dont think I have ever read something so short 😭😭
That poor panther I’m actually sad it was so cute

Rest In Peace little one
First yet again
i am not a FA may be you 😾: third
Anim3weeb: second
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