The Great Ruler
Action / Fantasy / Adventure

The Great Ruler

The Great Ruler
Atorx Uvakou
Picks up phone on vertical position and starts filming while shaking and shouting worldstar~
Shakespearean or yoda speak? Please make up thy mind translator! Confuzzled you’re making us.
Did someone notice avatar (I can't remember his name) from Avatar: the last Airbender (hope I wrote it right)
baby uwu: yeah I saw him and his name is ang
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i wonder what Mu Chen is gonna do with him... he will understand soom that he took a fight with the wrong guy
Random Things: After 6 days😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀💀
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When Sun'er Say The ''Wind Dragon Sky Shattering Array'' I heard Wendy's Voice
Aurturious Macclure: hahahahahha
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Death's Gate awaits
Is he also gonna have a master and a spirtual pet like from battle through the heaven and Wu Dong Qian kun
Marvin Datuin
but Thor is out of shape right now??
Merlin Hunter: you got that right
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💕erika reyes💕💞😍😘
uwuu now you mess with the wrong person and you touch the wrong person of hes beloved now your dead meat whahaahaha😈😈
yes he is a main character in the comic book didn't you know that????
Támàø Dïjêñ
Lost terribly challenging Li Xuan tong
Now he will also definitely lose terribly to Mu Chen
What a shameless trash
Combination Of The 3 Legendary Pokemon Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres
Walid Hwayji
why the update has become tooo slow ?
Xacori Briggs: oh shit thats insane
DLD Dinø: because they almost caught the raws
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lol dude dont test a guy who is firely jealous ohh i meant angry
Luv WanWan
even it's getting short but it's lucky to have it free and I love it
dont you dare speak ill to my girl
Rowan Bell: I just got up to date with a manga that the MC put many people through hell for trying to touch his girls. I like this.
Rashy Mafia: deep shit brah
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Atorx Uvakou
Got hurt? Make him a mummy that will heal him up.
Booty- Warrior: But of course W
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the black cat probably from fairy tale the on on De lower right
Clins Chacko: Bruh have you seen fairy tail?
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JB's Vlog
how to know where to start reading to the left or right?
Phoenix Gaming: Any Chinese/Korean character names/manhua/manhwa, read it left to right
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Death's Gate awaits
The first two dialogues that mu chen said in the first panel they fricking rhyme in the
the word "punk" is too much..don't you think so as well?
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