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Wu Dong Qian Kun

now tell me who was here for points but is obsessed with this manga cause I am 😅
V: me😂
ҜųЯ◊ ㄅ∑Я√∆мㄕ: ωℏᾰт !ṧ ℘✺!ℵтṧ ᾰℵᖱ ℏ✺ω т✺ ❡ḙт тℏḙՊ?
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Pandy Panda
it is wrong to marry ur sister but I mean she's adopted so it's not too bad right
V: but he already love someone else and already promise her
Anonymous: I agree let's make this ship happen
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Lucylu Smiths
Boy: wow pills!!! Im So Lucky!😃😄😄
Magical stone: um... Boy... 🤗This is my... ummm.. You know... sh*t☺️😑
Boy:...😳😳... You kidding... right?😅😅
Stone: No.

Be Creative everyday😉
William Lanning: look up some uh... "fancy" coffee... monkey, cat..
James Cyrlln: well you know.........shit happens
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Waffy the Panda
awww so emotional. You almost made this panda cry. ( . .)
wolf girl: hell yeah it is
Waffy the Panda: cause this panda is crazy
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Weird person 😋
Taufiiqul Hakim: Wkwkw
Rodelay Jerome: And that's how Loubouten came to be. AKA Redbottoms
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aleš černý
Wow clan leader that isn't total dumbass xD
walker321: right
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park chanyeol is life
he didn’t take shower for half a year... please take shower before going to anywhere
V: lol😂
xtwist3dlyf3x: 😂😂😂😂😂
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who else start be confused... which one is the female lead... the sister(which is not actual sister) or the ice girl??? hehehehhe
Shen Alphonse: its her , not that tsundere girl name qingzhuu
ikechi: Me here🤣
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This art is absolutely gorgeous, but I really only read romance 💁‍♀️
I ❤️ magna: Same but I think I might like it ??
Jayda Chambers: Yea me 2
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Haryad Hemn
i guess lin lang tian is stronger cuz this kid have limit less yuan power and all the other stuff like talisman.....
CatWoman: and that is an evil spirit because that spirit wants him to do some bad things
CatWoman: And haven't you see, that Lin Lang Tian (pink haired) also got help from others there's a spirit that help him grow stronger
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I like his new hair style more than the other one 😄😄
na'kea mona'e
I actually like this not here just for points anymore 🤭
na'kea mona'e: It’s actually interesting
James Cyrlln: my 10 mins just ended as soon as it got intresting
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krisha Avaiya
They look so cute together
krisha Avaiya: It’s nice to meet you summer
ҜųЯ◊ ㄅ∑Я√∆мㄕ: Summer
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Doesn’t that old man in black look kind of similar to anybody else
lonewolfwa: yh the old man who is helping lin longtian
Christina: Ugh it’s Lin Longtian’s bastard
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Waffy the Panda
oh boi , you have just found yourself the best teacher you could find :)
Joana Benitez
oof that face when he was angry 😁send chills throughout my body
ikechi: Yes yes yes yes🤭🤭but I became more and more like that face of him😍😍
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Alucard Lone Hero
wow that puppet look good!
Navajo Viking: Though the scary zombie would've been great to scare them all with before the battle even started.
Eleanor Thomas: Better than the scary zombie! 🤣🤣
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legend z
lol he got second he going to get triggered
Waffy the Panda
That tiger better to be alive!! author!!!
Mimi kitten: panda have guns to shoot people
Aena onahafiah: @anonymous, that panda just want to shoot whoever want to harm lindong 🤭🤭🤭
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Elizabeth Chandra
what happened to tiny marten?😂😂
Ann Alice: the nirvana man took lord marten as his spirit fella and go explore the world!😂
Light Yagami : Maybe the Nirvana Heart Cultivator took Marten with him to his FANTASY WORLD ???
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