Boys’ Love

Totally Capticated-Side Story

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Watch the lives of Ewon and Mookyul after their main story ended.

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Boys’ Love
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Kakashi Sensei
Wow, I love this manga!!!

Thank you for making me understand the actual relationship between Mookyul and the Chairman.
It wasn't neither of their true intention to be lovers.
And Mookyul in the first place wasn't gay!

This is a true captivating story and truly deserves its title. I love your hardworking, Author. I will never forget this Manga and I'll keep reading over and over again. And pls stay in good health too.
Kakashi Sensei
But somehow too, Ewon, Sookyul threw everything away previously to be with u but now u are throwing him away to be with fam.
I feel sorry for Ewon too. I feel like him when being cornered. You would try to throw everything away to just make one satisfied. Mookyul has been in a position like that before.
I feel sorry for the trio. Ewon, Sookyul and Nabin
Auther Thank you soooo much for taking the time to explain this... Its shows your dedication to your work and honesty your more loved then hated for this story so please carry on your good work and hope to see more stuff from you in the future
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