Soul Land
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Soul Land

Fengxuan Cultural
Soul Land
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Soul Land Comics Online. Towns spent his prelife in the Tang Clan. He stole the secret from the Inner Clan to reach the peak of martial arts. In the end, he had to commit suicide for such action. Then he was reborn in a different world-Soul Land. This world is filled with powerful soul masters. Each master has their own martial souls. The martial soul of Towns is a useless Blue Silver Grass. Can he bring the glory of the Tang Clan into this new world?

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BTS ARMY 💜💜Jungkook
he will form tang sect by defeating all the heads of four sects and will become the head of tang sect.xia wu will return to her human form by eating a ancient medicine belonging to her great grandmother's brother who is the head of one of the sect I think it was speed sect but xiao wu's soul will not return.fatty and tang San will return to the Shrek academy where they will defeat four element academy and their student will be forced to join Shrek. the tang sect elder along with seven Shrek will go to the. metal city for buying raw materials for tang san's weapons development in large scale and there they will meet head of blacksmith society who will join tang sect and help him in making weapons. the will get hidden precious materials with the help of rong rong. seven Shreks will run the tang sect along with cultivation. then they meet the poison guy and he tell them about the poisoned heaven dou palace's emperor. which they nullify and win his trust. meanwhile they will have a fight with the Hall members and priestess. the Hall is recruiting talented students and cultivators forcefully from various schools and gaining power.the spirit Hall has a 99 rank elder who is very powerful and he is very hard to be defeated even by uncle sword of rong rong.
Nitnit Mo: YyyyyyyyuuYyyyyyyyuuu
Jowemi Serrano: well it's nice
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We can't have order Without Chaos
Before Everything Goes.. Read at your OWN RISK🚫‼️♾️🕎
There are already Soul Land(Dou dalou) 1,2,3 and 4.. Base on whole volume of Soul Land.... The Strongest Beast Having a Immortal Body Is living within the Northern part of Soul land surrounded by countless treasures and Monster that been in living more than 1million years.. It was mention on Soul Land 2 and 3 that the strongest beast can be formed just like a human and communicate just like normal people... It also stated that the "strongest monster" is related to The founder of Tang sect which is Tang san having also a blue silver grass attributes.. After Tang San Became God... It was mention by the God of Creation that the one of the reason why the God of Destruction (Havoc) cannot conquer the World is because the God of Beast which is superior to the main 3 God is protecting it... Until to the latest Novel and Manhwa update it remain a mystery in the whole Soul Land... But some theory states that the "Strongest Monster" is source of life of all living creatures .... The 3 main Gods is also a human until they attain a powerful soul power so it is only a possibility that there are far superior than them ... that been living as one of them..
The first batch of seven monster of shrek.. will become a God..
God rank/Status is divided in many sectors..
1st God rank
2nd God rank
3rd God rank

The Main 3 Gods are
The God of Creation
The God of Destruction
The God of Poseidon(Tang San)
Blink 4 life 🖤💖: I also want to know where you can read it
Blink 4 life 🖤💖: Can you tell me your ways! where did you get all that info? like where are soul land 2,3,4 found?
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•Ashlyn Shadow Official•
Spoiler: Xiao Wu will back alive again but she will be a cute rabbit and to heal Xiao Wu so she can back being a human again they need something and after this fight Tang San will back at his old school and meet the headmaster and they finally can make Xiao Wu neing a human again but Xiao Wu is not tlly at good condition she forget about everything but she knows that Tang San are the one who saved her and she knowa that Tang San the ome that make her life more than that, then Xiao Wu with her condition she can't talk and btw remember the green braclet that Tang San have? She put Xiao Wu in there when she need to rest and half again... Read it i have read it untill eps 400+ at Indonesian version and the title of the comic is "Soul Land" too person who can read Indonesian language go and read!
Ova: Is Indonesian version more better? because I read this english version very "word" messy in 200+ chapters
Eleazar Pescador: HI GUYS My friend Just publish a New Novel called The DARK NECROMANCER So Guys Plss read The Novel
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