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Soul Land

Fengxuan Cultural
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Towns spent his prelife in the Tang Clan. He stole the secret from the Inner Clan to reach the peak of martial arts. In the end, he had to commit suicide for such action. Then he was reborn in a different world-Soul Land. This world is filled with powerful soul masters. Each master has their own martial souls. The martial soul of Towns is a useless Blue Silver Grass. Can he bring the glory of the Tang Clan into this new world?

MangaToon got authorization from Fengxuan Cultural to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - douluodalu,dldl
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Fengxuan Cultural
Hi, this is Fengxuan Cultural, the author of Soul Land. We are glad that our manga can be launched on MangaToon and we feel greatly honoured that you guys love it sooooo much! As a responsible author, what I care most is your feedback and I spent a whole afternoon reading the comments you guys left and found two major problems I will have to solve.
First of all, the problem of translation! you must have known that we comic company provide the story and MangaToon does the translation, but this time I decided to provide the translation as well, making it a completed and whole-hearted work. My translation group translated the character's name into English and it's really confusing right? So we decided to keep the original name which means we have to redo the pictures...poor me : ( BUT!!! You are the boss and we will do everything we can to provide you with a better reading experience and we really hope you can support us! Anyway, whenever I feel tired I will scroll your comments and revive again! And the second one, the slow update. I wanted to keep it a secret but now I will just reveal it-- a CRAZY UPDATE is on the way!! And we are now working day and night to finish the following episodes. We cherish every comic fan here in MangaToon and you deserve the best manga! We are on the way!
SXP: thank you for being so thoughtful author! your work is great and we will forever cherish it! support and love from your reader. thank you again and to your team!
Jin Bloodworth: YOU
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Master JP29

Tang San is going to build a sect clan and called the tang sect

he merge the four great forgotten clan into one the clans name is strength clan defense clan speed clan and breaking clan

his father is going to train him and become the blue grass emperor and take the crown his mother used to have

he will learn darkening and evolve his eight lance

he will reach rank 70 spirit saint in 22 years old and train in sea God island and go in Godlihood path to be in the God realm and defeat the angel clan and spirit clan

If anyone wants to read the new generation of soul land just search Soul Land II the main lead there is weak but going to have a Million years spirit beast ring for his first spirit ring

he's going to help Tang Ya Descendant of Tang San to rebuild the Tang Sects reputation of becoming the greatest clan because it's been destroyed and only 3 members are left
Ms. Invisible: can i have the link? I've red till episode 193 of soul land.But the website is so slow in updating episode.I would to like please you to give the link.Thank you
InfernoHunter 49: It's not really spoilers unless you read atleast 5 times, but the story line is great and seeing how powerful the whole family is is awesome indeed!
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Icha Dhea
when tang san done his job for healing du gu bo,he went back to academi n he took all du gu bo herb forest . n girf 1 by 1 to the comrades which helping to increst their level.
he give heart broken flower to zhu qi but she unable to surpres it she pass to grand master he also no able to surpres it. at the end xio wu is the one become owner of that flower. tang san use yellow eyes domain flower to his eyes. n he able see clear everything pure flowles what ever he see . n suprisingly he able to see the true of xio wu is not normal girl but she is actualy spirit beast 100.000ys spirit beast. .. "ok after still long story" i did read few time but i still like to read it again n again rather then soul land ll or lll.
lb: ooohhh 😲 😲😲 thanks to this...I'm a little bit more excited now
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