Soul Land
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Soul Land

Fengxuan Cultural
Soul Land
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Soul Land Comics Online. Towns spent his prelife in the Tang Clan. He stole the secret from the Inner Clan to reach the peak of martial arts. In the end, he had to commit suicide for such action. Then he was reborn in a different world-Soul Land. This world is filled with powerful soul masters. Each master has their own martial souls. The martial soul of Towns is a useless Blue Silver Grass. Can he bring the glory of the Tang Clan into this new world?

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I have read it from a soul land fandom and it is already finished on some books. It is said that Bi Bi Dong inherits the power of the God of Raksasa and that she is the wife of the former Supreme Pontiff. While the Supreme Pontiff(Former) known as Qian Xunji had a bloodline of those that contain the Seraphim prowess. He had daughter with Bi Bi Dong and she is Qian Renxue and she is now known as the God of Angel and she obtained it through then Giant Sword trial with his Grandpa Qian Daoliu. Tang San will succeed in his trial of thw Sea God and upgrade all of his abilities from his Leaf powers (I forgot what it is called) and there comes a time that he is being sighted by the Asura God( Killer God) and wanted Tang San to be his successor but Tang San refuses but an unexpected phenomena happens that made Tang San barely dead and that was the opportunity for the Asura God to inherit him. Tang San obtained the true power of the Asura God and upgraded his abilities of the hammer and his soul ring levels. (THAT'S ALL I COULD GIVE TI YOU GUYS HEHEHE and I researched some because I feel the tense of this comic.)
💜Hana💜: novel :)
Lucy: please tell us where you read them
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BTS ARMY 💜💜Jungkook
he will form tang sect by defeating all the heads of four sects and will become the head of tang sect.xia wu will return to her human form by eating a ancient medicine belonging to her great grandmother's brother who is the head of one of the sect I think it was speed sect but xiao wu's soul will not return.fatty and tang San will return to the Shrek academy where they will defeat four element academy and their student will be forced to join Shrek. the tang sect elder along with seven Shrek will go to the. metal city for buying raw materials for tang san's weapons development in large scale and there they will meet head of blacksmith society who will join tang sect and help him in making weapons. the will get hidden precious materials with the help of rong rong. seven Shreks will run the tang sect along with cultivation. then they meet the poison guy and he tell them about the poisoned heaven dou palace's emperor. which they nullify and win his trust. meanwhile they will have a fight with the Hall members and priestess. the Hall is recruiting talented students and cultivators forcefully from various schools and gaining power.the spirit Hall has a 99 rank elder who is very powerful and he is very hard to be defeated even by uncle sword of rong rong.
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Chimi Dema: 5orni7 itmm8
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Ok at this moment we all know the reason and purpose and tang san has in his mind

He keeps moving forward because of xiao wu and everything about xiao wu

The moment he thinks of giving up he will realize in his mind, for what purpose i have come this far? will i just give up and let xiao wu die because of my failures?

And he will be even more determined to break the trials of the stars and ascend through the heavens to claim his destiny as the future heir of Poseidon!

And after that the battle between the heir of raksasa and heir of poseidon, Hence will commence!😎

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White_Devil: can u tell me after the part where tang is on the stairs and tries to cross it
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