Love Me, Please?

Love Me, Please?

Love Me, Please?
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Sneaky Snake
anyone else noticed the last panel?
manga fan girl: yes. I saw da shadow was filled
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Her mom acting like a child is kinda cute
the last pic. is so funny he's brother carrying them both.. 😅😂
Deadgirl91: he's not carrying both but they're both on his lap he's suppose to be sitting it seems
total 1 replies
woooo he just sold her out ! what a dickhead!
Manga Reader
I'm a weird bitch for falling in love with this comic.
Raven: well.... am I one too? coz I love this comic
I'm Satan the sexy B*tch...😏😂✌😋😈😈😈: no, I'm a B*tch
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Shots Of Happiness
I appreciate abhi's sinister laugh as he remembers punching out that pervert 👏👏👏
Maimuna Jawad Mariam: 👏👏 it's trues abhi
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Jaymee Mcraith
Okay Abhi, like a little sister you say 😂😏
Tory: i was just thinking the same thing.and here i was thinking he cared for her as a sibling but with the way he was so not thinking the same here😂😐
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Kiko Asumi
That bastard Mandan or something huh, Oh no poor mom
Manga hoes needs to shut the fuck up periodt!
I’m o having eye problems or something because I think I’m looking at something that looks like a ghost.. whatever I think it’s my imagination 😅😅
Jade Stuart: *takes off my glasses* seems like I need a new prescription
Spitcho Tokyo: no it isn't hihi it's real lol
total 2 replies
Deekshitha Kota
shampoo name related to Dava maybe its "Dove"😃
Summer: I use it it's sooo good.
Li li: ah ha .. smart
total 2 replies
She can be his sister after marrying his elder brother 😜.
don't steal naisha from Abhi 😐😐 he deserve naisha but you definitely not because when naisha in the bad situation you didn't lend a hand for help instead you argue with Abhi 😒😒
how can u live happily with her if u sell YOU MORON
Helly Isaac: maybe he is physco
hellkitty1000: my thoughts exactly
total 2 replies
hahaa how can he forgot they're brother
Awakenedmemories: Lol I was thinking that to
total 1 replies
sarah the noobiess
now the other person is revealed, its the ex doc bruddaa
Butterfly: they look similar
Butterfly: I think the 2nd guy who revealed is ex doc's brother
total 3 replies
Shots Of Happiness
I smell romance now approaching..... ready your tools ppl it's time to build a ship😆😆😆
Shots Of Happiness: I understand what you mean but has this stopped authors before..... it'll usually go that way regardless of the age difference..... what would be good however is if they don't get together now
Loretta Lynn: I can't say I agree .... the age difference seems too far off... just sayin'
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Manga Reader
to be honest the story is good but because of the art sometime I don't want to read it.. I can't help myself because of the story like what gonna happen!
Thunder_girl_14: yeah I agree
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Jana Alnaimi
Triangle pants and lives in a coconut
Does that remind you with someone😂😂😂😂😂
Destroy all Bitches : me too
Jana Alnaimi: No matter how old you are you will always sing it
total 4 replies
at 1st its sad story but suddenly it goes creepy and now it's starting the romance between abhi and naisha..big applause to the author 👏👏
kira💜BTS: And don't forget the story is funny to
total 1 replies
oh he's the other guy
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