Princess is a Supreme Surgeon

KaiYuan Comic
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Died in a medical dispute, warm-hearted supreme surgeon Wen Yi timetravelled to the ancient time and she was reborn as a prince's imperial concubine. Life should be easy and comfortable for a high-class, rich and beautiful noble lady, but yang luoyi was an unfavoured one and framed by others which makes her miserable. How would Doctor Wen Yi do the justice for Princess Yang Luoyi, and revenge against the baddies who framed her?

MangaToon got authorization from KaiYuan Comic to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - qingshiyifeiyaoxiufu,qsyfyxf
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Angelina 🌈 (Angel sect leader🌈)
finally!Another Comic without Having sex or molesting at first chap!.This type of comic are disgusted .And those ML are hella Jerk and Dumb!.Girls also .We want a badass fL😎😎😎.Who can defend herself and be staright forward!
catti: but i don't read in webnovel 🤣😂😂😂.

I don't know why.. Everyone is saying webnovel today.. my brother asked me if I use it, now I can your reply here😂😂. really a happy day😊😊.
catti: thanks 😊😊😊.
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🐰Bubble 🐰
Okay..lemme recall...
In the first chapter, A voice came out from nowhere and said to her "Go, Where you belong" And then she suddenly found herself in the bed on which she was f**ked by a emperor..So, that bed is the place where she belonged to? XD
Lol... Nowadays Every like every comic has the same plot..Fl got time traveled ... found herself on a bed...get f**ked up by a hot but cold ML and blah blah blah....
Why don't we get to see a hot but kind ML from the starting??
Well, anyways its nice.. Waiting for updates ❤️🔥
ʚ’Î ám GrøøT-ʚ: okay broo🤣
Ηεαπτ βπεακεπ: That's enough punk 😒
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Ling lin/King Athur
i like story like from a modern to historical world...i love time travel..wuh who s agree
Talia her: mmeeee
Ling lin/King Athur : i like girls part
total 8 replies
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