Princess is a Supreme Surgeon
Romance / TimeTravel / Strong Female Lead

Princess is a Supreme Surgeon

KaiYuan Comic
Princess is a Supreme Surgeon
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Princess is a Supreme Surgeon Comics Online. Died in a medical dispute, warm-hearted supreme surgeon Wen Yi timetravelled to the ancient time and she was reborn as a prince's imperial concubine. Life should be easy and comfortable for a high-class, rich and beautiful noble lady, but yang luoyi was an unfavoured one and framed by others which makes her miserable. How would Doctor Wen Yi do the justice for Princess Yang Luoyi, and revenge against the baddies who framed her?

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Strong Female Lead
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Am I the only one that doesn’t care that they’re being broken apart? I think they need some time away from each other. She is way too forgiving and enabling of his abusive behavior,it is not helping the situation at all. She really needs to learn how to have some self-respect and love herself before going back into this relationship. Way too much ass kissing and bowing down to the ML when the ML should be the one on his knees begging for her forgiveness while she makes him earn her back. Ever since the whole reincarnation debacle I lost a lot of interest in this story..
S.K.W.A: And he could get her killed for slandering a prince and divorced because she isn't a virtuous wife which is worse than being an unfavored wife because their society will treat them worse than animals
Gabbie: Hi My Name is Gabbie. I made a chat story called " Odd Girl". I was wondering if you could help support me and check it out if you would like comment and offer me some feedback. Thank you for your time. 😇
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ML: *tells her to go die outside*

FL: *acts like nothing is wrong, calls him cute and giggles about it* 🤢

*is married to someone else but kisses him anyway* 🤯

Ok I’m not gonna lie I was very annoyed when I read this chapter. Seriously how little self-respect do you have to have to be kissing his ass all the time? She says she’s not mad at him anymore when she NEVER was upset with him to begin with!!

She just laughs and forgives him in 3 seconds every time he emotionally abused her. Like WTF????? I still don’t ship this I’m sorry. Like i only hated the ML in this story for obvious reasons, but now this FL is slowly rising on my worst FLs list. She does not have any respect for herself, always is being pathetic and constantly feels the need to please him all the time when it should be the other way around. He should be wooing you after how he treated you. She enables his awful behavior and voluntarily allows herself to become his doormat. Like since when were you ever mad at him? Where? 😟 this is a classic example of a masochist FL.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Wait so why did the ML hate the original owner of that body? I forgot what happened
Jasiana Hosick: She meant she was married to him.the ml did that cause of jealousy. she was upset because she didn’t know how he was but now that she see him she is not mad ( she is also wen yi not the other girl the other girl he had bad blood with but wen yi he doesn’t .before he treated her rudely because he thought she was the other girl . He wasn’t exactly sure that she was a different person
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Snow Bunny
It's your own fault!! He loves Wen Yi because he realized Wen Yi has a sincere heart and Loves him unconditionally...while You have been framed others...for example you've framed your sister the one who pushed Ke'er and made her unconscious for 4 years...Second now you used Ke'er to poisoned Wen Yi who literally never had a bad intentions towards anyone. The Prince is not blind! He has learnt his lesson from the past and willing to change to be a better man, and he knows you are not a Good woman!! You Never are!! Don't blame others!! Blame yourself!!
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