Princess is a Supreme Surgeon
Romance / TimeTravel

Princess is a Supreme Surgeon

KaiYuan Comic
Princess is a Supreme Surgeon
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Princess is a Supreme Surgeon Comics Online. Died in a medical dispute, warm-hearted supreme surgeon Wen Yi timetravelled to the ancient time and she was reborn as a prince's imperial concubine. Life should be easy and comfortable for a high-class, rich and beautiful noble lady, but yang luoyi was an unfavoured one and framed by others which makes her miserable. How would Doctor Wen Yi do the justice for Princess Yang Luoyi, and revenge against the baddies who framed her?

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I’m sorry but I just don’t feel sorry for her at this point. She knew exactly what kind of man he was and how he treated the original body including her in their earlier lives being with him. I get that she is a selfless person who cares for her patients and loves him, but the lack of self love and self respect just annoys me this chapter.

Like did you completely forget how he looked down on you just last chapter accusing you of “self harming for his favor”? He disrespects you, treats you like garbage MAJORITY of the time, but you don’t even feel slightly upset with him?youre letting your husband continue to disrespect you, you’re enabling his horrible attitude in the name of love? Like for crying out loud have some love and respect for yourself girl, give him a cold shoulder, ignore him, bring up the divorce, SOMETHING to draw the line over here, show him he WILL lose you if he keeps treating you this way. And make him EARN your love, he doesn’t deserve your kindness or love after how he treated you.

The ML better be sulking and regretting for straight 20 chapters at least, he needs to face some karma for how he treated her since she’s not giving him any discipline or boundaries as his wife. 😒
Lucy Heartfilia: Thank you.
Atri Purwasasmita: i don't know but surprisingly there is a lot girl like Wen Yi in real life. One of my friend had boyfriend whose like to slap/punch/kick her to bruises. But she doesn't want to break up from him, not go to the police, and no tell to the parents either, she voluntarily cover up his violence to her. i really don't understand. and it took her years before she finally understand and broke up with him.
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Lisa🐇 (Angel sect leader🌈)
finally!Another Comic without Having sex or molesting at first chap!.This type of comic are disgusted .And those ML are hella Jerk and Dumb!.Girls also .We want a badass fL😎😎😎.Who can defend herself and be staright forward!
Lisa🐇 (Angel sect leader🌈): I already did .but I gave up one them😅😂
Yogesh Bhuravane: why dont you try divine doctor
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I honestly really hate doormat FLs that forgive the ML in less than a second when they do ONE nice thing for her and just completely forget about all the horrible and heartbreaking moments he constantly hurt her and belittled her. Like WTF? Why do most of these romance manhuas make girls look SO EASY and pathetic? Like if it was normal girls they would give him the cold shoulder, ignore him for a while, or try to leave them since the ML barely gave them any affection through their relationship anyway. Why do a lot of these FLs come off as masochists that love being treated like 💩 honestly? I don’t get it
B L A C K P I N K: sameee
BrokenFiona: where did you read it dude? 😄
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