Princess is a Supreme Surgeon
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Princess is a Supreme Surgeon

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Princess is a Supreme Surgeon
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I’m sorry but I just don’t feel sorry for her at this point. She knew exactly what kind of man he was and how he treated the original body including her in their earlier lives being with him. I get that she is a selfless person who cares for her patients and loves him, but the lack of self love and self respect just annoys me this chapter.

Like did you completely forget how he looked down on you just last chapter accusing you of “self harming for his favor”? He disrespects you, treats you like garbage MAJORITY of the time, but you don’t even feel slightly upset with him?youre letting your husband continue to disrespect you, you’re enabling his horrible attitude in the name of love? Like for crying out loud have some love and respect for yourself girl, give him a cold shoulder, ignore him, bring up the divorce, SOMETHING to draw the line over here, show him he WILL lose you if he keeps treating you this way. And make him EARN your love, he doesn’t deserve your kindness or love after how he treated you.

The ML better be sulking and regretting for straight 20 chapters at least, he needs to face some karma for how he treated her since she’s not giving him any discipline or boundaries as his wife. 😒
LunaStar90: I agree with you. how can u love others but not
Love yourself. Love starts at loving yourself when you love yourself others will start to love you. Doesn’t mean u become selfish but you can’t love others and expect them to treat u like trash and still be ok with it. That’s like saying “oh I love u so I hit you” it’s tough love! Bullshit! When u hit someone or treat them like trash u don’t love them at all. They r slave and useful to u, once u don’t see their value anymore they become trash thrown to the side. Or once u find a new toy u throw the old one away. I hate man who thinks like this! No matter how much u love someone u need to set a standard of equal level u treat me with respect I treat u the same u love me wholeheartedly I do the same. If u want all of my I get all of u. That’s how it works with love u compromise with each other and treat each other as one not as two. So yeah I’m getting annoyed by her weak ass u can be weak but not stupid it makes the manga so rotten that i littering don’t have hope at all that she will change to be weak but smart! Or strong
LunaStar90: But but that still gives him no right to kick her till death and treated her to rotten!! At least respect her as a human being too. She wasn’t some trash she was also born the saw way as any human did. But at this point it’s just getting annoying because I at least wanted her to hurt him a little I’m not satisfied with the outcome at all Honestly. I’m just kind of piss off because it’s like she comes back for another beating
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ML: *tells her to go die outside*

FL: *acts like nothing is wrong, calls him cute and giggles about it* 🤢

*is married to someone else but kisses him anyway* 🤯

Ok I’m not gonna lie I was very annoyed when I read this chapter. Seriously how little self-respect do you have to have to be kissing his ass all the time? She says she’s not mad at him anymore when she NEVER was upset with him to begin with!!

She just laughs and forgives him in 3 seconds every time he emotionally abused her. Like WTF????? I still don’t ship this I’m sorry. Like i only hated the ML in this story for obvious reasons, but now this FL is slowly rising on my worst FLs list. She does not have any respect for herself, always is being pathetic and constantly feels the need to please him all the time when it should be the other way around. He should be wooing you after how he treated you. She enables his awful behavior and voluntarily allows herself to become his doormat. Like since when were you ever mad at him? Where? 😟 this is a classic example of a masochist FL.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Wait so why did the ML hate the original owner of that body? I forgot what happened
Jasiana Hosick: She meant she was married to him.the ml did that cause of jealousy. she was upset because she didn’t know how he was but now that she see him she is not mad ( she is also wen yi not the other girl the other girl he had bad blood with but wen yi he doesn’t .before he treated her rudely because he thought she was the other girl . He wasn’t exactly sure that she was a different person
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“What right do I even have to hit him?”

!?!?!? OK WHAT!? You’re blaming YOURSELF for him treating you like garbage and even abusing you shortly before you died?? 🤯

I reaaaaaalllly don’t want to sound negative and all, but I really dislike how much she lacks a backbone and constantly blames herself for everything. Like NO girl he shouldn’t have treated you like 💩 to begin with, he got what he deserved and does NOT deserve you. It’s his FAULT for treating you like garbage FFS! Like god is she not even slightly upset with how badly he treated her!? Idk it just annoys me how pathetic and enabling she is of the ML’s bad behavior all the time. Stop kissing so much ass already, have some love and respect for yourself!! You can’t invest your whole dignity and life in pleasing a man that can’t even treat you right! Stop blaming urself for once please! 🤦🏻‍♀️
BDean2: Couple things:

1. I totally agree... nay, absolutely agree! 💯
2. If you can count the # of FLs in comics like her, then you’ve got me beat b/c I lost count a long time ago! The tally is innumerable in my book, and I’d have to go back in time myself to remember how many pathetic FLs there are! 😒
3. Unfortunately, weak doormats like her exist in the real world!🤦🏻‍♀️ There’s a screw loose somewhere b/c they have normalized this kind of behavior as something that happens in all relationships! NO, IT DOES NOT! 😼
4. This perception of women is a misguidance for young girls b/c it sends a message that it’s okay to be in a relationship with brutish and unkind guys like him! IT’S NOT OKAY! 🚫
5. It also promotes unhealthy relationships and connotes that if you hang in there & stand by your cruel, cold-hearted man, you will eventually have a happy ending! 🤨 Abusive relationships rarely lead to happily ever after endings! 💯 IT’S MADNESS TO THINK OTHERWISE! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
6. It also misdirects young men in the way they should treat women and advocates the abusive behavior by showing how forgiving women are. 🙄 I’m not saying that people shouldn’t forgive others... forgiving is okay, but remaining in an abusive relationship s/b TOTALLY OUT OF THE QUESTION!! 😔

I have more, but it’s 4am and I’m going back to sleep! 😴💤
BDean2: Your poor phone! 😭 Let’s all have a moment of silence for the innocent phone... RIP! 😔
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Eh I don’t know. Before she died, she always came off as desperate trying to please the ML all the time, I kinda wish she had a backbone and stopped caring about that guy for once. He’s done enough and does not deserve any of her kindness. I ship her with the brown haired guy, actually anyone is better than the ML. I couldn’t forget how he insulted her and kicked her before she passed away. I just wish she would stop kissing so much ass already and learn how to give him a cold shoulder sometimes. She doesn’t even seem to get that upset with him whenever he treats her that way, and he has treated her VERY BADLY!

Still tho, I wanna see how this will play out and when the ML will find out she’s the FL! I love anything reincarnation so I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready! 😬
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Not to mention treats her worse than a dog
Gloria Ambrose: she is acting desperate and she was desperate which I hated, how can a modern woman just fall in love in five days with someone she knows doesn't love her
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Gennalyn Apidol
explanation for those confuse readers out there:

the body of Luo Yi has come to an end and needs to be buried, as you can read in some previous episode where they went up the mountain then she fell into the water and died. If you observe there is a person saying, "since you save many lives, I will resurrect you again and again, use your knowledge to save people's lives". She was resurrected again this time but in different body and since this body is not that well known, she decided to use her own real identity as Wen Yi. (The soul is still the same but not the body)

I hope I help you understand the plot.
TheRazeluXE: The emperor wants her to be his new concubine... he knows that the prince and wen yi were in love with each other so he forced them apart by trying to torture his own son and makes the fl to yield but luckily they’re saved by the dowager... but he doesn’t stop so he scheme to make all of his children fight with each other by sowing discord and blackmail... like wtf is wrong with the emperor? He watch his children killing each other so he can take wen yi into his harem...
Ina Hristova: What do you mean? She died second time because of the emperor her so called husband?
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Vivi Lestari
F*cking moron, he kick her to die without care to hear her explanation and still asked "what's going on?" F*ck... F*ck... i thought he abused every women that he met, first he kill Yang Louyi and after he knew the soul inside her body is Wen Yi, he kill Wen Yi as well? He just want to hit women, right? and hope he'll got forgiveness after said "I'm sorry, I'm wrong"? Man... the scar would never cure forever, it's bleeding forever, maybe a woman will say "I forgive you" but inside her heart it's still bleeding and carved deep in her memory forever.
I leave, won't read this manhua anymore. Just open my wound, Damnn...
Luv_Kook: Ehhhhh? Y? This is freeeeeee
☯️Hekate☯️: there is more to why her body died and her soul lives on 🙄

and I get what your saying 💯
98%of these comics seem to be telling woman hay your man might hit you but love you in the end....,. (🙅‍♀️ no)

as my great-grandmother said if a man hit you do one of 3 things.
(1). a man has more strength then you do not fight back........with your hand go get the frying pan 🤗
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loli love miss😢😘😍
he killed her
I don't ship them at all
the guy is a bipolar as a time he is angry and killed her and next moment he regrets and acts humble and pitiful when the one who cured him can't witness it
I would say that it's useless for the man to try to receive forgiveness from a dead person since he killed her willingly
in this case ,for me, neither forgiveness nor a second chance is possible
Xiao Lu: her wound was rotten, it didn't heal no matter what medicine they apply
Xiao Lu: .no, he disn't kill her .. that body's already dead from the beginning, and that body was rejecting her soul... she can't even feel any pain and won't heal no matter what they do.
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He wasn’t so loyal until he lost her 🤷🏻‍♀️ still can’t forget that he was also having relations with her purple haired sister, that grossed me out. Karma really is serving his ass! It’s satisfying when horrific MLs like him get what he really deserves. Let’s see how this plays out and how they’ll end up together again!
TheRazeluXE: Yeah well love is blind I guess ☺️
But it won’t be for long tho cuz she’s dying, it seems her new body also rejects her soul... the prince also knew this so he won’t treat her badly for the rest of her days before she transfer into a new host.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: She’s way too forgiving of him :/ I like it when the girl has a backbone and makes the ML earn her back. But she always gives him a free pass for all the horrible things he’s done to her
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Hmmm he accused her of self-harming for his favor.. but then ended up self-harming himself, how ironic. Seems he really regrets losing her, but am I wrong for not feeling sorry for him at all? 😳
BDean2: Nah... I don’t feel sorry for that jerk either! 🙄 He was an ungrateful, arrogant little snob, and he is reaping what he sowed! 😼 He should back to the blue-haired woman he loved so much back then while despising Wen Yi and see if she can heal his broken heart! 💔 He’s scum... no, the thing on the bottom of my shoe 👠 that is lower than scum! 😼😼
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So? It’s not your business who she dates anymore anyway. She’s not your wife anymore lol. And I have a feeling the FL is just gonna forgive him like it’s nothing, she’s pathetic.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Exactly, she’s starting to annoy the hell out of me. She’s such an ass kisser 😒 no woman is this easy and pathetic. You can only take so much even if you love the person.
Rishabh S: Ya..she does not have any self respect at all. No use of her being a doctor! 😒
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I honestly really hate doormat FLs that forgive the ML in less than a second when they do ONE nice thing for her and just completely forget about all the horrible and heartbreaking moments he constantly hurt her and belittled her. Like WTF? Why do most of these romance manhuas make girls look SO EASY and pathetic? Like if it was normal girls they would give him the cold shoulder, ignore him for a while, or try to leave them since the ML barely gave them any affection through their relationship anyway. Why do a lot of these FLs come off as masochists that love being treated like 💩 honestly? I don’t get it
BDean2: Right right... She just keeps reincarnating into different bodies and foolishly running behind this dude! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ GIRL STOP! 🛑
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: The ML being an asshole already made me so mad reading this but seeing how she just laughs and giggles even tho the ML told her to go die just made me even more mad than I already am about this comic. So disappointed with how the FL turned out. She is the biggest ass kisser behind Cindy from If I Never loved you. At least Cindy left nick once, this girl was never even slightly upset with his behavior to begin with
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so this started out with a stupid FL. mind you, that's from "modern times." he told you that he did not care for you, and what do you do? you jump to save him, almost got killed again, which they never said how that idiot princess died. I can't with a story line like this.
Yen Wu: well, the author decide that they're the main couple. the relationship must start from somewhere, building trust and interest little by little. yes, the guy is stranger, but you never see people save stranger? even more she's a doctor.

i don't know if the original princess died or not, maybe it will be explain later.
Yue Bai: she's a doctor. it must be innate to her to save lives?
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He deserve the pain he is feeling now and i think it's still not enough for treating her like trash in her previous life,where is your beloved witch concubine now huh moron😼😼
Oh NO,nuh uh👿Did she just give in,just like that?I thought she got strong and got over him but as long as he carries that ML label around him,what she just did is inevitable i guess but I'm still angry😠😠
UNPOPULAR OPINION: Lowkey shipping these 21st century people HAHHAHAHAH they could be rich if they want to, trying to reproduce stuff from the future or something. They will also kinda understand each other, given they have the same situation. FL is no longer a noble so i think its possible right 😂 but i understand there would be no story or the first part of plot would make no sense if that the case tho 😅
lucky clover
Wow... I'm considered myself as a wife to a husband who killed me 3 years ago.... That's nothing much cuz I got recranated anyway.. Might as well forgave his mistakes
Little candy: LOL🤣😂🤣😂🤣
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let me guess. she gets another chance, but instead of using it to get a divorce, she use it to do petty s*&t like getting back at the people she ALLOWED to mistreat her. and in the process, stick to the prince that don't give two fks about her.
jikook69: I love the way you put that
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lucky clover
So what if he likes your ex-wife.... You don't deserve her at all
Sofia Frost: yea so true
I agree
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Allyson Lim
wow... she has so many suitors, unlike me... none
Bloom Uchiha: yupppp 😊
Allyson Lim: lol... seems like most of us are single
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Fluffy Floofball
I am honestly glad she died, not as a mean way but to basically leave that heartless man so he knows to suffer from losing someone he loved. Cause it's true what they say, you never know how important something is until you lose it.
Rose Bella: me too. .
BzBz: i hope she wont meet the prince ever sgain...
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