Can't Help Falling for You

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Three years ago, lu er’s good friend mysteriously disappeared, and she married her boyfriend. During Three years of marriage, Lu er did everything she could to give him the best care and love, only in exchange for his cold shoulder. "I will never love you!" When the old lover appears, how should Lu er face this marriage...

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author...I have a suggestion
see all the comics end up in the same way...
A boy say 'A' hates a girl say 'B' due to some misunderstanding but another boy 'C' loves 'B'

in this case the story ends with clearing all the misunderstanding and A and B falling for each other and C is left besides

but u can change this fixed concept.. u may make it look as if the thing between A and B will work out but in the end B will realise that she was a fool falling for someone who never believed her....and in the end B and C are together.

don't u think it will be a completely new concept
K_Rocks: Yeah.....
Cause in some cases even I personally want that FL should choose other guy rather than ML.....
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Yeah I see your point even if some of the MLs are literally the closest I’ve seen to Satans child people are still gonna ship the FL with him regardless. I agree with you!
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I’m so GLAD she insisted on the divorce. He treated her like absolute crap for not 1 but 3 YEARS. That’s going to mentally mess her up and I’m glad she’s not like those stupid FLs that literally smile and laugh at the ML the day after they get abused as if nothing happens. THIS is how normal people react to their abuser. Now the ML REALLY has to work hard to win her over again. He really needs to make it up to her after all the things she had to deal with during their marriage.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: True and it annoys the hell out of me when they just laugh and forgive the ML the second they do something for them. If it happened to me I would’ve either snapped at them, give them the silent treatment, or just dump them and move on🤷🏻‍♀️ these girls have zero respect for themselves. In real life no woman is that easy like they are.
Lei❤Lan: most of pathetic fl are pain loving, they love to be abused again and again and being treated like a trashcan by the ml.
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Perhaps in the eyes of many men, we women are all interchangeable. So when some authors use this device, the average editor finds nothing wrong with it. Heck--some women feel this way and think they can get their sons to substitute a girl of their choice for the one he really loves. Some men never bother to learn or care what we think. They know our measurements but not our thoughts. Because they don't think that matters. We can be substituted one for the other too easily for it to matter seems to be the idea. It's WRONG and it's STUPID and anyone who does it is most certainly a a MISOGYNISTIC JERKFACE DOUCHBAG but that doesn't stop this well worn plot device from its endless rounds. So here's my suggestion: Anyone with artistic talent, get creating. Draw and write stories that refute this crap. Fight back.
Topaz: Speaking on that note. It seems that an extreme man like that is their role model, like the one most likely to be loyal to one girl. Where as a normal guy who treat women with respect and can love and be loved is not an extreme type, so his love for one girl won’t be as extreme either. That’s just my guessing in these manhua. Lol the male lead either hates women or is a playboy in disguised. But when he does fall in love, he will love only women(FL) passionately/possessively. Lol
Topaz: This is why I prefer historical romance because I can understand the women have their predicaments and don’t have much choices in their time. Unlike a modern romance, I find it silly to keep using the same ol plot. I think this is probably what sells. Lol women who like being dominated/saved and then some miracle they change the jerk rich guy who treats women like toys and he falls madly for her and treats her like a queen. Lol yes. This is the fantasy of many......
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