Can't Help Falling for You

Can't Help Falling for You

KaiYuan Comic
Can't Help Falling for You
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Can't Help Falling for You Comics Online. Three years ago, lu er’s good friend mysteriously disappeared, and she married her boyfriend. During Three years of marriage, Lu er did everything she could to give him the best care and love, only in exchange for his cold shoulder. "I will never love you!" When the old lover appears, how should Lu er face this marriage...

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Kaine Testament
Dear Author

Do you need an editor? by an editor, I mean someone who can help you direct your plot on the correct path, (not the one editing the pictures).. just contact me.

here's what I can say... the plot you have thought off, its not bad, In fact I like it. what I don't like are:
1. the plot scattered here and there. one moment at the hospital then to the office then back to hospital again.
2. pages were not missing, they're skipped. I thought at 1st it was also missing some pages, someone also complained about it, but nope, they were skipped
3. the story were not unfold or no character development. like the FL: from housewife, was told by ML go work instead of idling in the house, she did > which is good but then it became like this > from being an Assistant of Mo > became assistant of ML > ML's assistant suggested that FL is good at design then next thing you knew, she's working on a big project, being called team lead and ML is now pursuing the FL.

I mean what happened in between those scenarios?

let me repeat, I like the concept of the story, its just that it fails on unfolding and character development > this is the main problem, that's why the plot are scattered here and there. if that part is resolved, then rest will make sense.
김남친: your right this story seems confusing..
jonathan magee: right, you cant write a story and not expect criticism. hell she even offered to help.
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What the heck at first he was like „I will never love you ! You killed my beloved ! I will make you suffer with this marriage !“ and she „why don’t you love me ? 😢 it wasn’t me... hubby wait for me ! 😣 I’m somehow depressed 😞“ And now he „I love this girl ! I need her ! Give her flowers, let me chase after her ! 😍 why are you so cold to me... 🙁“ gets shy on top of her even if he once forced her to do it... T_T and now her turn „Badass is livin‘ ! Fck y‘all I’m the Boss ! Get away from me you loser I want to divorce right now ! Don’t you dare bully me btch !“ what the fck they changed personality‘s so fast ! The author is probably still young who knows
MC_206: Well I don’t care 😂😂🤙🏻
Latica Gme: 🤣🤣 you are way too straight
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Ok I’m not sure how I feel about this chapter. First, half of me is mad because he told his wife to leave and wait, when he could’ve just let her sit and watch them talk to give her a sense of security to let her know she is his wife and his priority, but at the same time I feel like my man is cooking up a plan to see what the purple haired girl’s intentions are. Personally, i think he already caught on that the girl is scheming against them, and doesn’t want to put the wife in danger, so he told her to leave, but that’s just my assumption. Hopefully it’s for a good reason, that’s all!
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