Snow and Her Devilish Hubby
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Snow and Her Devilish Hubby

KaiYuan Comic
Snow and Her Devilish Hubby
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Snow and Her Devilish Hubby Comics Online. Snow Xia, a pretty girl who's positive towards life and always emits her sunshine to people around her. But she never imagined in all her life that on her wedding today, she caught her husband cheat on her! Being in extreme despair, she wanted to kill herself but one moment before her drowning, she wished if someone could save her and she closed her eyes..."who are you? Why are you naked and l am also...ahhh!" and she saw him, the man with a pair of devilish eyes sneering at her.

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Hottest Comments
Jisoo Myeon
that was quick. Is this why China is the most populated country?
🌙Luna001: Nope, smh
Afia Azad: Yess 👍
total 9 replies
Are you out of your mind dude....She should thank you for what....Yes you did save her from that fake lover....but what about making her life miserable...playing with her feelings....blaming her for the things she never did it or even thought about doing it....and after making her life a mess you actually tried to think and investigate if she's the actual one to blame.....SERIOUSLY...
What a JERK.....
Anyone surname: he is big jerk..I hope second male came and be with her..
total 1 replies
Lost child
He thought she caused her brother in that coma state that's why he took revenge but slowly he love her. The real culprit is that biach (nurse) who caused his brother in that state if not mistaken. She will feel so disappointed and heart broken after hearing their conversation.
Victoria Estabrook: That nurse is Snow’s half sister
Kathleen Sacluti: spoilers anyone..? thanks!
total 2 replies
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