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Snow and Her Devilish Hubby

KaiYuan Comic
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Snow Xia, a pretty girl who's positive towards life and always emits her sunshine to people around her. But she never imagined in all her life that on her wedding today, she caught her husband cheat on her! Being in extreme despair, she wanted to kill herself but one moment before her drowning, she wished if someone could save her and she closed her eyes..."who are you? Why are you naked and l am also...ahhh!" and she saw him, the man with a pair of devilish eyes sneering at her.

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Aesop Carls
this incident is to dramatic for me to see my eyes will go be honest I do ever carry a girl since I was a kid until now well I think i'm gonna get a big trauma cuz everytime I'm carry a girl what people call princess carry if I'm not wrong ...........I feel like I'm carry a car more like a pig so I hope I'm gonna carry it sis always wan't to take a picture of me carry a girl.........cuz it's all about I don't have a girlfriend......hmm yeah I reject all girl who tell there feeling to me some girl say I'm gay WTF PLEASE I'M NOT ......IT'S ALL CUZ MY FRIENDS, MY FRIENDS ALWAY GET CHEAT BY THERE GIRLFRIENDS I DON'T NOW WHO THEY LIKE SO IT'S NON OF MY BUSSINESS....I HAVE SOMEBODY I LIKE TOO SHE PROMISE ME ONE DAY MEET ME AGAIN😭the reason I tell you all this cuz I don't have anybody at dormitory my roomate gone out to have some lunch well I hope I'm doing well in my next exam .........hmm also who will have exam I will say good luck bye~ i hope you all do better in your exam ~
Aesop Carls: Hahahaha that's right
Monya Nyigyor: don't be afraid to get cheat if you love someone very much and she loves you too you will know that she loves you and if you ever get cheat by someone I know you will feel depressed but it's life man you can't get everything easily
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B*tch, you took up with a soon to be married man and expected that he would be just as happy to break his fiancee's heart as you would be to find a pair of Debbie Wingham high heels in the clearance section of whatever b*tch boutique you got that apology of a dress at. BUT... on very day of the wedding he had STILL not called it off and vowed eternal love to you and your overplucked eyebrows instead. SO sad. Practically tragic. And when you tried to prod him into a commitment you got what seducers of other people's fiances usually get: a lie about the cheater's feelings and intentions and a promise they do NOT intend to keep. Gosh, you're a wronged woman all of the sudden. So, are you:( 1)going to give him an ultimatum,(2) straighten your life out and find someone new or (3) be a tiresome thot with a one track mind and take out your frustrations on a girl you've already harmed? I regard (3) as a very safe bet.
....: ikr and he still had the guts to tell her he loves her smh
Michelle Sims: // yr%
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why is it always easy to have s** in the manga/comics Its like that guy is handsome lemme have s** with him.....that girl is interesting I want her to be boyfriend cheated on me let me go to the club and meet the cold ceo and have s** with him😂😂😅
Bitch Lasagna: HHhhHahahahhh
And I oop-: Have any of these guys heard of “playing hard to get” also I hate when a strong independent woman turns into a weak and fragile girl who’s dependent on her lover tsktsktsk
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