Snow and Her Devilish Hubby
Romance / Modern / Unscheduled

Snow and Her Devilish Hubby

KaiYuan Comic
Snow and Her Devilish Hubby
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Snow and Her Devilish Hubby Comics Online. Snow Xia, a pretty girl who's positive towards life and always emits her sunshine to people around her. But she never imagined in all her life that on her wedding today, she caught her husband cheat on her! Being in extreme despair, she wanted to kill herself but one moment before her drowning, she wished if someone could save her and she closed her eyes..."who are you? Why are you naked and l am also...ahhh!" and she saw him, the man with a pair of devilish eyes sneering at her.

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Hottest Comments
How the villains always have advantage in every situation😒😒.......though the heroes win in the end but they have to face so many difficulties
over her ML's little brother is the one who is face danger currently....wake up wake up or this crazy woman might just kill😭....hope he remembers every single thing so that ML might know what kind of woman she is😡
If izzy come to know about FL she would try to harm her😑.......FL somewhat looks like this woman why didn't ML wonder at least once that it might be her (izzy)due to which his little brother is in coma🤔
now i think the back stiry is like this. the izzy girl is the one who broke the younger brothers heart and since both sisters look alike people thought that fl is the one who mess up the yiunger bro and izzy girl used the younger bro to get to ml and the father probablt abandoned fl and her mom and remarried and got izzy and somehow fl went to america and the period of time was the same so when fl lost her memories she was made to think she is the one who mess up younger bro. idk its just my predicament
I laugh because that whole message about taking a vacation is all made up. This comic hasn't been updated since the end of October. I mean, they could very well be taking a vacation but at this point, it's more of a hiatus.

Happy New Year everyone! It's been fun translating for you all and I'll definitely come back to work on this again when (or if) the original creator starts making new chapters!
Arcelle Pariol: Its already feb but still didn't update! 😭
fivesosmia: Thanks for translating the series! Too bad the creators haven't come back from their vacation at all 😅
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