My Secret Master
Romance / Completed

My Secret Master

My Secret Master
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
why is this story so underrated it needs more attention
Daily Viewer🧐: Think 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
nothing: Who thinks the arts bad?
total 3 replies
a beautiful ending for a beautiful story 😭💗
You know i want to watch this as an anime
Miracle: You took the words out of my mouth!!
🔯💀raven💀🔯: omg that will be amazing🤩🤩🤩
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Esha Thapa
i cried for like half an hour... this is so freaking good😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
elena rodrick
Wht if she died but it turns out tht she has a daughter with Dan? If this happened i would say it's a bitter sweet ending. But of course i would like it if it's a happy ending then bitter sweet ending.
elena rodrick: It's a happy ending
reece: oh thanks. also im around up to chapter 60, does this book end happily or in a cliffhanger?
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I'm SOOO happyyy but I didn't remember when Dan start sleeping eternally kskskskks
mochigurl: Ohb thank youu
Alexia: Last episode
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she's not ugly bc ugly starts with "u"

ps- I ain't original don't blame meh
꧁զıʂԋყ꧂: great... hahahaha.. LOL.. THATS SAVAGE
💜I Purple U💜: I also like it
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Still.. I don't get it.. How come he was shooted?!
There was two shoots?
Someone could explain this to me?

And what is happen with those purple haired man..?
AMAS xD: Ou. Thx :3
Beauty of Dawn: the purple haired man wanted to shoot Linxi but Dan took the bullet instead and at the same time Tianyi shot the purple haired man dead
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I know this is crazy but Dan and her dad looked very similar. What is happening here????
Waaaaaaaa I'm cry'n my eyes out yaaaayyy!!! Now be together forever. That's an order
BDPAC&FT lover
please let him wake up....please...I hope that both FL and ML lead a happy life together please make him wake up from his eternal sleep in the next episode ....this is a request from all the readers author
Potato Sakura
I’m not crying, I’m not crying, IM NOT CRYING. GOD DANG IT IM CRYING
D.i want to be an artist since i was little
Anahi Serrano: OMG same as well I’d love to be an actress
Harly: maybe you are like me
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huuuuuum!!yeaaaaaaah boy !!go for it, this girl is kind!😍😗😗😘
i_love_anime_ships: Kinda is kinda not you get jumped on by maybe a handsome boy but you still die soo..
Tea Just Tea: God imagine some dude you've only barely known for a week suddenly jumps on you and bites two holes in your neck, the sucks all the blood out of your body and basically kills you. not very romantic.
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a certain someone
it is always the purple haired ones isn't it?😑😑
03mà6àñgçh3ñ: yup something against purple I think😅
though it's actually a royal colour
Draxenia: me too
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Isha Sharma
now, this is the crying part..
Isha Sharma
now, this is the crying part..m
why cant we have one girl who knows how to move tf on and not bother the female lead
BT-we us-BANGTAN💜: Yeah, you’re right
reece: i get that but when she starts getting violent and harsh that’s crossing the line
total 3 replies
This man is actually good looking than vamp😛
This man is actually good looking than vamp😛
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