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Jang Hwa-bin who had Polycythemia was once bitten by an unknown creature out of no reason. Never did he expect that his new desk mate from the new school would be the very one who bit him. It turns out that person is a bat that travels every night for food-hunting. To keep the bat from hurting more people, Jang Hwa-bin decided to keep him and feed him on his own. How would their stories unfold after that?

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Boys’ Love
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Im not kinky I swear-
A, I do have a male classmate that acts like him,he sits in the front row of the class so the teacher usually scolds him for not listening or not even caring on what to do,there is this one person that sits next to him but the person doesn’t like him so the person (required as a she) usually bullies him.Sometimes I talk to him but it’s only when we get paired up,which is very common because the teacher knows everyone else in the class is uncomfortable of him except for me.

I also heard he’s also not very healthy and skips lunch breaks and most of the teachers pity him because of that.I once overheard a bunch of Asian parents (speaking Filipino,and yes I understand them) gossiping about the kid while I was waiting for my uncle to pick me up,they were saying that his parents committed suicide because they got caught doing something illegal.

And a lot of weird shit happened ever since he transferred into my school 2 years ago,but I can’t say about the weird shit that happened because It seems too hard to talk about it...
Colene Maxilum: I kind of kike to know abut that weird sht😂😂
nolifefor~me*cries*: i like your username
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Sabrina /Sab
they will just have to respect that I don't have that much money and there for work alot, and that "it's just money" is not "just money" for me. I can't go waist my money in the same ways they do. I Also don't want to have them to pay for everything we do or something, Because that just make me upset and feel bad about myself when they say "I will pay" every time.
B never! If you ask me social status does not matter when it comes to a relationship especially if it's the one you love! if they care about it so be it but always stay true to yourself! 😊 and don't listen to others that are rude! it's their opinion, not yours! Stay true to yourself and always listen to your heart and soul!!!!!( and mind )😊☺️
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