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Batbreed Comics Online. Jang Hwa-bin who had Polycythemia was once bitten by an unknown creature out of no reason. Never did he expect that his new desk mate from the new school would be the very one who bit him. It turns out that person is a bat that travels every night for food-hunting. To keep the bat from hurting more people, Jang Hwa-bin decided to keep him and feed him on his own. How would their stories unfold after that?

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Boys’ Love
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Azerty Azerty
I'm si happy with how things are now, because they always kept hurting each others all this time just out of misunderstanding like Gi bong and hwa bin and even though he did wrong i'm understanding him more and feel sorry for him...
But the most extraordinary moment was when chumsam didn't want the blood of Hwa bin and said it was because he didn't want him to misunderstand, and it sums up so well why everyone ( i mean the two couple, not Hwa bin's father who is so bad he should be stoned with knife and forks ) suffer si much all the time, like for now it is why this is amazing, because these suffering are more caused by misunderstanding than evil intentions, i mean egoist surely, but it is mostly a lack of comprehension of the other...
And it is just so great that their relationship has improve to this point of communication, even though it is not perfect and all, i hope hwa bin will not do something stupid, i mean he kind of accepted his feelings for chumsam and knows he wants to be loved and he love chumsam and don't blame him in his mind for everything that happened so far, the opposite he recognized how great it is to have him to love and be loved by
Thank you again so much the author!
Azerty Azerty: episode 69 emotions
❤️jenny❤️: hey hwa is still hurt you know?
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Shell Mora
Dear Author,
Our Vampire boy is half and half,correct?
Okay he eats blood and that's what he NEEDS to eat to live.
He lived off his mother for as long as he could.
Considering he is HALF and HALF,why can he NOT eat anything that is actual food?
His mother is human and his father is a Vampire.
How come his Vampire side is so OVER powering to his human side.
Our Vampire boy is half human BUT he doesn't really act like a human at all.
What about him IS human?
Is there really nothing he can eat?
Everything Sam has done is just like his father.
His dad is capable of emotion like any other human being.So what about Chun-Sam makes him HALF human?

-confused person
Shell Mora: but he's more vampire then he is human..
UrMom: its basically like shoto(todoroki) endeavor fire and rei ice and they made a half and half
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Azerty Azerty
It's so great and i love it so much!!
But after all of what happened i can't help being so scared that things go bad and i don't ever want hwa bin feeling betray after having that but i can't help be stressed because if thé story go on ( and i want it to go on) there has to be trouble but please spare hwa bin and chumsam !!
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